How Much Does It Cost To Move An Upright Piano


How Much Would Moving A Piano Cost You

How Much Does it Cost to Move a Piano?

Though a piano is a majestic and beautiful musical instrument, it can be an overwhelming task to move one. This task should not be taken lightly because of the awkward shape and high value of the instrument. They are generally very delicate and heavy, and even the slightest bit of damage can destroy not only its purpose but also your investment.

For this reason, you should always hire an expert, professional piano movers to ensure your investment is relocated safely and arrives intact. Of course, the cost to move a piano is a major factor, we, at Top Move, will help with making cost predictions that are relevant to you.

The following guide from Top Move was created to educate you about the moving costs for a piano in Canada. Keep in mind that the costs are not absolute, and can vary by company. Get real, cheap and competitive quotes for free from reputable piano movers in Canada who are genuinely interested in helping you right on our platform.

How Much Do Piano Movers Charge

Because there are so many different types of pianos and moving situations, there is a fee structure. Most companies start with a base rate of at least $50 plus $1.50 to $4.00 per mile, then the additional costs of stairs and hardships. After that, the variables come into playthe weight of the piano, its size, and its location. Add those factors to its destination and the total price comes out of that equation. There are two ways charges are figured.

  • An hourly rate most general moving companies will charge the hourly rate, and many have minimums for instance, a 3-hour minimum starts your bill at $150.
  • A flat rate companies specializing in moving pianos will most often quote a flat rate. Piano moving specialists have done this long enough that they can figure the cost of moving your piano at a flat rate fee once they factor in all the additional features of your piano and move.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Piano Upstairs

Moving a massive and heavy piano upstairs is an arduous task. For a local move, It usually costs an additional $40 to $100 per flight of stairs, depending on if the staircase is straight or curved. The cost will increase according to the floors you want to elevate it to.

It may vary according to the type of piano you own as well. An upright piano will cost around $5 per stair, while a grand piano may cost between $10 to $20 per stair.

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Piano Moving Equipment Required

To safely move your piano, special moving equipment is required. This accomplishes two thingsit keeps both your piano and the movers safe. The following equipment is necessary to safely move your piano and included in the quote given:

  • A 4-wheel dolly: $125
  • Blankets and padding
  • Truck with a ramp

The requirement of other equipment for more difficult moves, such as stair-jockey, cranes, genie lifts, etc. starts at $500.

How Far The Piano Being Transported

How to move an upright piano

The total distance of the move is one of the key factors when it comes to the cost of moving a piano in Canada. Why do moving costs for local and long-distance differ so much? The answer is simple: the company must account for the extra time and fuel charges.

Local moves usually incur charges around CA $2.5/km and $3.5/km, whereas a long-distance move will cost between $3.5/km up to $8/km.

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Why Cant All Chicago Piano Moving Cost The Same

Its a fair question on the surface. Pianos are large, awkward, heavy objects that really arent like anything else. Its already an oversized instrument is it any more difficult to move one than another once you have the piano moving equipment?

But is moving a 400 pound piano the same as moving an 800 pound piano? Is moving one thats 35 inches tall the same as moving one that nears 60 inches? When you put it that way, the answer is obviously no. Every piano is different and is coming from/going to a different place. But its not just weight thats determining how much Chicago piano moving is going to cost. Here are the primary differences that determine the cost of moving a piano, whether its within the city or across the country.

What Impacts Piano Moving Costs

The cost to hire a professional piano mover is affected by the type of piano you have, your zip code, if you are moving a piano to a new location, the number of stairs there are at each location and other accessibility considerations.

There may be an hourly rate for moving services or the piano movers may have a flat rate they quote once they determine the size and weight of your piano, how far they have to move it, and how difficult it will be.

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Additional Factors Affecting The Cost

  • Time-Frame: If you have an emergency and want to move a piano urgently then it will cost double or even triple of the regular price.
  • No-show or last-minute cancellation: If a mover has been assigned to move your piano and you dont let him know the change of plan he will charge you for both ways, which is really expensive.
  • How Many Men Will It Take To Move The Piano: If it takes 3 men instead of 2 it will cost more than double. This is usually happens with pianos that are big and heavy.
  • Additional Items: If the piano bench to be moved is not included in the moving quote, then it might cost extra. The cost of this is generally $1 per pound, or $8 per cubic foot with a minimum of $20 on each..
  • Crating Fee: The crating fee for a grand piano starts at $750 and for a heat-treated crating fee is $1,150.
  • Piano Removal: The junk removal prices for piano removal is around $75 to $100

How Much A Piano Mover Will Cost

How to Move a Piano | The Home Depot

Rates vary depending on your location, how far the piano needs to move and whether the piano is a full-sized concert grand, a baby grand, an upright or just a spinet. Below are some of the most common deciding factors on which most piano moving companies base their quotes.

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I Rent A Truck And Move Yourself

Renting a truck and moving is a common choice for small or short-distance moves. If you dont have much stuff to pack up and move, are only moving across town, and are physically capable of loading and unloading your stuff , this method is typically the most affordable option.

If youre moving a piano, you can pack and load it into a rented moving vehicle, or a pickup truck if you have access to one. However, moving a piano without professional assistance is never recommended, especially if you are moving a particularly large, valuable, or fragile upright piano.

If you do choose to move your piano yourself, keep these considerations in mind:

  • Never place a piano on its back to move it. This increases the likelihood of damage to the internal components.
  • Allot at least 2 hours to move your piano, on top of the time youll need to load the rest of your belongings. A DIY piano move is a very tedious and demanding task, and it requires a lot of preparation.
  • Measure all doorways and hallways the piano will be traveling through to ensure it will fit easily, and so you can make alternative plans if required.
  • Youll need helpersat least 3-5 peopleto prevent the piano from tipping or falling. Position one person at each end of the piano, one along with the keyboard, and a fourth to act as a spotter for any potential collisions or to hold doors open. When it comes to moving a piano, more people are better than fewer stronger people.

Grand Piano Moving Equipment Costs

Heres what type of equipment youll need to rent or purchase to move a grand piano by yourself:

  • Two locking piano belts $35each to secure the piano board to the grand piano.
  • A piano skidboard $160 to be secured to the long flat side of the grand. .
  • Quality Movers Pads $30 each.
  • Quality Packers Tape $3.00 / roll.
  • 4-wheel piano dolly $80.

Other kinds of piano moving dollies are harder to push because they have smaller hard rubber wheels on a rod axle and only one set of ball bearings around the swivels.

The soft rubber swiveling wheels will not mar hardwood, tile, marble, slate, stone or linoleum floors. If kept clean, they will not dirty or stain the carpets either.

Dont forget to factor in all the DIY moving expenses directly linked to renting a moving vehicle that will be big enough to accommodate your big musical instrument. Oh, and when was the last time you drove a huge moving truck with tons of stuff loaded in the back, including your valuable piano?

Now that you have read all our warnings and seen all of the costs involved, do you still want to move your piano by yourself?

Be sure to also check the piano moving basics that will help you protect your prized musical instrument throughout the house move.

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Do I Need A Piano Mover

In short, yes. Most pianos are heavy and awkward, and trying to move your piano without the necessary equipment and know-how can result in injuries to yourself and damage to your piano or home.

Likewise, a general moving company may not have the proper training or equipment to handle the unique challenges and nuances of moving a piano. However, some moving companies may offer piano moving services, which are often 30% to 50% cheaper than dedicated piano moving companies.

That being said, professional piano moving companies are trained and equipped specifically to properly and carefully handle the various types of pianos. That additional peace of mind may be well worth the extra cost, especially if you are moving a particularly expensive, rare or otherwise valuable piano.

Equipment Needed To Move A Piano

How Much Does A Piano Weigh And How To Move Them

There are two pieces of basic piano moving equipment, the dolly and the humpstrap that are absolutely necessary to move pianos. These must be obtained as a part of your piano moving preparation.

You will always need at least a piano dolly and a humpstrap in order to move and carry an upright piano over steps.

Without using this basic piano moving equipment of a dolly and a humpstrap, you cannot take advantage of balance to move your piano, and you cannot protect the bottom and sides of the piano from scuffing as you move it. See all the things you may have been doing wrong when moving a piano on your own.

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How Far Is The Piano Going

Distance plays a big part in just about everything you need moved. Sending a package to Japan? Its going to cost more than sending it to Colorado. Want to take an Uber from Palatine to the heart of the city? It will cost you a whole lot more than going getting a couple miles down Lake Shore Drive.

So when you fill out the piano moving estimator, you wont be surprised to learn that the distance well be moving your piano plays a big deal in the cost. A greater distance means both more fuel spent and a longer time on the road that could prevent us from taking other jobs.

When you deal with Quality Piano, youre not just working with Chicago piano movers. While the bulk of our piano moving is performed in Chicago and the surrounding area, we will take pianos from any point in the country and get it to the new destination good as new. So whether youre moving to a new apartment a couple blocks away or are heading to Southern California, we can pack up a piano perfectly so that it handles the journey without incident.

Piano Move Pricing Depends On Several Factors

The cost for piano moving is influenced by:

  • Type of piano grand piano or upright piano
  • Region of the country and distance of the piano move
  • Difficulty of the move such as stairs, tight turns, and the need for special equipment

The pricing for a piano move can vary quite a bit. It depends a lot on the type of piano youre moving, such as a grand piano or an upright piano.

In general, a grand piano will cost more to move than an upright piano. This is because grand pianos are typically larger and heavier. Moreover, preparation is more involved with a grand piano, which often involves detaching the legs and wrapping them prior to shipping. The additional weight of grand pianos also impact the piano moving cost.

The distance of your piano move plays a factor as well. Regional piano moves are typically less expensive than shipping your piano from coast to coast. Also, certain areas of the country do cost more. Montana, for example, is a very expensive area. While Southern California tends to be more moderate in cost for piano moves.

Additionally, if theres any difficulty at the pick-up or delivery such as stairs, tight turns, or gravel walkway, these factors impact the piano moving quote.

In practice, pricing can vary from about $1200 to $1600 for a small upright to upwards of $1500 or $1900 for a grand piano or anywhere in between. Every move is different. As such, we price each move individually.

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Specialized Company Vs General Moving Company

When should you opt for a specialized piano moving company? It definitely makes sense if you have a piano with an unusual shape or features, like a square grand. Its also a good idea if you have a unique vintage piano, a scroll player piano, or a super expensive piano. A general moving company might not have ever seen a piano like this, and its wiser to entrust your unique piano to people with relevant experience.

Specialized piano moving companies often charge 30% to 50% more than a general moving company. They will also have itemized charges to account for any special features or attributes of your piano. Both specialized and general moving companies will itemize difficult aspects of your move .

The upside of hiring a specialized piano moving company is lower risk of error. You can also rest assured that expert piano movers will have the resources to store your piano in a climate-controlled environment to minimize warping and make it easier to return the piano to perfect tuning.

How To Conserve Human Energy During A Piano Move

How Much Does a Piano Cost?

In the pictures below , the ramp would not reach all the way up to the top of the porch so the movers had to place it one step down and then use a little cheat to get the piano over the top step on the dolly. This is an excellent example of conserving human energy because lesser trained piano movers would have given up on the ramp and carried this piano up all of the stairs to the porch. These guys did it all on the dolly using the ramp and a little cheat.

As they are doing here, you always want to try to use as little human strength during a piano move as possible .

The secret to do-it-yourself piano moving is to have plenty of people on each segment of the move so that you dont get overloaded or rushed to get the job done. You also need to have the right equipment and the right techniques to do the job as easily as possible.

Everyone should use the piano moving equipment and good piano moving techniques and should be constantly thinking of easier ways to accomplish each task with the minimum amount of human exertion. Always try to only make exertions when absolutely necessary because, besides exhausting people of their strength, any exertion, especially strong exertions, can lead to an unwanted injury like a hernia, a back problem, a shoulder socket problem or damage to the piano!

Please browse through our piano moving posts for more detailed information before planning a move.

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Cost To Move An Upright Piano

Upright pianos are the classic, about 3 feet tall, and 9 feet wide, with an approximate weight of 300 to 900 pounds. This includes all the four types, studio, console, and spinet along with the standard upright piano. Since upright pianos are vertical models, they are relatively easier and hence cheaper to move.

The keyboard and the body need to be protected and a large dolly, at least half the size of the piano, is required to move it. It is advised that you cover the piano fully before moving, to ensure that it is safe from dents and damage.

It will cost you between $150 to $350 for a local move depending on if stairs, elevator, or tight spaces are involved. For long distances, an upright piano move costs around $500 to $800 for about 400 miles.

The average cost to move an upright piano for a local move is $250.

Shipping A Piano Overseas

On the higher end of the spectrum is between $2,000$5,000 to ship a piano overseas. In preparation, the piano will need to be wrapped in protective pads and secured to a platform to ensure stability. The space will be stuffed with packing material to prevent shifting during transit. The crate containing the piano will be labeled and moved using various methods of transportation.

An overseas move requires special tools, packaging and documentation that raises the cost of the move. The additional labor costs also need to be considered.

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