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What Piano Song Uses All 88 Keys

How Many Keys Are There On A Piano Keyboard? Piano Keys Lesson For Beginners

The musical version of the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog is a piano piece that uses every single note on the piano. The song was written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the early 1960s, and was released as a single in 1966.

It was the first single to be released on a major label. The song has been covered by a number of artists, including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Beach Boys.

Disadvantages Of 61 Key Pianos

While I love so many aspects and features of 61 key pianos, there are some clear disadvantages. Especially for someone who wants to take their piano playing to the next level, a 61 key piano is not going to be the best option for you. Below is a quick breakdown of where 61 key pianos actually hinder the playing experience for pianists:

  • 61 key pianos only have 5 octaves instead of 7
  • Transposing workaround only works for some music
  • Visual development of the piano is skewed
  • Keys can be accidentally missed while playing
  • 61 key pianos feel cramped compared to 88 key instruments
  • Its hard to play duets with fewer keys
  • Not all 61 key pianos have weighted/hammer action keys

61 key pianos lack enough octaves to play standard piano repertoire. Anything beyond 5 octaves is going to be unplayable, so forget those Beethoven Sonatas and Chopin Waltzes you dreamed of playing!

Even with the option to transpose the instrument, there is only so much you can do at a time with a 61 key piano. In general, most romantic era compositions will not be playable. Anything by Chopin, Liszt, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, Debussy will be tough to play. That kind of difficult repertoire utilizes the entire instrument from the lowest to the highest octaves.

Some workarounds such as transposing the instrument mid-song can make some pieces playable, but its not really a solution.

One common issue with 61 piano keys is in the playing mechanism itself.

Pianos With Fewer Keys

Although there is a standardized version of the piano with 88-keys, many keyboards/pianos come with a short keyboard span.

You will be amazed to find out the piano variations by the number of their keys. Some pianos come with 44, 60, 61, or even 72 keys.

These pianos are mostly used by amateur or experimental pianists. As you can see, these pianos limit the possibilities of musical exploration.

You can only play some of these pianos by connecting them to your computer. The 44 keys piano is used for music composition purposes.

You will be surprised to know that there are pianos that come with only 5 keys,which are only used for DJ mixing.

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A Little History Lesson

The piano as we know it only came into existence in the 17th century. Before it was invented, the harpsichord was the most popular instrument. In the grand era of harpsichord music, melody ranges were pretty limited, as harpsichords had only 60 keys.

So, composers like Bach and, Monteverdi and Vivaldi all composed a lot of music with a limited range of notes, as the only had the 5-octave range of the Harpsichord to work with.

Enter the year 1700. Bartolomeo Cristofori , an expert harpsichord maker under the employ of the Florentine court of Grand Prince Ferdinando de Medici, decided that it was time to update the instrument that he was so familiar with. He was the first person to manufacture a keyboard instrument with a hammer and damper mechanism. This keyboard had a range of just over 4 Octaves. The 54 keys of the instrument Cristofori created were pretty limiting but, it served as an excellent inceptive piano that could be built on later.

Interestingly, Cristofori didnt come up with the term piano. The popular poet Scipione Maffei described Critoforis instrument as a gravicembalo col piano, e forte literally a harpsichord with soft and loud Important to note that at this time, almost entering the classical era of music with composers like Beethoven and Mozart, most instruments didnt have much of a dynamic range, and so the new pianoforte was the first instrument that directly responded to dynamic input .

How To Play Piano With Two Hands Number Of Keys For Two


A lot of beginners know that playing two-handed is one of the crucial aspects of learning how to play piano. They often ask ask how many keys it takes to be able to practice this and start to play with two hands. The truth is that the answer can vary somewhat.

Playing two-handed is not just about being able to fit both of your hands on the keyboard. You may need ot reach a much lower octave to hit the bass notes, and this might mean you need to leave octaves in the middle unplayed.

The truth is, that at under 76 keys, you might have to make some form of compromise. But what is the minimum size of piano for two-handed playing?

Well, we definitely wouldnt recommend going under 49 if you want to learn how to play the keyboad two handed. However, if you just want to focus on the basics then a 49 key keyboard might just get you through. In truth, you will have so much more flexibility if you can extend your search to 61 keys. The range this offers makes all the difference.

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A Standard Piano Has 88 Keys But Why

10 May 2021, 16:57

A standard piano has 88 keys: 52 white and 36 black. But who decided this number would be the norm, and why?

Before the was invented, composers wrote a lot of music for the , which has just 60 keys. This meant that everything they wrote was limited to the harpsichords five-octave range.

Then The First Piano Was Invented

Around the year 1700, Bartolomeo Cristofori, a musical instrument technician from Padua, Italy, decided it was time to update the harpsichord and he came up with a new keyboard instrument with a hammer mechanism.

Cristofori was hired by the Florentine court of Grand Prince Ferdinando de Medici in 1688 to look after their harpsichords and, eventually, other instruments.

A 1700 inventory of Medici instruments mentions an arpicimbalo invented by Cristofori. The instrument had a brand-new hammer and damper mechanism, two keyboards and a range of four octaves .

Poet and journalist Scipione Maffei described it in 1711 as a gravicembalo col piano, e forte . It was here that the pianoforte found its name.

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How To Choose A Keyboard For Kids

If you are wondering what size keyboard to get, you may well be buying for a child! Kids are sponges for information, and there are so many reasons to get your child to learn how to play piano or keyboard. Its even been shown to help with their cognitive development.

So, what size keyboard is suitable for children?

Just like an adult trying to learn how to play the keyboard, getting a model with more than 49 keys will allow you the option to play with two hands, and therefore play far more songs.

There are some specific keyboards for children out there. These often have smaller keys, which means that your child can play more comfortably. Very few children have a large hand span that can allow them to play on a full-size piano.

A lot of childrens keyboards also include some really cool added features and functions, including some novelty sounds and inbuilt songs. This is a good way to keep kids engaged when they would possibly otherwise lose interest in the hobby.

If you choose the right model for your kid, you never know, they might be playing like a virtuoso in no time

How Many Keys Should Your Keyboard Have

Do you need 88 keys to learn the piano?

Full-sized 88 keys

Keyboard instruments with 88 keys are often the ones used for professional purposes. You wouldnt actually get this piano if you were a beginner because its quite expensive and difficult to play. Its also one of the most expensive instruments in terms of maintenance, and you also have to do that regularly.

The advantage of the full-sized keyboard is that its the ideal size for experienced players who know how to play the piano. It gives you the possibility to play a wide variety of music pieces, and you can also compose many new things on it.

76 keys

While not offering the whole range and variety of tunes that you can get from 88 keys, 76 keys are still enough for some people. Electric keyboards usually come with this number of keys, and they are more advantageous than pianos in terms of price.

Beginners wouldnt necessarily afford them, but sometimes they are good for new piano players. The advantage of these keyboards is that they are usually portable because theyre also smaller. As a result, they are a great choice for intermediate players that have a bit of experience and theyre looking to practice both at home and away.

Most of these keyboards also come with a function that splits them in half, so that the student can play on one side of the keyboard, while the teacher on the other side, making the whole learning process easier.

61 keys

How many notes?

Difference between black and white keys

How many keys does a beginner need?

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How Much Is A Keyboard

As well as choosing what size keyboard to get for beginners, you will probably be looking at the price tag. If its the first keyboard you have ever bought, its unlikely that you will have any frame of reference!

Keyboards are like the majority of music equipment. You can find relatively cheap options on the market, but they might not be the best quality. Alternatively, you could buy a keyboard that makes your eyes water due to the high price tag!

If you want a keyboard that has a lot of functionality and works as an arranger, you can easily spend many thousands of dollars. For beginners, we dont recommend this.

If youre a beginner, looking to buy a keyboard rather than a digital piano, $200-$300 is a reasonable budget.

If you want to take a step up and buy a digital piano then these start at around $500, if you want a decent model.

Where Do The Colors Black And White Come From

Did you know that the very first keyboard instrument, the pipe organ, was invented over 2000 years ago in Greece and had only white keys? Most of these keyboards were small, with only a dozen keys or so, so it wasnt too hard to keep track of which note was what. Later on, organ makers began adding raised keys for sharps and flats.

At first, every organ keyboard was different. Some of them had only one raised note per octave, others had four. It wasnt until about 500 years ago that the pattern of five black and seven white piano keys that we see today became the standard. Keyboards with this pattern were used for pipe organs, harpsichords, clavichords, and eventually for the piano. On some older keyboards, the colors are even switched, with the regular keys black and the sharp and flat keys white.

In the past, keys were covered with white ivory or made from black ebony wood, which is where the colors come from. Modern piano keys are covered with good-quality plastic that has a similar feel to ivory, lasts a long time, and does a good job of protecting the wooden part of the key.

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What Type Of Piano Is Best For Beginners

If you are just starting out with piano, one of the best choices you can make is to start with an acoustic piano. However, there are some things to take into consideration.

They are sensitive to changes in both temperature and humidity and must be tuned on a regular basis . They are not only cumbersome but also fairly difficult to relocate!

What Is A Controller Keyboard

What are the names of a piano keys?

Controllers have lower price tags than other keyboards for beginning piano students because they lack any built-in sound-generating capabilities. Instead, the keyboard transmits MIDI data to other hardware or software. While a good choice for someone interested in creating computer-based music, controllers are not recommended for students who want to play, rather than program, their music.

Advantages of a Controller Keyboard

  • Can be used for computer composition
  • Outputs MIDI information to synthesizers and computer software

Disadvantages of a Controller Keyboard

  • Must be plugged in to a computer or laptop
  • No onboard sounds
  • A poor choice for beginner keyboardists

These types of keyboards are hardly the only options available. Many modern keyboards offer features that blur the line between different keyboard types. For instance, you may find a digital piano with synthesizer capabilities or a synthesizer with aspects of a controller keyboard. This complexity makes it difficult to compare individual keyboards. The sounds produced by the best keyboard brands will vary from model to model, even on keyboards whose specifications look almost identical. Before making a final decision, consider your childs musical interests and goals, read reviews, and talk to local musicians and instrument store staff.

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Standard Size: 88 Key

Standard pianos have 88 keys. This includes 52 white keys and 36 black keys. On piano layouts, this provides the tones to play any piece of music. 88 keys has been a standard since the piano was created by piano manufacturer Steinway.

Before pianos, most music was written for the harpsichord, which limited to five octaves on the 60 keys. After the piano was invented in the 1800s, composers could become a little more ambitious with more complex pieces that could be accommodated across the seven octaves.

An 88 key layout has seven octaves with three lower notes below bottom C. This creates the ideal range for the human ear. Beyond the 88 key range, it is considered to be too low or too high for us to hear. However, there are still some exceptions, with some piano models having a 92 key or 102 key layout.

Note that we have spent much time on research to find the best 88-key digital piano on the market, check our previous review of Best Yamaha 88 Key Digital Piano.

For Basics: 32 Or 49 Key

If you prefer something compact and small or youre buying for a child who may not stick with the lessons, there are basic digital pianos and keyboards that feature 32 or 49 keys. While these models lack the bells and whistles of the larger models, they tend to be lighter and smaller, making them ideal for smaller fingers and hands. These small models also tend to have the option for battery power, adding to portability, while allowing the player to get used to the layout of an octave and a basic keyboard.

We have do much research on finding the Best Piano Keyboard for Toddlers, feel free to check it any time!

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How Many Keys Do I Need On A Keyboard Piano

A keyboard piano is a very versatile musical instrument, used in the music industry to enhance impressive beats and sounds. One of the main differences is the number of keys. However, different keyboard pianos are designed for different uses as well as users. So, how many keys do you need on a keyboard piano?

Is A 61 Key Keyboard Enough

How Many Keys Does a Piano Have?

Someone might ask him/herself whether a 61-key keyboard is enough, or in a dilemma about a 61-key keyboard piano.

However, this will be determined by the model and the use of the keyboard piano, budget, as well as the level of expertise. For instance, a 61-key keyboard will be enough and in fact the best for a learner, especially one who is not sure of his trend in playing musical instruments. In case, you are giving a trial on playing a keyboard piano to choose the best instrument to stick to, a 61-key keyboard is the best option and enough for you.

On the other hand, a 61-key keyboard piano is too far less for an expert. In fact, the expert wont enjoy playing it and can easily give up or lose interest in playing it. However, you cannot compare a 61-key keyboard to an 88-key keyboard, it is far much behind the full-size keyboard.

Also, considering your budget a 61-key keyboard might be enough for you in case, that is the much that you can afford. Regardless of your level of expertise.

Finally, the model and the intended use of the keyboard can determine whether a 61-key keyboard will be enough for you. As said earlier, some genres restrict the number of keys in a keyboard.

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Pianos With Shorter Keyboards

Some pianos are known to have fewer keys. Some of these versions come with 44, 54 or 61, or 60 keys. Some have been known to have fewer keys than these, but this comes at a disadvantage as there is little that can be done with such a piano. They are often used for teaching purposes.

There also some of the most awkwardly small pianos that are present in modern times. Some of these have as few as five keys on their keyboard.

How Many Keys Are On A Full Size Keyboard

A full-size keyboard has 104 keys. There are 104 keys on a full-size keyboard.

This keyboard is comparable to other types. The 1800 compact keyboard is smaller than a full-size keyboard. However, it can still be considered an alternative to full-size keyboards because it has the same number of keys. The number keys are placed below the Enter key to save space, while the cluster of Home keys rests higher above the number pad.

The third type of keyboard is the Tenkeyless keyboard or TKL keyboard. Sometimes referred to as an 80% keyboard. TKL keyboards have 87 keys and do not include a number pad. Many people dont need a number pad so the TKL keyboard is smaller.

The keyboard for 75% is slightly smaller than the TKL. A 75% keyboard has a modified arrangement to accommodate the smaller size. Gaps between keys can be omitted and the arrow keys placed directly below the Enter key. Vertically, the Home key cluster is placed, unlike its horizontal counterpart. 75% of keyboards reduce the size of the Shift key.

There are smaller keyboards available, including 65%, 60%, and 40%. 60% of keyboards have at least 61 keys. The number pad is removed. Also, the Home cluster and arrow keys have been omitted. Function keys are subtracted. There are only 47 keys that contain the main cluster keys, and 40% of keyboards have them.

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