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Stand by Me – Piano Tutorial Easy – [Sheet Music]

Learning any musical instrument is always fun. There is a pool of basic piano lessons that you can learn and play on the keyboard without any trouble. But we hope that this list has helped you out in honing your piano skills. If you need further advice, check out how to learn piano online on Youtube and other different channels.

Take Your Canon To The Next Level

This tutorial introduces you to a beginner-friendly version of the iconic piece. But if you want to take your Canon arrangement to the next level, there are many more complex arrangements to explore.

Here is a playlist of several known arrangements played by pianist Paul Barton. Some are denser, some are easier, and some have a different feel from the original Baroque style. Most of these arrangements are in the public domain so you should be able to find free, downloadable Canon in D piano sheet music.

If you want to learn a version that most closely resembles Pachelbels original arrangement for strings, check out Isaac Davids incredibly meticulous transcription and accompanying explanation.

Simply Piano The Ability To Learn At Your Own Pace

The sole objective of Simply Piano is simple, and that is to help the user learn how to play the piano. And the desktop app makes it easy for everyone who uses it. Lessons will only take about five minutes of your time. After that, you can choose to proceed or do the lessons the next day. Its great since youll be able to learn at your own pace.

The kind of lessons you can learn will also depend greatly on your knowledge, experience, and understanding of the instrument. Youll begin with the basics if youre new and more advanced lessons if youre a novice already. Lets now talk about how youll play Simply Piano for PC in the next section.

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If I Aint Got You Alicia Keys

A song that needs very little transcription is If I Aint Got You by Alicia Keys. It was produced in 2003 and has an interesting backstory. Its definitely something you can play for special occasions such as a wedding. You can find this and other wedding piano songs in this post.

This song is entirely piano-based, and the triplet riff is easy to remember. Because that riff is a sequence you can use the same finger pattern of pinky, index, and thumb and just move down by intervals of a second.

To accompany that introductory sequence are downward stepping notes in the left hand. When combined with the right hand, this creates a series of seventh chords in stepwise motion. The left-hand starts with C followed by B A G in the bass line. The hands take those same chords and move them back up in the reverse.

The song eventually settles in G minor and moves along pretty consistently. Start with a G major chord, followed by E minor, A minor, and D major. The transition at the end of the verse is a simple move of G A B and back down to A.

When the chorus enters, the same sequence and chord structure from the introduction returns. The song ends with a doubling of the chorus, and then a repeat of the introduction again.

This is a really fun song thats easy to learn. Not only is it easy to remember, but it also has some more advanced piano technique involved with the triplets int he right hand. Its a soulful song that everyone will enjoy!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Easy Piano Songs For Kids

Genre: Pop Jazz

Originally Over the Rainbow was written for the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz but it has been covered by many artists including Kamakawiwoole, Ariana Grande, Eva Cassidy, and many more. The original version was sung by actress Judy Garland and it became her signature song winning the Academy Award for Best Original Song. The Recording Industry Association of America and the National Endowment for the Arts ranked the song number one on their Songs of the Century list. The ballad was composed by Harold Arlen with lyrics by Yip Harburg.

You can divide the piece into different sections and practice each of them separately instead of following the whole video. Start with the intro and play it until it sounds flawless. After learning the intro, practice the left-hand first then continue with the right-hand melody after feeling comfortable. The left-hand includes bass and the chords together, so you should be easily jumping between different chords. Dont play fast just focus on staying on the beat while practicing slowly.

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Getting The Basics Down

Some parents are hesitant to teach their children basic music skills because they dont know where to begin. The good news is that you dont need to be a professional player to teach your child easy keyboard songs like the ones below. In fact, you dont need any musical experience to get started you can even learn alongside your child!

First off, youll need to learn the location of the notes on the piano. Start by finding C its the white key directly to the left of the group of two black keys. Using only the white keys, the notes continue in alphabetical order up to G, and then they restart at A.

You can label the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, and B with stickers to make it easier for your child. Most easy piano song notes will all fall on the white keys, so theres no need to worry about labeling sharps and flats just yet. Once youve found where these seven notes are, you and your kids can start learning basic piano songs!

What A Wonderful World

What A Wonderful World has stood for decades now as one of the greatest songs ever written. Its also one of those simple piano songs that can grow with your ability.

The chords are interesting but standard. You can find many tutorials online that show different ways to play them.

Even if you play the basic chords, it will still sound good. Then, as you get better, you can add more intricate parts to sound even better.

Difficulty: 2/10

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Beat It Michael Jackson

Everyone should know how to play the guitar line to Beat It. It should be a law. The melody is also super fun and catchy.

The tune is very E Minor pentatonic, making it a lot of fun to play along with the recording.

Maybe if youre feeling adventurous you could try learning Eddie Van Halens guitar solo but thats not for the faint of heart.

Bachs Prelude In C Major

Top 10 Easy Piano Songs for the Complete Beginners

If you want to take a leap into more classical music then Prelude in C Major by Bach is probably the best place for you to start as a beginner. The song is a step up in terms of difficulty than the other songs we have mentioned to you in this list. You will be using both hands again but they will be moving up and down the keyboard more than the previous entries weve given you. The song has to be played with two hands to get the right feel and sound. However, its on the easier side of things because you dont play two notes at the same time so they can still move almost separately from each other, even though youre using both hands.

Take a listen to the piece and because some notes are sustained and held down, you dont really even notice that the music notes arent played at the same time. Another thing that makes this an ideal piano song for a beginner is that the note patterns happen twice over. Once you understand the pattern for each measure of the song and you can play through it smoothly, you can repeat the same notes over again to form the same pattern for the next section of the song.










RH: A E A A E A F# A D F# A D F# A D F# A D



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My Heart Will Go On Of Titanic

Genre: Soundtrack

My Heart Will Go On is considered to be Celine Dions signature song with worldwide sales estimated at 18 million copies. It is the main theme song to James Camerons blockbuster film Titanic and was composed by James Horner. It won four Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Award, and the Academy Award for Best Original Song. The song belongs to the Songs of the Century. It is one of the best-selling singles of all time.

Dont play so fast. Start with a tempo you feel comfortable and try to keep the same tempo until the end without changing it. If you cant keep up with that rhythm because of mistakes just go back and start with a slower tempo. Repeat this until you play without mistakes and then raise the tempo then repeat the same procedure.

The More I Seek You Kari Jobe

The More I Seek You by Kari Jobe is a song I had never heard until I decided to write this article. Although it was originally written and performed by Kari Jobe, there are many different versions of this song.

Also, this is a very beginner-friendly song that newbie piano players will enjoy learning. The key of the original song is E., And there are only four chords in this song E, A, B, and C# minor.

And it has one progression with a few changes in certain parts of the song. Do well to check out the piano tutorial or chord charts to learn this song easily.

The more I seek YouThe more I find YouThe more I find YouThe more I love YouI wanna sit at Your feetDrink from the cup in Your handLean back against You and breatheFeel Your heartbeatThis love is so deepIts more than I can standI melt in Your peaceIts overwhelming

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Sunday Morning By Maroon 5

You can sound very professional playing Maroon 5s Sunday Morning even though its mostly three chords. Thats because this song uses both seventh chords and the 2-5-1 progression, two common elements of jazz. Seventh chords automatically add depth and a touch of fanciness to pop songs.

One reason I really love the 2-5-1 progression is because when you use inversions, the chords fit so nicely under the hand. Try the progression like this:

You can also add some fanciness in your left hand by walking up chromatically back to D from C.

Not Afraid Jesus Culture

Easy Songs to learn on piano

Not Afraid by Jesus Culture is a simple song that can be learned and played by beginner pianists quite easily. This should also be fun to play.

Not Afraid, just as the title of the song depicts, is a song about having the confidence and faith in God that hell help you overcome any challenge life throws at you. And its such a powerful song.

When I go through the waters, I wont be overcomeWhen I go through the rivers, I will not be drownedMy God will make a way so I am not afraidWhen I am in the fire, I will not feel the flameIll stand before the giant, declaring victoryMy God will make a way so I am not afraid

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Pick A Key And Transpose

Now, lets use these numbers to transpose our song.

Say C Major is too high for you . Lets transpose everything down two steps to A Major.

Heres the A Major scale:


So, our I chord becomes a chord built on the first note of the scale. This is the A chord .

Our V chord becomes an E chord .

Next, our IV chord turns into a D chord .

Finally, the ii chord is now Bm .

Thats all there is to it! Try it yourself. Transpose everything in the opposite direction: up two steps to E Major. Then, scroll to the bottom of this article to see if you got the chords right!

Let It Be By The Beatles

Much like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, the celebrated Beatles song Let It Be can help you learn the piano from melody recognition. Your hands, for this song, will primarily each repeat the same keys over and over again. In doing so, you will begin to learn how vital repetition is to learning the piano.

Repetition gets your hands more comfortable with the instrument and will build up memory in your mind for what you need to accomplish for each song. Your mind will also become more familiar with the various keys.

Moreover, the repetition you learn for Let it Be will help you build up repetition in your routines too. For example, as you repeat the notes with your hands, you might also build up repetition in proper hand placement and posture each time.

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Believer By Imagine Dragons

Genre: Pop

Believer was released in 2017 as the lead single from the bands third studio album, Evolve. The song spent more than a year in Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number four and being one of the best-selling songs in the USA in 2017. It was also featured in the trailer of Murder on the Orient Express.

You can practice the right hand individually first to clean the possible mistakes. Be careful with the rhythm at the intro. Also, the rhythm of the right-hand melody before the chorus can be confusing but you can simplify it if you need to. During the chorus left hand gives the groove so try to be precise in the rhythmic feeling of that part.

Top Songs By Same Actors




About Happy Birthday to You

Listen to Happy Birthday to You online. Happy Birthday to You is an English language song and is sung by Happy Birthday and Geburtstag. Happy Birthday to You , from the album Happy Birthday Songs, was released in the year 2021. The duration of the song is 1:11. Download English songs online from JioSaavn.

1m 11s ยท English

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Spirit Of The Living God Vertical Worship

Spirit of the Living God is the first song I heard from Vertical Worship. It caught my attention because of its powerful yet simple lyrics. Also, its a song Ive recommended many times to beginner keyboard and piano players.

Thats because it has only four chords D, G. A, Bm. And the root key of this song is D. It has two chord progressions. The chord progression of the Intro, Verse, and Chorus is D G Bm G . And the chord progression for the Bridge is G Bm A

Cause when You speak, when You moveWhen You do what only You can doIt changes usIt changes what we see and what we seekWhen You come in the roomWhen You do what only You can doIt changes usIt changes what we see and what we seekYoure changing everything

Youre Beautiful By James Blunt

Genre: Pop

Youre Beautiful remains James Blunts biggest hit single to this day. It was released in 2005 It topped the UK, US, and Canada charts quickly and reached the Billboard Hot 100 at top 40. However, at the same time, it took number-seven place on Rolling Stones list of the 10 most annoying songs of all time! So it is a love-hate relationship when it comes to this song. It is a pop-rock/soft-rock song written by Blunt, Sacha Skarbek, and Amanda Ghost.

You can add a lower octave to the left hand if you feel comfortable. You can also practice using the pedals on this song. Use the sustain pedal to connect notes. Dont forget to clean the pedal by removing your foot and pressing again every time the bass changes in your left hand.

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Superstition By Stevie Wonder

Genre: Pop

Superstition is the lead single from Stevie Wonders fifteenth studio album. One day in the recording sessions of the album, Jeff Beck came up with the opening drum beat for this song, while Stevie Wonder improvised over it until they produced the first demo that same day. The song reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and number one on the soul singles chart in 1973. Rolling Stone magazine ranked Superstition number 74 on the 500 Best Songs of All Time list in 2004.

Be careful with the intro, it starts with both hands playing the main pattern. Spend some time playing the intro, it is the core of the groove of this song and super fun to play especially if you have a clavinet sound on your digital piano. When the melody starts on the left hand, the bass gets simpler so you can focus on the melody. Pay attention to the chords on the right hand.

When You Were Young The Killers

#pianomusic in 2020

A high-energy stadium rock hit, this song features another chord progression that can be learned and relearned at different levels of difficulty as you progress whether starting with single notes, power chords, or both hands together. As this progression is repeated through almost all the song, it makes for quick learning and experimenting with dynamics. The main melodic hook of the song is also traded between the guitar and synth, changing up from just playing chords. The bridge section uses some slightly more challenging chords on black key roots, but doesnt make rapid changes, allowing for time to find the notes.

No matter what style and era of music you like, there are lots of songs out there to begin learning to help develop skills on a keyboard and have fun playing. All the songs above feature piano or keyboard instruments in some way, and have transcriptions or arrangements in the School of Rock Method App. There are also lots of songs that are great to learn for beginners even if there isnt a distinct piano part. Just start with learning some simple chord shapes and go from there. Learning just the melody for pop songs can also be a great starting place for getting familiar with the instrument.

School of Rock has keyboard and piano lessons for all skill levels of musicians. From keyboard and piano lessons for kids to adults, every pianist has a place behind the keyboard at School of Rock. Learn more and sign up for a trial lesson below.


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