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St Century Upright Pianos

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The piano world has had a revolution. Innovative European piano makers have taken time-honored quality and classical styling and transformed historic excellence into modern magnificence with the use of handmade Stradivarian woods, unimagined precision actions, and a variety of decorous piano cases defying art itself. Manufacturers are again hiring furniture designers and prestigious artists to collaborate on customized pianos.

We were knocked out when Sauter hired German designer, Peter Maly to bring the upright piano into the 21st Century. Maly, in an exclusive contract with one of the most respected, quality European piano builders, Sauter came out with humdingers. Outstanding style and modernity positively jump out of these models.

This easy on the eyes upright positively oozes with style, its rounded edges and cheerful aspect begs to be played.

The piano seemingly floats on stainless steel cylinders and the sophisticated case in available in dark brown wenge wood or glossy black. With Maly ingenuity, the lid opens in wing-like formations, with an upholstered chrome and leather bench.

The Pure white upright piano, the sister to the ebony, as well as their Concent white model are also favorites of customers these days. The light airy design coupled with white make fine choices for todays contemporary settings.

What Is The Significance Of K Kawai On Kawai Pianos

Over the years, many people have wondered why some Kawai pianos say K. KAWAI on the fallboard while others say only KAWAI. The K. in K. KAWAI stands for Koichi, the first name of Kawai founder and genius inventor Koichi Kawai. Koichi Kawai was the son of a wagon maker who had an immense talent for innovative design. Having entered the piano business as a young apprentice for Torakasu Yamaha in the early 1900s, Koichi Kawai led the research and development team that introduced pianos to Japan and later became the first to design and build a complete piano action in Japan, receiving many patents for his designs and inventions. He established the Kawai Musical Instrument Research Laboratory in 1927.

There is no difference in product quality between Kawai instruments labeled K. KAWAI or KAWAI. The difference is the type of instrument on which these logos are found. The K. KAWAI brand logo is used only for Kawai grand pianos. The logo KAWAI appears on the fallboard of all Kawai upright and digital pianos. Why? When the company first began, Koichi Kawai announced to his staff, I want to put K. KAWAI on grand pianos and KAWAI on the uprights. That was his preference from the beginning. His wishes have been honored for over 90 years.

How Much Do Kawai Baby Grand Pianos Weigh

In general, baby grand pianos can weigh between 500 and 700 pounds and can measure from 46 to 54 long. While the historical size range for a baby grand goes as low as 46, there are very few baby grands built smaller than 411 today. And while some online technical resources state that baby grands can be as long 6-feet, Kawai uses 54 as the upper limit for baby grands. Kawais two baby grands are the 50 GL-10 Grand Piano and the 52 GL-20 Grand Piano . Although these are smaller grand pianos, they are still quite heavy. One should assess the risks carefully before trying to move or lift any baby grand piano without professional assistance.

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What Makes Pianos So Heavy Reddit

They need to make sure that the piano has a material that has the power to keep its shape while not being crushed by the weight of a Small car. So they stick a huge chunk of metal in the piano that is solid, and its a fairly large piece of metal. Add in the weight of the strings, And all of that metal is why a piano weighs so much.

How To Move A Piano Within A Home

Upright piano Baldwin Spinet Acrosonic  Columbus  Used

Just because you are moving your piano only between rooms within your house doesnt mean you have to be less careful or that you can just move the musical instrument on its metal casters. Even small movements such as across the room must be done with the same caution and attention as if you were moving your piano to another house.

You are going to face the same risks. Small well-planed steps are the key to the successful and safe relocation of your musical instrument. You should never underestimate the huge weight and size of your piano. With the right tools and with your trustworthy friends by your side, you will have no problem with the task at hand.

After the move is completed and your piano is re-tuned, you can award yourself by playing your favorite melodies.

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How To Move A Piano Into A Van

If you’re transporting a piano from property to property, it is important to use a van or truck. Moving a piano into a truck involves specific skills and technique.

If your van has a ramp, this wonât be an issue, but be sure to have enough people wheeling it up the ramp that it can safely get up the ramp and onto the truck. This, again, shouldnât be an issue as you have just used at least three movers to get the piano downstairs.

Place the piano into the van facing the back wall. It is highly recommended that you place a wooden plank under the piano, to ensure that the floor surface is even and to ease the trauma to the legs of the piano. The piano should be strapped into the truck so that it wonât shift around during the drive. Adjust the plastic covers as needed, so that none of the wood can touch the side of the van.

Never leave the piano on its dolly on the van because it might break loose around in the truck and be damaged. Once you arrive at the destination and are safely parked, unbelt the upright piano from the van wall and remount it on the dolly upright.

Itâs likely that the piano will need tuning after arriving at the destination as transporting a piano is likely to significantly loosen the strings, even when done by removal professionals. However, pianos take time to acclimatise to new environments, therefore it is important you leave the piano 2 to 4 weeks before hiring a tuner.

How Much Does A Upright Piano Weigh In Kgs

An upright piano can weigh somewhere from 91kgs to 400kgs depending on its size. Baby upright pianos like Spinets and Console can weigh around 150kgs to 200kgs. While the heavier upright pianos like Console or Classic can weigh somewhere between 200kgs and 400kgs.

In comparison with a grand piano which weighs around 600kgs to 700kgs, the weight of a classic upright piano is 400kgs to 450kgs depending on its design and the amenities available.

One reason for this is because in an upright piano, the strings are held vertically that makes the instrument compact. The grand piano, on the other hand, retains the same shape since the strings are held horizontally.

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Moving Carts For Pianos

In addition to piano-specific dollies, there is a wide range of simple, flat dollies that will also do the trick, especially for smaller uprights or digital models. A flat, padded piano moving cart is designed to be a quick, easy way to get your instrument on a truck or into another room without any damage.

Moving An Upright Piano By Tilting

Moving a Heavy Upright Piano Upstairs with 2 Movers and tight landing

Although moving an upright piano by tilting it wont damage it because pianos are built to withstand even 20 tons of string tension. However, it doesnt mean that tilting or rotating a piano is a recommended practice for moving it from one place to the other.

That being said, keeping the piano vertically will ensure no strings inside the piano are damaged. Most damage to a piano will only occur when a piano is dropped, gets bumped, or is struck with a forign object. If there is a foreign object inside the piano, make sure to remove it properly before playing it.

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What Defines An Upright Piano

When most people think of pianos, they picture a three-legged behemoth with a lid that opens to expose intricate machinations within including a flat soundboard with strings and hammers. The baby grand, the parlor grand, the concert grand comes to mind.

The upright, however, is more of a square box, sitting upright with a keyboard jutting from the box. Designs differ. Sometimes the keyboard is supported by legs and other times not. As you can see, they are wholly different animals in basic design, and serve wholly different purposes

The action inside a piano produces the music. When a piano key is pressed down, its tail lifts a mechanism that throws a hammer against the strings for that keys note. Simultaneously a damper is raised from these strings, allowing them to vibrate more freely. There are more complex mechanisms at work in the action, but too technical to describe in one article.

In a grand piano, the action of the hammer and damper design relies on gravity to complete each note. The action of the upright differs because it returns to a resting position by means of springs rather than by gravity alone, as in a grand. The springs, in part, account for the characteristic key touch of uprights, which is distinctly different from grands. The chief advantages of upright pianos lie in their modest price and compactness.

Another curiosity was the giraffe style design of Martin Seuffert of Vienna, with one side straight and one bent, as on a grand piano.

Where Are Kawai Pianos Made

The origin of a Kawai piano depends upon its type. There are three distinct classifications of Kawai instruments Kawai traditional acoustic pianos that produce their own tone without an external energy source, Kawai digital pianos that require electricity to operate, and Kawai hybrid pianos that combine the best attributes of both acoustic and digital pianos and require electricity to function. Browse Kawai Pianos to determine which type of Kawai piano is ideal for you.

Where Are Kawai Grand Pianos Made?

With only a few exceptions, all Kawai acoustic grand pianos are made in Kawais renowned Ryuyo Piano Factory located near Hamamatsu, Japan. The Ryuyo factory is one of the most advanced piano-building facilities of its kind. It combines the values of old world craftsmanship and leading-edge technology to create instruments of exceptional quality that provide the best of both worlds. The entire GX Series Performance Grands and the GL Series GL-50, GL-40, GL-30 and GL-20 models are built at the Ryuyo facility. The 5 GL-10 and 52 GL-20 are the only grand pianos built at Kawais Karawan factory in Indonesia. The Karawan plant was designed to replicate perfectly the philosophy, culture and technologies of the famed Ryuyo Factory. Because these attributes of fine craftsmanship have been successfully reproduced at Karawan, the Kawai GL-10 and GL-20 have become two of the best-selling grand pianos in the world.

Where Are Kawai Upright Pianos Made?

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Weights Of Popular Piano Brands

  • Steinway and Sons Upright Piano Model 1098 480 lbs.
  • Mason and Hamlin Baby Grand Piano 1,090 lbs.
  • Steinway Model D Concert Grand Piano 990 lbs.
  • Young Chang Grand Piano Y185 671 lbs.
  • We have discussed how much the different pianos weigh lets now proceed to some tips for moving your piano from one house to another.

    What Are Some Piano Heavy Bluegrass Bands : Bluegrass

    Henry F. Miller Late Victorian Upright Piano

    Lucero comes to mind. Other than that I cant think of any. 2. level 1. HalecOberman. 8 years ago. u/colliningram is right traditional bluegrass doesnt include piano, more or less by definition. But if you count bands like Mumford and Sons and Railroad Earth, those bands both use a lot of keyboard and piano. 2.

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    Why Piano Is Special Lessons In Your Home

    Deepest Depths to the Stratosphere Grand piano stings A persons voice is usually 2 3 octaves. Woodwind instruments are usually about 3 octaves. The guitar has about 4 octaves. The piano surpasses them all by double, and has 8 octaves! This allows the pianist to play something dark and stormy to the prettiest fairy dances.

    Spinets Are The Smallest

    The spinet piano is the smallest of the small upright pianos. The spinet piano has a dropped action. In appearance the spinet and console pianos are very similar. Some technicians charge more to work on spinet pianos because they are more difficult to service due to the action placement. Action parts are more difficult to get to and parts are quite fragile.

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    Are My Piano Keys Stiff

    Yamaha makes or made many model digital pianos and keyboards, so not sure which one you are speaking of.. One in particular was very heavy A Clav CLP- 440 I think. It was over 90 grams at around middle C as I recall, we had a member here who traded one in because of that and got a different and better model..

    Mass Produced & The New Middle Class Uprights

    Full Version – How to Move the Heaviest Upright Piano DIY

    Gradually as the middle class developed, the simple upright piano became affordable to those who were comfortable, if not rich. In the 1920s, the man on the street could now afford to bring home an Upright for his family. America was growing and economic success allowed more families to put a piano in the parlor. It might not have been as fancy as the earlier models but mass-produced uprights by good piano makers like Steinway changed the game.

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    How Much Does An Upright Piano Weigh

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    An upright piano is a beautiful and classic addition to any home, but many people dont know how much they weigh. On average, an upright piano weighs between 500 and 1,000 pounds. This weight can vary depending on the size and style of the piano. For instance, a grand piano can weigh up to 1,500 pounds.If youre thinking about buying an upright piano or moving one that you already own, its important to keep this weight in mind. Youll need to have enough space to accommodate the instrument and make sure that your floor can support its weight.

    Best Korg Digital Pianos From Budget To Pro 2022

    The G1 weighs in at 90.1 lbs, which is a little heavy if youre planning on gigging with it. With this being said, its by no means impossible. With 29 presets, some may wonder, what makes this digital piano so appealing? Well, the sounds of the piano samples are top-notch. The G1 comes in 3 different colors: brown, black, and white. I

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    Should You Buy A Heavy Piano

    My honest opinion is that you shouldnt let the weight be a factor in the choice of your piano.

    If youre head over heels about a piano, go for it and figure out the rest later. Yes, you may have to spend a couple of hundred dollars to move it, but just make sure you plan out your moves and anticipate that.

    After all, pianos last a lifetime, so dont worry about having to move a couple of times with them.

    Where Is The Model Number On A Kawai Piano

    Schwechten of Berlin Upright Piano

    The location of the model name/number on a Kawai piano varies by type of instrument:

    • For Kawai grand pianos, the model number can be found on the iron plate under the music desk on the right side of the instrument . You may have to slide out the music desk to see it. The instruments serial number will also be in this location.
    • For Kawai upright pianos, the model name/number is located on the top right side of the iron plate . You can normally find it by lifting the piano lid. This also applies to Kawai acoustic hybrid pianos, the K200- ATX3 and K300 AURES. The instruments serial number will usually be seen to the left of the model number.
    • For Kawai console digital pianos , the model name/number is printed in small letters on either of the side panels next to the keys.
    • For Kawai ES Series portable digital pianos, the model name/number is printed on the left side of the case just above the keys.
    • For the MP Series Professional Stage Pianos, the model name/number is located on the right side of the case just above the keys and also on the back of the instrument.
    • The model name of the VPC1 Virtual Piano Controller is displayed on the back of the instrument only.
    • The model name can be seen in the color display when the instrument is first turned on. Emulating the design concept of the Kawai acoustic pianos mentioned above, the NV10 model name is not printed anywhere on the cabinet.

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    Easy Way To Move A Piano

    Moving a piano can be intimidating at first, but it not as difficult as it seems. Here are a few helpful tips:

    • Lock down the lids and wrap with blankets
    • Move with a dolly

    Plan your route before trying to move the piano. Improvisation can be good in some of lifes situations, but this isnt one of them. Its best if you know where youre going to avoid damaging the piano.

    Pianos have two main lids: the keyboard and the cabinet lid. Make sure you secure both of them down before moving the piano. One of the best ways to do this is by wrapping blankets around the instrument. To keep the blankets in place, use strong tape, like packaging tape. If youre moving a grand piano, the cover should work fine.

    Finally, its time to move the piano with a dolly, carefully. Its surprising how well a small dolly can lug a large piano. Its great to have another person at the dollys front or back to make sure it doesnt tip over.

    It may be best, however, to get in touch with a professional moving company.

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