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Motley Crue – Home Sweet Home piano tutorial

Musically, glam metal combines a sound with elements of and , adding -influenced catchy and guitar . Like other heavy metal songs of the 1980s , they often feature solos. They also include extensive use of harmonies, particularly in the characteristic slow, emotional songs that gradually build to a strong finale. These were among the most commercially successful singles in the genre and opened it up to a wider audience that would otherwise not have been attracted to traditional heavy metal. Lyrical themes often deal with love and lust, with songs often directed at a particular woman.

Aesthetically glam metal draws heavily on the or glitter rock of the 1970s, often with very long backcombed hair, use of , use of , gaudy clothing and accessories . The visual aspects of glam metal appealed to music television producers, particularly , whose establishment coincided with the rise of the genre. Glam metal performers became infamous for their debauched lifestyles of drugs, strippers and late-night parties, which were widely covered in the tabloid press.

Home Sweet Home Piano

650 Likes, 8 Comments. TikTok video from Poncho : “Responder a @stoudtman #motleycrue #homesweethome #pianochallenge”. Motley CrueHome Sweet Home. sonido original.


6.1K Likes, 81 Comments. TikTok video from Danny Fisher : “Song is called Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue and is a BANGER! #piano #lesson #tutorial #howto #howtoplay #motleycrue #easy #fyp”. Super easy piano songs everyone knows pt 11. original sound.


Home Sweet Home Theatre Of Pain

In the realm of power ballads, Home Sweet Home is among the most quintessential if not *the* most quintessential. Even when listening to it in your car, youre almost tempted to lift up your lighter or phone and just sway. Tommy Lees piano intro is instantly recognizable, and his little drum fill at the end of the track is the perfect cherry atop one epic tune. Add Mick Mars guitar solo and the way Vince Neil wails Tonight, tonight! during the chorus, its no wonder this tune penned by Nikki Sixx and Lee is one of the Crues best.

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Shout At The Devil Shout At The Devil

Shout At The Devil wasnt released as a single, but when you write a hook as catchy as, Shout, shout, shout/Shout at the devil, the people will undoubtedly find it and help make it an anthem. Fun fact: Its the song Motley Crue has played the most live in their bands history, according to Setlist.fm.

Saints Of Los Angeles Saints Of Los Angeles

Motley Crue Home Sweet Home Piano Song Lyric Quote Music Poster Print ...

Saints of Los Angeles was Motley Crues first studio album following their reunion with Tommy Lee in 2004. At this point in their career, the band really had nothing left to prove, but that didnt stop them from putting out one of their strongest singles in years with the title track, which is loosely about when the Crue first signed with Elektra Records in the 80s.

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Primal Scream Decade Of Decadence

As Motley Crue looked back on ten wild years on their first greatest hits album Decade of Decadence, they did so with a new track in Primal Scream, and its an absolute monster that packs as much attitude as anything they dropped in the previous decade. Of course, Primal Scream was one of the final singles released during Vince Neils first tenure fronting the band. Its one of the finest examples of each member of the Crue operating on all cylinders.

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    Lyrics Home Sweet Home Motley Crue

    Home Sweet Home

    You know Im a dreamerBut my hearts of goldI had to run away highSo I wouldnt come home lowJust when things went rightIt doesnt mean they were always wrongJust take this song, and youll never feelLeft all alone

    Take me to your heartFeel me in your bonesJust one more nightAnd Im comin off thisLong & winding road

    Im on my wayIm on my wayHome sweet homeIm on my wayIm on my wayHome sweet homeYou know that Ive seenToo many romantic dreamsUp in lights, fallin offThe silver screen

    My hearts like an open bookFor the whole world to readSometimes nothing

    Who Is On The Motley Crue Album Cover

    Piano Tutorial: Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue

    There are three known vinyl pressings of the Leathür Records version, along with one known cassette. The first vinyl pressing had white lettering on the cover and the record label was white with black lettering. The back cover photo of Vince Neil shows him with a large airbrushed hairdo.

    What is Motley Crues most played song?

    Dr. Feelgood Dr. Feelgood Its the title track to Motley Crues most commercially successful album, and its the bands most successful single in their catalog peaking at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

    Are Mötley Crüe still friends?

    According to bassist Nikki Sixx, the animosity doesnt stop there not only did they hate being on the road together by the time the last show rolled around, theyre not even friends anymore, shedding light on the part of being in a band that no one ever really wants to talk about.

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    Raise Your Hands To Rock Theatre Of Pain

    Theatre of Pain was the Crues third studio album, and by that time, they were already rock stars, but on Raise Your Hands To Rock, they still look back fondly on the days before they were household names and just trying to make it. Simply put, its a fun track with a big sing-along chorus, which makes it puzzling as to why they only performed it live once at a December 1982 show in Santa Monica, Calif. according to Setlist.fm.

    Too Fast For Love Too Fast For Love

    Hmmm…the early days often found the Crue too for love, it seems. Regardless of the descriptor, it certainly made for fun songwriting as evident with Too Fast For Love, another raw tune from Motley Crues debut that really showed the bands punk influences. Plus, the way Vince Neil sings the Oh no, oh no! intro remains some of the most iconic notes hes ever sung.

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    Too Young To Fall In Love Shout At The Devil

    The second single from Shout At The Devil, Too Young to Fall in Love boasts one of the Crues hookiest chorus and campiest music videos ever. The whole plot is a mystery beyond words, so just go and watch it…after you finish this list, of course. A tip of the hat to Tommy Lee for providing a rhythm track that is minimalist but meaty AF.

    Starry Eyes Too Fast For Love

    Home Sweet Home Chords Motley Crue

    Its unknown if there was a particular inspiration behind Starry Eyes, but if this Nikki Sixx-penned tune was about a specific woman, clearly Sixx had it *bad* for her. Looking back on Motley Crues first album and its raw energy, its amazing what the band grew to be and just how much they had *it* from nearly day one.

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    Bitter Pill Greatest Hits

    One of the rare Crue songs credited to all four members of the band, Bitter Pill was a new track that was included on 1998s Greatest Hits album. Oddly enough, when this compilation was reissued in 2009, Bitter Pill was omitted along with Enslaved and the remix of Glitter from Generation Swine. In fact, Bitter Pill isnt even available on streaming platforms right now, which is a shame because its a beyond catchy pop-rock tune.

    Same Ol Situation Dr Feelgood

    Motley Crue is responsible for some of the greatest arena rock tunes ever, but few of their songs feel as tailor-made for arenas as Same Ol Situation Of course, the song is the age-old story of boy meets girl, boy meets girls friend, the two women realize they love each other and then run away together. Its all very Tale as old as time.

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    Rattlesnake Shake Dr Feelgood

    If you listen to Rattlesnake Shake and think the horn section sounds an awful lot like the one used on Aerosmiths Looks Like A Lady, its because tenor saxophonist Tom Keenlyside, baritone saxophonist Ian Putz and trumpet player Henry Christian played on both tracks. Whether or not this was a planned homage to Aerosmith or just a happy accident, Rattlesnake Shake is one fun tune.

    Film And Television Career

    Mötley Crüe Home Sweet Home Intro Piano Lesson

    In 2004, Lee starred in a reality show on titled . Lee was also one of the producers of the show. In spring 2008, Lee began filming another reality TV show with rapper for titled . In 2019, Lee guest starred on Season 7, Episode 14 of The Goldbergs as Professor Lee.

    Throughout October 2020, Lee played the Devil in four episodes of Halloween in Hell, a fictionalized musical horror podcast. The series also starred , , Dana Dentata, Phem, and .

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    Power To The Music Motley Crue

    Theres no denying that when John Corabi was tapped to replace Vince Neil that Motley Crues sound drastically changed, but clearly the rise of grunge had an impact, too, as evident on Power to the Music. Opening the bands self-titled 1994 album, the track is a gritty anthem that doesnt get enough love in the Crues catalog.

    On With The Show Too Fast For Love

    The melodrama of On With The Show is equal parts Meat Loaf and Bruce Springsteen. Its truly a wild Crue track that doesnt get enough attention. On With The Show is a semi-autobiographical tale about Nikki Sixx and how he changed his name to distance himself from his absent father. Once again, so melodramatic!

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    Keep Your Eye On The Money Theatre Of Pain

    Keep Your Eye On the Money acts as a pseudo-title track on Theatre of Pain, especially on the lyrics, Comedy and tragedy/Entertainment or death/Like sister morphine/Hooked on her game/Time to place your bets, which make subtle reference to the albums cover. Theres a unique tension in the song. Clearly, the band knows its living life dangerously, but they just cant stop because they have a big payday ahead. Definitely more depth to this song than youd think.

    Dancing On Glass Girls Girls Girls

    Home sweet home [Historic American Sheet Music]

    Judging by title alone, one would be quick to assume Dancing On Glass was about strippers which would be a proper fit on Girls, Girls, Girls. However, the songs subject matter is far grizzlier, and its second verse leaves little to the imagination its about drugs. Even staring down a tough subject, Motley Crue still manages to churn out one hell of a rock song.

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    Did Mtley Cre Manager Get A Tattoo

    The Tattoo In The Dirt, McGhee gets a tattoo that says Entertainment or Death, the original title for the bands third album. Neil promptly informs him Sixx has just changed the title to Theatre of Pain, rendering the ink irrelevant. This happened, but not to McGhee, so we have to label this one FICTION.

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    Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls

    Along with Def Leppards Pour Some Sugar On Me, Motley Crues Girls, Girls, Girls probably helped its fair share of strippers pay their way through college. In fact, the song name-checks seven different strip joints, and over three decades later, three of those clubs are still open: Tattletale Lounge in Atlanta The Body Shop in West Hollywood, Calif. and the Seventh Veil on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles where the band filmed the raunchy songs music video.

    Hooligans Holiday Motley Crue

    How to Play “Home Sweet Home” by Mötley Crüe | HDpiano (Part 1) Piano Tutorial

    Modern times and new bloods pumping/Only the strong survive were the lyrics that closed out Hooligans Holiday, the lead single from the Crues self-titled 1994 studio LP featuring John Corabi on vocals. The obvious style change from the band due to having a new singer and to keep up with current trends was met with a mixed reaction at best, but since the release of Motley Crue strong tracks like Hooligans Holiday have managed to survive. Sure, the Corabi era will always feel a little strange, but you cant deny quality regardless of whos behind the mic.

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    Time For Change Dr Feelgood

    Another rare topical song that closes out a Crue album, just like the aforementioned Fight For Your Rights! This time around, we find the band looking to the youth to push society forward to a better tomorrow. Its almost as if Motley made their own version of Greatest Love of All, which shouldnt work but it does. The Crue is joined by a host of background vocalists including all of Skid Row, which, once again, shouldnt work but it does.

    Fight For Your Rights Theatre Of Pain

    Motley Crue is far from being a political band, but with Fight For Your Rights, we find the band taking on issues around race and invoking Martin Luther King Jr. The track closes out Theatre of Pain, and while it only scratches the surface of race relations, its one of those tracks thats always a surprise when revisiting the Crue catalog.

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    Legal Troubles And Spousal Abuse

    In 1998, Lee served six months in county jail after pleading to kicking while she was holding their son Dylan. During an altercation over Anderson’s refusal to call and ask her parents not to come over to the family’s house, Lee assaulted his wife, leaving her with “bruises, a torn fingernail and fear for the safety of her two sons, Dylan and Brandon.” In May 2000, Lee served five days in jail for violating his by drinking alcohol.

    Lee faced a 1998 lawsuit when he allegedly exposed a right-facing tattoo on his arm to public scrutiny . In 1996, Lee had pleaded no contest to criminal charges of battery against a Jewish photographer after Lee attacked the man outside the famous , in L.A. When the photographer sued Lee, the swastika tattoo was said to be visible, and Lee’s lawyer argued it would inflame the jury and create unfair prejudice against Lee. Shortly after claiming that the introduction of the tattoo into the court record would produce prejudice, Lee denied its existence. Lee’s attorney reported the swastika was a “stupid tattoo obtained several years ago.”

    In October 1997, Lee, along with Nikki Sixx, was arrested in North Carolina after instigating a riot during the 1997 concert at . Mötley Crüe bassist allegedly made racist comments to a black security guard, suggesting that the crowd attack him. Sixx and Lee were said to have poured beer over the guard’s head.

    Kickstart My Heart Dr Feelgood

    Take me to the top motley crue tab 184664

    Picking the best Motley Crue song is a tough challenge, because a number of songs in their catalog could be argued as their best. Why does Kickstart My Heart come out on top of our list? Because not only is it an incredible rock song, but it represents the essence of the Crue better than any other song in their catalog. When youre a band whose debauchery is beyond legendary, picking the song that was inspired by Nikki Sixx being brought back to life following an overdose just makes sense. And, once again, its an incredible rock song that decades later is still a mainstay on active rock and now classic rock radio. Its a song that just refuses to die, sort of like Nikki Sixx.

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