How Much Does An Electric Piano Cost


Digital Pianos For $400 $700

How much is my Steinway piano worth? Steinway prices explained

Digital pianos, at the entry-level, tend to be more expensive than keyboards. For $400, youd get something like the Alesis Virtue.

The Alesis Virtue doesnt have weighted keys, which is unusual for a digital piano. But, its a perfect introduction to 88 keys and something that looks like an upright piano.

Stepping up a little in this price range will see a significant difference in how the piano feels. You should expect realistic hammer-action keys, a nice cabinet, and three pedals just like a real piano.

Digital pianos tend to come with a small number of voices, around 10 on average. The main focus is always the grand piano tone, but typical additions include electric pianos, organs, and strings.

At the high end of this range, youll find instruments like the Casio Privia PX-770. An absolutely fantastic digital piano with scaled hammer-action keys.

Keyboards For $200 $400

You wont see a dramatic change in the type of features or functions in this price range. What you will see is a difference in the quality or quantity of the features and functions.

Youd expect to get 61 keys with a better quality of velocity-sensitive keys or even semi-weighted keys.

Arranger keyboards that have lots of sounds sometimes see a significant increase in quantity. For example, stepping up just one model in a range could see you go from 100 built-in voices to 200 or more.

If the keyboard has a built-in recorder, you often see a higher number of tracks available with a step up in price. Other common features that increase are the number of onboard effects and connectivity.

You will sometimes see a higher build quality, but its not likely.

How Much Is An Upright Player Piano Worth

Regular, unrestored upright player pianos have an average value of $200-$2000, depending on the style of cabinet and its condition, as well as the reputation of the company that made them. Non-name brand units with only straight lines are the most common and least valued of the types available for sale.

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How Much Should I Pay For A Digital Piano

For beginners, especially children, you can argue that lighter keys will be easier. You can also argue that if youre going to play with 88 keys anyway, you might as well get used to the weight early on. With that in mind, heres our guide.

  • Beginners Unlike keyboards, you should base your decision on what you can afford rather than just ability. Spending more on a digital piano will only be a mistake if you dont stick to it, so be sure.
  • Intermediate to advanced Around $600 upwards should get you something that you wont outgrow. Anything under that might not have the authentic feel that advanced players need.

When choosing a keyboard or digital piano, you should be clear about what you need. More expensive doesnt always mean it will be better for you.

On the other hand, if you have a higher budget to spare, there are worse things to do than spend it on an instrument!

So, use our guide as a rough starting point, and go from there.

What Is A Good Price For A Used Piano

Best Electric Piano with Weighted Keys

It is difficult to determine a good price for a used piano, but if you know a few details about the used piano, a good price can be determined.

One method that is often used to find a good price for a used piano is comparable sales.

This involves comparing the piano to a recent sale of the same piano through this method, a fair price can be asserted for the used piano.

However, a problem arises if a piano of similar make, model, condition, and age, etc., cannot be found, leaving no accurate comparison for the piano in question.

You can also apply a depreciation schedule to the original price of the piano as with most consumer goods, piano prices deprecate at fairly predictable rates, so this is a pretty good method to determine a good price for a used piano

The problem that can arise here, however, is that older pianos dont have a new counterpart to apply price deprecation to.

Another way to price a used piano is factoring in the cost of the restoration of the used condition and then deducting it from the price, but this, of course, only works if restoration work is required.

But generally, you should be able to get a good used piano for a couple of thousand dollars and certainly cheaper than a new piano would cost

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How Much Is An Electric Piano

Are Digital Pianos Worth It? In most cases, yes!A digital piano is worth it as long as you buy a digital piano that fits your goals and needs. You can get a higher quality piano if you buy a traditional piano.

If youre looking for a high-quality digital pianist, youll want to look for one that has a built-in digital tuner. Youll need to do your research to find the best price for your needs and budget.

What Headphones Compatible With Yamaha Digital Piano

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is a high-quality microphone. The Austrian Audio Hi-X15 is an excellent all-around studio headphone for your piano that is reasonably priced. The SRH440 from Austrian Audio is a flexible choice from a newcomer to the market. Shures solid-state cans are a good match for your piano, which is the Yamaha HPH-100. The

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Keyboards For $400 $1000

The most noticeable changes you will see when you enter this price range are physical. Youll have the option of going for 76 or 88 keys if you need more than 61.

Youll see a massive upgrade to weighted keys, and in most cases, hammer-action weighted keys. Some will even have a simulated ebony/ivory feel for added realism.

The last physical upgrade you should see is a clear increase in build quality as you get closer to professional instruments.

Arranger keyboards are available right through this price range, along with synths and a few other styles.

But, the most common reason to go beyond $400 is to buy a keyboard piano. A keyboard piano is a portable keyboard with 88-keys that provides a realistic piano experience.

For more information, make sure to check out our article on the differences between a keyboard, a keyboard piano, and a digital piano.

Reasons You May Need Piano Tuning

6 Cheapest 88-Key Pianos Compared – What Makes a Good Beginner Piano Keyboard?

Changes can occur in the sound produced by the strings over time. A piano going out of tune is a normal occurrence in the life of a piano, and its not an indicator of a problematic or low-quality instrument unless it is out of tune within a few weeks of being tuned.

The following list of factors are all possible contributors to the need to have your piano tuned:

The biggest part of the piano that is made from wood is the soundboard, the component that makes the sound of the strings louder as it vibrates. When this swells, the bridges between the strings and the soundboard rise, creating more tension on some of the strings. This results in a higher pitch in the lower mid-range and extreme treble strings.

If extreme moisture or temperature changes occur repeatedly over time, it will likely damage and possibly cause visible cracks in the soundboard. The other area that moisture can cause issues in is the pinblockwhere the strings are held in place with pins.

Through expansion and contraction of the wood caused by moisture, and its absence, the holes the pins sit in will loosen their grip on the pins, resulting in less tension in the strings. Over the course of years, moisture can also cause strings to rust, increasing their risk of snapping during tuning.

  • Dry air – When the air is drier , the soundboard will flatten or shrink. In that case, the tension of the strings will be reduced and the pitch will now measure as flat.

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Can I Learn To Play Piano On A Keyboard

It is possible to learn the piano on the keyboard. The instruments have the same layout of keys. The songs that you learn to play on the piano will transfer directly to the keyboard, with little adjustment needed for small differences in the width of the keys or the amount of pressure needed to play them.

Piano Restoration And Rebuilding Costs

  • Rebuilding vertical action – $4,000
  • Rebuilding grand action – $6,500
  • Evaluation and inspection – $150-$200

Over the life of a piano, or for technicians working on a project to rebuild or restore a piano, it is not uncommon to have components replacedincluding the soundboard, pinblock, bridges, ribs, action, hammers, and strings.

Starting with the least effort and expense, you have maintenance, then repair, followed by restoration and, finally, rebuilding. As the degree of expense increases in line with the level of effort required by the technician, rebuilding work is typically only done on pianos of extreme sentimental or financial value.

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How To Choose The Best Digital Piano For You

Why you can trust MusicRadar Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

Digital piano vs keyboard: what’s the difference?

First and foremost, you need to consider the size of your space. Digital pianos come in various shapes and sizes, from slimline units that will most likely fit in any room to upright pianos that look just like the real thing. So, measure the space before you make a purchase.

Next, you need to think about the key action. This is how heavy – or light – the keys feel to play. Now, there are no rules here, pick an action that feels right to you. If you feel more comfortable on a piano with a light touch, thatâs fine. At the end of the day, the more comfortable you feel, the more youâll play!

Lastly, consider extra features. You may want a digital piano with built-in Bluetooth to connect to your smart device, or perhaps you need two headphone outputs for lessons. Each piano brand offers a unique set of features, so make sure you look into these before you buy.

Want to know more? We answer common digital piano queries in our digital piano FAQ.

How Much Does A Piano Player System Cost

Electric Piano for sale in UK

In most cases, converting an acoustic piano to a player piano will cost between $6,000 and $7,000 in labor and materials. Even if you already have a player piano and only want to upgrade it to include wireless capabilities, you should expect to pay around $2,800 for the PNOmation upgrade.Is it possible to convert any piano into a player piano?

  • PianoDisc systems may be installed in pianos of practically any size, style, or manufacture, transforming them into contemporary player pianos. PianoDisc provides a system to fit your needs, whether you have a grand piano or an upright, a new piano or a secondhand piano.


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Kawai Ca59 Best Console Digital Piano Near $3000

Nearing the end of our list of the best digital pianos, we feature the Kawai CA59 console style digital piano.

The build of this is extremely impressive and the CA59 is a very powerful digital piano.

From a young age, I have always enjoyed Kawai digital pianos. The CA59 is one of the very best digital pianos that Kawai makes and this is of no surprise.

Personally, this is my favorite console style digital piano at the moment.

Your Perfect Digital Piano: What To Look For

To start, these are the main factors you should consider when purchasing a new digital piano:

1. Budget

High-end digital pianos are crazy expensive, some costing as much as a new car! If thats up your alley, then go for it but do your research first. If you want bang for your buck, youve come to the right place.

2. Features

If youre just starting out, all you really need is a digital piano that facilitates the practice of proper piano technique. Experienced players might want keyboards with sound-shaping or detailed recording facilities. Well briefly cover what you can expect and why certain features are essential.

3. Goals

True beginners might be a bit apprehensive about starting with an expensive digital piano. What if you find its not for you? Well, its perfectly fine to start out with a cheaper digital piano or even a keyboard. Upgrades are always available down the line when needed.

4. Space

This is a minor consideration, but if youre living in a small apartment, you might want to avoid a furniture-like console.

Bigger isnt always better with digital pianos, and slab-style versions are still worth checking out. In fact, our lists offer recommendations from both categories.

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How We Picked And Tested

A digital piano should be as similar to an acoustic piano in feel and sound as possible. If youre learning piano technique and piano music on a digital instrument, you should be able to transition easily to an acoustic piano. Although each digital pianos sound and feel are our primary concerns, we also carefully consider each models extra features, which can be confusing and overwhelming for beginners.

Our bare-minimum requirements for a budget digital piano are that it has 88 keys and internal speakers to facilitate practicing without needing to attach an amplifier. Beyond that, some amount of weighted key action and an accurate piano sound are the primary deciding factors for our picks. An included stand and sustain pedal are nice but not requirements, as third-party options are readily available and inexpensive.

I then set off to a few Los Angeles music stores to get my hands on some keys, talk to the store employeeswho work around these instruments every dayand whittle down the list. After contacting manufacturers to request samples and to get suggestions on pianos that might better fit our guidelines, we narrowed the list down to seven keyboards.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing A Digital Piano

Kawai ES120 88-key Digital Piano with Speakers Demo

Believe it or not, there are still some people out there who think that to learn the instrument âcorrectlyâ, you have to play an acoustic piano. While this outdated opinion may have been correct 20 years ago, the truth of the matter is, digital pianos have come a very long way since then, with some of the high-end models being indistinguishable from the real thing.

The most obvious positives are digital pianos donât have to be tuned – saving a lot of money over the lifetime of the instrument – and are way easier to move around!

Going digital opens players – new and old – to a whole host of features you simply canât get from an acoustic instrument. From headphone outputs for silent practice, built-in metronomes to help you keep the beat, on-board recorders for tracking progress and a slew of different tones, these state-of-the-art instruments can make learning the piano fun and more engaging.

What’s more, many digital pianos can be hooked up to a computer or tablet via a cable or Bluetooth connection and used as a MIDI controller or for interacting with online lessons. Read our guide to connecting a digital piano to a computer to find out how.

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How Much Is A Basic Piano

A very basic piano can sometimes be acquired for as little as $3000, but you are usually looking at a bit more, more like around $6 ,500 for a basic piano, and if you are looking for a used basic piano, the prices can be even lower.

But be warned, used pianos can sometimes be cheap because they are in disrepair or are not a high-quality product to begin with, but you can find some excellent used pianos at great prices if you know what you are looking for.

It is usually best to consult someone who knows about pianos if you are trying to find a used bargain.

Practice And Learn To Play The Piano With A Digital Piano

There are other arguments for preferring an electric piano to buying a piano. They can be played over headphones, so you can practice quietly. They don’t get out of tune and are available in a wide variety of different classes, depending on your budget and housing requirements: you can play the piano at home with a home piano such as the Fame DP-4000 BK, play a stage piano on stage with a live band – or, for example, opt for a compact black digital piano that can be played at home but also easily transported. Even typical characteristics of acoustic pianos have found their way into current digital piano models – hybrid digital pianos offer equipment details such as real wood keys with hammer action even soundboards with transducer technology are used to make the sound and playing behaviour as authentic as possible via headphones.

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What Is A Player System For A Piano

The piano player system has no effect on the touch, the tone, or the performance level of the piano in which it is placed, as long as it is connected to the piano. The acoustic system, which plays music on the piano acoustically, and background music, which can include singers, instrumentals, and more, which is played over a speaker system, are two types of music systems.

Digital Piano Price Points And Ranges

Yamaha Clavinova CVP

Digital pianos have become a far more increasingly viable alternative to acoustic pianos. In the last 10 years, the technology used in digital pianos has progressed by leaps and bounds. More and more musicians, beginners, or hobbyists are sampling the digital side of the industry due to a high level of versatility, overall high performance capabilities, and lower price points in comparison to acoustic pianos. A number of $2000 digital pianos are now giving a similar musical experience to those of acoustic pianos in the $3500 5000 range. There are now quite a few companies and brands designing and manufacturing pianos at a variety of price points. All of which are specific to a certain playing level, and needs of the musician.

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