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Piano Fingering For Bb Major Scale

Major Scales: How to Play B Flat Major Scale on Piano (Right and Left hand)

The fingering for the B flat major scale on piano is unique for both the right hand and left hand. So each one should be learned on it’s own in the beginning before trying to play hands together.

One of the different things is that right hand will start on finger 2 and then cross 1 under right away. Left hand will start on finger 3 but end on finger 2. So it’s really a different one.

Right hand fingering for Bb Major Scale:

Right hand fingering: 2 1 2 3 1 2 3 4

The left hand is also unique and has it’s own finger patterns.

Left hand fingering for B flat major scale on piano:

Left hand: 3 2 1 4 3 2 1 2

What Does B Flat Look Like

Consider the note B, which appears on the third line of the treble clef staff as an illustration. The note B-flat is denoted by the use of the same notehead, with the symbol positioned to the left of the notehead. The sign is commonly recognized as denoting a flat note. It instructs a musician to perform at a pitch that is half a tone lower than the recorded note.

What Key On The Piano Is Bb

When learning this chord, youre going to want to start by finding whats called the root of the chord the note on the bottom. In this case, that note is B-flat, which as we have discussed, is a black key.

Bb, as the name suggests, can be found by going directly below any B. Just go to the first black key to the left of a B

Another way to think of it is that Bb is on the far right of any 3 black key group.

Hopefully one of these methods will stick in your memory so you can always find Bb easily!

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Putting The Bb Scale Hands Together

When putting this scale hands together, you really need to be able to play them hands separately without stopping to think about your fingering and notes first. Once you feel very comfortable and can play it without really thinking about it, you can start putting it together.

Here are some tips for playing the B flat major scale hands together:

  • start extremely slow
  • take one note at a time going up only
  • go back down and concentrate on getting the fingering right especially on the turn around
  • keep going really slowly
  • don’t speed up until you can play the scale evenly, without stopping to check your fingers at your slow pace
  • be patient with yourself – this ones tricky to begin with!

The B flat major scale is not a beginner scale so take that into account when learning it. It’s like everything else, it takes time and practice to learn.

Labeling The Notes Of A B Flat Major Scale

B Flat Minor Chord Piano

You may be wondering why we label the E as an E instead of a D .

The reason is that according to our definition of a major scale, the notes must progress in alphabetical order. Since this is a B flat major scale, the second note will be some sort of C, the third some sort of D, the fourth some sort of E, and so on.

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Bb Major Scale On Piano & Guitar + Chords In The Key Of Bb Major

Here’s a loveableB flat major scale reference which shows the notes and finger position on the piano keyboard. You’ll also find the intervals and scale degrees that make up the B flat major scale. Plus, an interactive tool to playB major diatonic chords and a list of commonchord progressions in the key of B major. You’ll also find theB major scale on the guitar fretboard, with the notes, intervals or scale degrees, plus a way to highlight the scale at different positions on the fretboard using the CAGED system or the Three Notes Per String system. The A major scale is enharmonic to the B major scale. It has the same pitches, but uses different notes names:A B C D E F G.

The notes of the B major scale are B, C, D, E, F, G and A The relative minor of the B major scale isG minor

Common Piano Chords Chart

When it comes to playing the piano, pianists have thousands of chords to select from, with some chords being more popular than others. Check out some of the most common chords in the piano chord chart below, or keep reading to find out more about piano chords.

The most common piano chords include:

  • A major . A – C# – E
  • A minor . A – C – E
  • C major . C – E – G
  • C minor . C – Eb – G
  • D major . D – F# – A
  • D minor . D – F – A
  • E major . E – G# – B
  • E minor . E – G – B
  • F major . F – A – C
  • F minor . F – Ab – C
  • G major . G – B – D
  • G minor . G – Bb – D
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    How Do You Type B

    B is the black key on your piano that is immediately to the left of the letter B. In your piano, E is a semitone lower than E, and it is the key that is immediately to the left of E on your keyboard. A semitone lower than A is followed by another semitone lower than A, and so on. If you notice a flat sign before any note on a piece of music, move one piano key to the left to accommodate it.

    How To Play B Flat Major Chord On Piano And Keyboard

    HOW TO PLAY B FLAT MAJOR PIANO SCALE | Bitesize Scales & Key Signatures

    The B flat major chord occurs naturally in the following keys:

    In the key of Bb major it is chord I. In the relative minor chord, G minor, Bb is chord III.

    In the key of F major, Bb is chord IV. In the relative minor chord, D minor, Bb is chord VI.

    Lastly, in the key of Eb major, Bb is chord V. In the relative minor chord, C minor, Bb is chord VII.

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    How To Build It

    When building the Bb Major Chord you need to follow the simple structure for all major chords.

    Each major chord is built from a major scale. The major scale tells you the notes that are going to use in the major chord.

    In the key of Bb, you need to look at the Bb Major Scale. These notes areBb, C, D, Eb, F, G, A.

    To build a major chord, number the notes 1 through 7 like in the image below. To make a major chord, you use the first, third, and fifth notes in the scale.

    The first note being the root of Bb, third being D, and fifth being F.

    Quick Tip! Find the Major Chord then use 1, 3, and 5

    Why Is There No B

    What happened to E or B Sharp? The absence of the B and E sharp in our contemporary music notation system is not without cause however, one possible explanation is the way western music notation originated, with just seven distinct notes in a scale, despite the fact that there are a total of 12 semitones.

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    Famous Bb Chord Songs

    Okay, time for some fun.

    Below youll see some songs which use the Bb chord in their chord progressions. They are simple arrangements so that you can focus on learning the chords and chord changes.

    First practice them as they are written. But once you get comfortable with that, feel free to try different Bb chord inversions.

    Then, once you get comfortable with the inversions, try playing the chords in different positions on the piano.

    And if you want to really test yourself:

    Try playing the melody lower on the piano, with your left hand. And the chords higher on the piano with your right hand.

    The first song well take a look at is A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. This song starts of with a nice old Bb chord in root position.

    How To Get A Yamaha Piano To Connect To Fl Studio

    B Flat Minor Chord Piano

    Setup of the MIDI keyboard in FL Studio From the top toolbar, select Options > MIDI Settings > MIDI Configuration. The Input settings portion of the MIDI Options window may be found by clicking on the Input Settings button. Select your MIDI keyboard and press the Enable button. Using a key or pad, test that

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    Learn To Play Piano Blues Online With Me

    My online blues course teaches blues piano from scratch and builds your ability in a modular way. As you progress through the course, youll learn left hands, right hands, bridges and endings which youll use together to make your own blues piano compositions. Ill show you the blues scale early on, giving you everything you need to start improvising and well progress to advanced licks and an impressive tutorial song to consolidate your new skills. Finally, well move onto some popular blues songs, including music by the great Jerry Lee Lewis and my own personal favourite, Ray Charles.

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    Bb/f Second Inversion Chord

    Bb second inversion is known as Bb/F, for the same reason as the last chordthe F will now be on the bottom!

    To play this on the piano, start with your hand on first inversion. Then, take the D on the bottom and put it on the top.

    Now, F will be on the bottom, which is exactly what we want! See below:

    Right hand fingering: 1 3 5Left hand fingering: 1 2 5

    As one final step, I highly recommend you try switching back and forth between ALL the different inversions when you practice! I normally have my students start at the root chord, go up the inversions, and then come back down to the root. This will help you get used to the way the different chords feel with the flats.

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    What Are The Standard Piano Notes

    Piano notes follow a pattern of black and white keys, with a group of two black keys close together followed by a group of three black keys close together. This pattern repeats across the keyboard, and we use it to identify the notes.

    Each of the white keys is assigned a letter name from A to G, and each of the black keys is called a sharp or flat.

    Bb Piano Chord Left Hand

    How To Play The Piano- Finding the Bb (B flat) Chord

    Now that you know how to play with the right hand, we simply just apply the same knowledge on different fingers for the left hand!

    Now, depending on which hand is your dominant, using your non-dominant hand may take a bit of extra practice. Im right-handed, and it took me a lot longer to play even chords in my left hand than it did my right, because I didnt practice with my left as much growing up.

    As I mentioned earlier, the fingering is the same on both hands: the thumb is always going to be 1, the pointer finger is always going to be 2, and so on. Because of this, the fingering on the keyboard is going to look backwards:

    Youre still playing the same notes, but its going to look backwards from your right hand. Your pinkie will be resting on Bb, your pointer finger on D, and your thumb on F.

    Go ahead and practice it the same way you did the right hand and press all the notes together especially if youre right hand-dominant. Try to get a feel for it, as it may be uncomfortable at first.

    If you dont have a keyboard or piano yet, but youd like to start learning , check out my picks for the best pianos and keyboards on the market.

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    Creation Of The Triad:

    Starting from the root, triad chords contain 2 additional chord tones. The number of semitones between each note varies if the chord is Major or Minor. In B Flat Major, the middle note is 5 semitones above the root. We call this note the third because it is three whole notes from the root, B Flat. On a piano, a semi-tone step is simply a key up or down from the current key. So, we can count five keys up from B Flat to reach the third D.

    The middle note, or third, is what signifies whether a chord is Major or Minor. The 1st and 5th notes are the over-arching chord tones. Regardless of scale, the 1st and 5th together always signify which chord is being played.

    In this case, its B Flat and F:

    What Is A Piano Chord

    A chord is created when more than one note is played at once, and contains two, three, or more individual notes. On the piano, this means you push down more than one key at the same time.

    All piano chords contain a root note — this is the note the chord is named after — as well as one or more additional notes. Basic piano chords often consist of only two or three notes, while the more advanced chords tend to incorporate even more notes.

    The most common type of keyboard or piano chord is a triad, or three-note chord. A triad contains a root note and two other notes, most often the notes that produce the intervals of a third and fifth above the root note.

    The most common type of keyboard or piano chord is a triad, or three-note chord.

    One way to get the basic shape of a triad is to place your thumb and fingers on adjacent white keys and push down with your thumb, middle finger and pinky. Learning this technique will set you up to play various basic piano chords with ease.

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    Understand The Bb Chord From The Bb Scale

    Another thing we can learn from this scale is the Bb major chord – which is written as just Bb.

    A major chord is built off of the first, third and fifth notes of the scale.

    When you look at the scale you can see:

    1st note = Bb

    5th note = F

    Those 3 notes make the Bb chord. Bb = Bb D F

    You can also see here why a Bb suspended chord has a flat. The suspended chord formula is the 1st, 4th and 5th notes of a major scale. So that means Bbsus would have Bb, Eb and F as it’s notes.

    Learn How To Play The B Flat Minor Harmonic Scale On Piano

    Simple Gifts For Piano: Notes &  Fingerings

    Now I’m going to go over the B Flat Minor Harmonic scale. Let’s take a look first at the notes of the scale, B flat, C, D flat, E flat, F, G flat, A, and back to B flat. When you’ve got the notes of the scale memorized go on over to your piano and I’ll show you the fingering.

    The right hand starts off on the second finger. Hit the B flat with the second finger and bring the thumb under to hit the C. From there hit the D flat and E flat with the second and third fingers, respectively. Now bring the thumb under again to hit the F key and play until you finish the scale with your fourth finger on the second B flat.

    The second finger starts off the left hand fingering. After hitting the B flat with the that finger and the C with the thumb, cross over your third finger to hit the D flat. If you follow the scale up, your thumb will hit the E flat, and your third finger will cross over again. Finish the scale with your thumb on the second B flat. Coming back down the scale, do the reverse.

    Next you can practice the B Flat Minor Melodic Scale .

    4 free beginner lessons so you can start playing piano!

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    Bb Chord Piano Root Position

    Whenever you play a Bb chord on piano, and Bb is the lowest note, thats known as root position. It looks like this:

    There are seven places on a standard piano where you can play a Bb chord in root position. Can you find them all?

    Below youll see what all seven look like on sheet music. Click the play button to hear what they sound like too.

    Definitely not the best sounding chord progression. But hang in there the good sounding stuff is just a little further below right after we get through the basics.

    How To Play Piano By Chords


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