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Movement Activities For Hot Cross Buns

Easy Piano Tutorial: Hot Cross Buns with free sheet music

The words to Hot Cross Buns have this pattern: Hot Cross Buns = short, short, long. So I recommend moving the body like this: step, step, jump. One a penny, two a penny = pitter patter, pitter patter OR tippy toeing, tippy toeing.

You can even have the child move like certain animals. What animals walk? Or jump? And what kind of animal makes a little pitter patter or tippy toeing sound?

Young children learn by moving so this movement activity is VERY important!

Want Your Child To Learn Piano And Music

For more information into the Color Me Mozart music curriculum, click here to find out more. Your child can learn music, piano and xylophone with real music education that they can apply to any instrument in the future. Give the gift of music to your child or students.

Here at Color Me Mozart, we believe every kid has the ability to learn to music. Most importantly, we feel that every child should have the opportunity to learn music, piano or any other instrument. Music is such a rich language that helps with cognitive, emotional and social development.

That is why we created a curriculum that was not only effective in teaching music and piano, but also affordable to add to any home or classroom.

Who Wrote Hot Cross Buns

According to Wikipedia, Hot Cross Buns was an English language street cry, later perpetuated as a nursery rhyme and an aid in musical education. It refers to the spiced English confection known as a hot cross bun, which is associated with the end of Lent and is eaten on Good Friday in various countries.

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Playing ‘hot Cross Buns’

Hello kids, mums and dads!

This has been the second week of the course and we have introduced the kids to the song that we will be working on: ‘Hot Cross Buns’.

In this week’s blog we teach you how to play it.

Using one finger, the pointer one, we will learn how to play this easy 3 notes piece.

These 3 notes are C , D and E . To find them on the piano just look for the group of 2 black keys. The 3 white keys underneath are C, D, E, in that order.

Hot Cross Buns consist of 5 lines or phrases.

Line 1 – E , D , C – pressing one time each note.

Line 2 – E , D , C – pressing one time each note. This line is exactly like the first one.

Line 3 – C , C , C , C – on the third line we press C 4 times!

Line 4 – D , D , D , D – here we press D 4 times!

Line 5 – E , D , C – the last line is exactly as the first and the second.

Watch Dani’s clip and follow his tips. Then print the funsheet provided below and practice at home! It’s so easy and simple.

You can DOWNLOAD and print the Fun-sheet from here!On Desktop computer – Right Click on it and Save As…

On Mobile Device – Tap on it and keep it pressed. Download Image.

Have fun and do get in touch if you need any help. Remember if you like what we do, subscribe to our YouTube channel. We make these clips for you to enjoy!

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Hot Cross Buns Easy Piano Notes

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns is a song we all come across in our childhood. You’ve probably played it on the recorder in the 3rd grade. What makes it a great starter melody for kids to learn on the piano is that it only has three notes: C, D and E. It’s as easy as that. It’s a simple song that you can learn quickly on the piano or xylophone. Don’t forget to sing along.

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Now For The Left Hand

I’ve also written this little song for left hand, using the important notes B , A, and G. Why do I call that note the “baby” note? Because it “rests” on top of the staff, as a sleeping baby might.

Please scroll down the page for the download links.

Here are two more versions for the left hand, this time with “AlphaNotes” :

Please scroll down the page for the download links.

Again, why do I call “B” the Baby note?

Well, when my students and I draw the grand staff on my big white board, we focus on the notes around Middle C.

Under Middle C is B, which is “resting” on the top of the staff, as it is a baby, and not very strong.

And D above Middle C stands for the Daddy note – so STRONG that he can hold up the whole “ladder” – that is, the staff – on his head. Then we draw little faces inside the B and D.

As memory aids, these goofy names have worked well for me!

The links for the right hand PDFs:

How To Play Hot Cross Buns On The Recorder

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The recorder is a fun woodwind instrument that you can master with some patience and practice. Hot Cross Buns is the perfect song for beginners: it only has three notes and you can play it even if you dont know how to read music.

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Music Alphabet Song Sheet

The Music Alphabet song sheet gives young students an instant win. This song is easily taught by rote . But a music alphabet song sheet shows the notes on the piano that are to be played and give young students and parents a visual of the song. Because young students do not read music, but ARE learning their alphabet letters and beginning to learn to read words, the music alphabet song sheet is very helpful .

Hot Cross Buns Piano Tutorial Notes Chords Sheet Music

Hot Cross Buns with Chords: piano tutorial with free sheet music

Hot Cross Buns is an English nursery rhyme, probably as old as those spiced buns, crossed at the top according to the song. Street sellers of the 19th century shouted loudly to invite people to buy some, so the song probably imitates their cry.

This traditional sweet contains, apart from spices, pieces of fruits and raisins. You can sing the song while preparing some! were sure that they will be more delicious! Find the recipe here.


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Play Notes With No Rhythm Concerns Initially

After they have made their way through this little song once, then it’s time to start counting it…

When I count this song aloud with students, I say,

One – two, one – two, one – two – three – four. One – two, one – two, one – two – three – four. One, one, one, one,One – two, one – two, one – two – three – four.”

After that, the words “Piz-za please,” and the rest are usually enough.

Free Mini Course: Teach Hot Cross Buns To Preschool Music Students

December 22, 2020 by Megan

Today I want to share with you my free mini course that walks teachers and parents through all of the steps needed to prepare preschoolers to play Hot Cross Buns on the piano.

A lot of piano teachers and a parents have ambitions to teach preschoolers how to play the piano. Every once in a while, this works out really well, but a lot of the time, it ends in frustration both from the child and the adult.

I used to think that preschoolers were miniature piano students and I would try to sit at the piano with them and teach them in a similar way that I taught my older piano students.

It almost never worked!

Young kids are wiggly, chaotic in their movements and really struggle to follow detailed instructions at the piano.

Over the years as I refined my piano teaching and became a parent, I discovered better and more effective ways to prepare young children to play the piano. This mostly happens away from the piano and works best in a movement-based preschool music class.

As I started adopting a concept-based approach to my piano teaching, I discovered that the same approach works beautifully with younger children.

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The first song that I always teach to my new, beginning piano students is Hot Cross Buns. I teach it by rote conceptually as its laid out in the Keyboard Explorer book by Guy Duckworth.

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Activities For Easy Piano Songs

When I first began teaching piano to preschoolers I was always watching for easy songs to play on piano and ideas to extend the concepts that were being taught. There were few resources that actually focused on teaching piano to young children. So when I created this blog I wanted to share resources and teaching ideas that I wished I had when I first began teaching young children.

For Hot Cross Buns, I am including a music alphabet song sheet, a movement activity, a play-doh mat for a finger building activity, and sweet treat cards to inspire children to think of other foods they can change to words to.

I created a YouTube video to demonstrate these activities. The video can be found at the bottom of this blog post!

More detailed instructional video on learning to play Hot Cross Buns and how to teach this song to your child is found below!

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