How Much Are Electric Pianos


Choosing A Digital Piano

Yamaha reface CP Stage Electric Piano

For those who want to recreate the iconic sound of grand pianos, digital grand pianos will get them there. Console pianos are quite popular because of their dynamic range and volume, and they take up less space than grand pianos. If this style appeals to you, there are console digital pianos available. If you want the same “feel” as acoustic pianos, then opt for digital pianos with hammer action keyboards. The weighted keys mimic traditional pianos, and you can get them as digital grand or digital console pianos.

Why Electric And Not Digital

What exactly makes a piano electric and not digital? Well, quite literally, the lack of digits. Even though electrons were flowing around, none of it was being turned into ones and zeroes. There wasnt a microprocessor to be found, which is one of the most basic requirements to call something a digital device.

Under this set of definitions, there arent any electric pianos being manufactured or sold today with the way technology has evolved over the past several decades, with maybe a couple of exceptions in the synth realm.

That said, certain vintage electric pianos are coveted on the second-hand market for their unique timbre, even though manufacturers like Roland, Casio, Kawai, Nord stage pianos, and various VST companies all produce very convincing electric piano patches.

Why Buy A Digital Piano

If youre reading this article, you probably have a pretty good idea of the advantages of a digital piano over a traditional acoustic piano. I think its worth taking a look at those benefits anyway maybe you are unsure if a digital piano is right for you, and are looking for more information.

Lets briefly define what a digital piano is: an electronic instrument that plays and sounds like an acoustic piano, but uses digital electronics technology to produce the sound. This is instead of an acoustic pianos mechanical system of physical hammers hitting strings.

This use of digital technology offers the following advantages

Practically all digital pianos these days come with MIDI connectivity, so you can connect it up to a computer. Check out the following two articles for information on what equipment you need to do this and instructions on how to connect it all up.

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Why You Should Buy A Digital Piano

While Im a huge fan of acoustic pianos, especially for serious pianists, the reality is that digital pianos are definitely worth buying. A digital piano offers an opportunity to get started learning the instrument. Also if youre in need of a solid practice instrument or want to avoid moving costs, digital pianos are worth a look.

Below are a couple of reasons why you should buy a digital piano.

Digital Pianos Are Usually More Affordable

One of the most important reasons to purchase a digital piano has to do with costs. Digital pianos are simply more affordable than their acoustic counterparts. The average piano costs between $2000 $20,000. The more high end the acoustic instrument, the steeper the cost. Luxury pianos such as Yamaha or Steinway have prices that rival a mortgage!

Digital pianos have much lower entry price points. You can expect to pay between $200 $700 for a good quality digital piano. High-end digital consoles cost anywhere between $600 $5000 depending on how many features you desire.

For a beginner pianist, a digital piano between $300 $500 should suffice. You can check out a complete list of the best digital pianos here. These pianos will have features such as:

  • Quality frame and build

Digital Pianos Save On Storage Space

Acoustic pianos take up a lot of space, especially if its a grand piano. While upright pianos are a good option, sometimes you just need that extra bit of room in the home.

Digital Pianos Dont Need Tuning

How Much Is A Keyboard Or Digital Piano How Much To Spend

Electric Piano for sale in UK

Its almost impossible to answer the question of how much is a keyboard or digital piano. Because there are many different types to suit different players.

As a guide, we can say $60 $1000 will buy a keyboard for players of all skill levels. Similarly, around $400 $1200 will buy a digital piano fit for a beginner or a pro.

Thats still quite a broad estimate, so lets get into it in more detail.

To make things a little bit clearer, lets break down the price range, starting with keyboards.

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What Headphones Compatible With Yamaha Digital Piano

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is a high-quality microphone. The Austrian Audio Hi-X15 is an excellent all-around studio headphone for your piano that is reasonably priced. The SRH440 from Austrian Audio is a flexible choice from a newcomer to the market. Shures solid-state cans are a good match for your piano, which is the Yamaha HPH-100. The

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So Whats The Best Digital Piano

I have chosen the Roland FP-90X as the best overall digital piano. While it is more expensive than something such as the Yamaha, it is far better in performance and features.

The FP-90X was recently announced at NAMM 2021, and it is an upgrade from its predecessor, the FP-90.

If I were to set out to buy a digital piano today, I would choose the FP-90X.

So, why is the FP-90X the best? I believe it has the makeup of an incredible digital piano:

  • PHA-50 keyboard bed
  • Incredible preset sounds

Continue reading on see our complete list of the best digital pianos and keyboards currently available.

Related Questions And Buyer Tips

How Does the Electric Piano Work?

Is a baby grand piano worth it? Baby grand pianos are a cost-effective option compared to larger grand pianos. However, baby grand pianos are not considered a significant upgrade over upright pianos. These pianos, however, provide the kind of hammer action needed for advanced piano playing.

Should you buy a 25-year-old piano? It is not recommended to purchase pianos older than 25 years old without a proper inspection. Pianos older than 25 years tend to have more wear and tear and repair history. A new piano will always perform better than an older one. Pianos 25 years or newer are considered to be in their best playing condition.

How to inspect a used piano? Used pianos should be inspected for broken or missing parts, rusting, and genuine parts. A piano technician is skilled enough to verify the instrument is in playing condition. Technicians can also alert buyers of any potential problems the instrument may have in the future.

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Digital Piano

While digital pianos have a lifespan that lasts many years, they will occasionally wear down the more they are played.

Every now and then, digital pianos will need some sort of repair. This can range from broken or stuck keys, electrical or motherboard issues, or accessories going bad. Below are a few more things that can go wrong with digital pianos.

  • Broken or cracked LCD screens
  • Issues with speaker volume and balance
  • Unresponsive keys

Most people choose not to repair digital pianos though because its a hassle. Sometimes the repair costs can creep up to the cost of simply purchasing a new one instead .

Most digital piano repairs cost between $25 $300. Most of this is related to labor but can include parts. The more expensive repairs are almost always related to internal issues. This includes things like motherboard failures or need to replace the disk drive. This also includes failed inputs, cracked screens and anything internal.

If keys or knobs are getting stuck, this is simply a replacement that you could honestly do yourself with a bit of research. Power supply and pedal issues are accessories that you can easily replace.

If a keyboard experiences significant water damage, you might be better off purchasing a new digital piano.

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Whats The Best Digital Piano For The Money

How Much Does An Electric Piano Cost

In this article, I will be discussing how to look for pianos that give you the most bang for your buck. Looking for the best digital piano for the money can be a daunting and maybe even confusing exercise, especially when you think about how much money you could potentially spend.

However, not everyone has tons of money to spend on instrumentsno matter how good they are. So because of this, we wanted to identify some of the pianos on the market that, despite their price range, still have a lot to offer the pianist.

We are going to look at pianos from a number of different brands and separate them into three categories: digital pianos under $300, under $600, and under $1000.

Below, check out our interactive table that compares some of the better piano options in a variety of different price ranges. Whether youre looking for a piano thats under $500 or willing to spend a little bit more than that for better computers and features, you can compare a handful of awesome and very well made digital pianos against one another:

128 Note Polyphony

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Just To Try Out A Digital Piano

Perhaps you have always wanted to learn the piano but have never got around to it. You dont want to spend too much money in case it turns out to not be for you, but you want a decent enough instrument to give it a good go.

You should be able to get a slab digital piano for not much more than $200. This is a good example.

For just trying out a digital piano, there is really no need to spend much more money than this. You still get an instrument with weighted keys that feels and sounds like a piano. If you decide to keep playing after trying it out, you can always upgrade to a better quality model.

You may also be interested in recording your digital piano. Depending on exactly what you want to do, a MIDI keyboard may be more suitable for you. Check out these two articles to help you understand a MIDI keyboards capabilities and if it would be a better choice for you

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How Long Do Console Pianos Last

Ten to Thirty Years Normal regulation and voicing will maintain good tone and touch if usage is moderate. If the piano suffers wide temperature and humidity swings, it will being to show permanent deterioration during this time: loose tuning pins, rusty strings, soundboard cracks, and aging of the finish.

Digital Pianos Vs Similar Options

Crumar Seven Electric Piano Review

Before purchasing a digital piano, it makes sense to learn about the differences between this instrument and others that may look and sound the same, but are not, so that you end up buying the item that you intended.

Digital Pianos

A digital piano can mimic the sound and appearance of an acoustic piano, but with digital elements. Portable digital models have headphone and USB or MIDI connectivity, built-in metronomes for beat and metering, and record functions that enable you to playback your practices. Plus, many of the most advanced ones allow a keyboard split so the student and teacher can play side by side.

Acoustic Pianos

Digital pianos often look like traditional ones, and many times with the same number of keys. Acoustic pianos are conventional musical instruments that have no electronic components and haven’t changed much over the years.


Many people often confuse digital pianos with keyboards, but they’re two very different instruments. Keyboards focus on creating modulated, electronic notes rather than the sound of traditional pianos. They’re not intended to mimic the experience of playing the piano either, and they may have fewer keys with a smaller overall shape and size.

Electric Pianos

Despite the name, electric pianos aren’t electronic in the same way as synthesizers and other truly electronic instruments. Invented in the 1920s, electric pianos create sound using an electro-mechanical process.

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How Much Will It Cost

Your standard upright piano can start off in the thousands of dollars. Baby grand pianos for sale will be three times the price of your average upright. Because of the price grand pianos are not suggested for beginners who would be better off choosing used pianos or an electric option.

For grand pianos, you are looking at around $8000 minimum. To get the best piano on the market you could end up spending tens of thousands so you need to make sure you want to spend that amount of money on the instrument. The object is to find the right piano for you, not just the most expensive piano by the best manufacturer.

Benefits Of Acoustic Pianos

An upright piano will cost you a pretty penny more so than an electric one. Here are some of the benefits of having acoustic pianos which makes them a high commodity to serious pianists:

  • They look wonderful, with many people buying these instruments purely as a piece of furniture.
  • An acoustic piano sounds great, something an electric piano will never be able to fully replicate.
  • For serious pianists, theres no other choice. You will need to have a proper piano to get the best sound out of it.

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Snapshot Of The Digital Piano Market Today


The average price of a digital sold in 2020 is around $850 US or $1,100 Canadian with popular models like Yamaha digital pianos such as the Yamaha P125, Yamaha P45, and the YDP Arius and Clavinova series. Other best-selling models such as the Casio Privia PX and CDP series instruments also provide a stellar portable keyboard experience, and there are even arranger portable digital pianos available at this price point too.

Musical instruments in this price range are increasing offerings of modern technology such as Bluetooth Connectivity, quality hammer actions, believable sustain pedals, metronomes and various output jacks.

The best digital pianos in terms of quality range from $5,000-$15,000 USD, with some even featuring things like genuine acoustic grand and upright piano key actions with wooden keys and high-end speaker systems and amplifiers for exceptional piano sound.

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How Long Do Digital Pianos Last

Digital pianos are better constructed. They use better electrical parts, solid plastic, tougher metal, and piano keys that are more resistant to wear and tear. Digital pianos dont have the same lifespan, but average care can last up to 100 years or more. If you are looking for a piano that will last a long time, look no further than a high-quality digital piano.

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What Makes A Piano A Spinet

So, What is a Spinet Piano? Upright or vertical pianos come in various different sizes and a spinet piano is the smallest of the upright pianos measuring between 36 and 40 tall from the floor to the top of the lid and weighing about 300 pounds. The keyboard is approximately five feet wide, like most pianos.

What Is An Electric Piano Called

The Rhodes Piano: Mini Documentary

They are more portable and sturdy than standard digital pianos. Standard digital pianos can be used for practice and play-alongs. A digital keyboard is a computer-controlled device that can be used to play music.

An analog keyboard, on the other hand, is an instrument that has been designed to be played by a human hand. The difference is subtle, but it can make a big difference in the quality of the sound you hear when you play.

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