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How To Play Happy Birthday To You – Easy Piano Tutorial – Notes

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Indian Notation : Sa Re Ga Ma

Happy Birthday to Yousa sa re sa ma ga

Happy Birthday to Yousa sa re sa pa ma

Happy Birthday Dear sa* sa* dha pa ma ga re

Happy Birthday to Youni ni dha ma pa ma

May God Bless Yousa sa re sa ma ga

May God Bless Yousa sa re sa pa ma

May God Bless Yousa* sa* dha pa ma ga re

Happy Birthday to Youni ni dha ma pa ma

Happy Birthday Piano Easy Version

I have kept the notes of the easy piano version as simple as possible. The key signature is in F major . This is a good key to learn to play Happy Birthday in because the melody will be at a pitch range that most people can sing. The choice of key is a really important thing to consider when learning to play any piece that people are going to sing along with you dont want to spend a long time learning a piece to find that it is far too high for anyone to be able to sing!!

The time signature is 3/4 so there are 3 quarter note beats in every bar. However, there is an upbeat as the melody starts on the last beat of the bar.

The right hand notes follow the melody line. The right hand can remain in its starting position for all of the 1st line. It is only when you get to the first note of the second line birth that you need to stretch to place your 5th finger on the top C note.

The left hand Happy Birthday notes in this arrangement are also very simple. You can keep your left hand in its starting position for the whole piece. Make sure you watch out for the B flat in Bar 6. There is a pause symbol on the second beat of bar 6. When performing the song remember to pause at this point to build up for a big finale this will certainly encourage people to sing loudly!

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Free Easy Piano Sheet Music: Happy Birthday

Free Sheet Music· Learn Piano· Love Piano· Piano Basics· Piano With Megan· SmartKidsPiano· Teach Piano

Everyone needs to know how to play Happy Birthday on the piano! Its an easy song, and its fun to be able to give someone a musical greeting on their birthday.

If you or your child would like to learn this song, Ill teach you! You can find my tutorial of how to play Happy Birthday on the piano over at SmartKidsPiano.

Its a super fun and easy way to learn songs on the piano.

Here are two super easy versions of Happy Birthday in Middle C Position. One is notated on the staff, the other is off the staff.

Take A Sneak Peek Of The Song Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Color Coded Beginner Piano Music Sheet

Patty and Mildred Hill were born in Kentucky in 1868. Mildred wrote the music and Patty wrote the lyrics. They were both inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1996.

Happy Birthday is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the song that is sung the most in the world! Its easy for beginners and a really useful song to be able to play.

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Happy Birthday Tune On Piano

  • .is used for mandra saptak swars eg-
  • _under score is used for komal swars.eg
  • here is used for showing teevra swar .
  • is used for stretching the swars according to the song.
  • Swars written in this manner means they are playing fast or two swars on one beat.
  • here is kan swar or sparsh swar and is mool swar.

How to play Happy Birthday song on keyboard,Piano, Harmonium ,Flute,Violin, Guitar.

Happy / Birthday / to / you

May / God / Bless / You / Dear

/ / / / May / God / Bless / You / Dear

/ / / / -/ /May / God / Bless / You / Dear / One

/ / / / /

Happy Birthday To You Piano Sheet Music

You can print the sheet music, beautifully rendered by Sibelius, up to three times. You can either print the sheet music from our website, or from Playgrounds Mac and PC applications. We will keep track of all your purchases, so you can come back months or even years later, and we will still have your library available for you.

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Happy Birthday Piano Chords The Jazzy Version

Playing Happy Birthday like this is fine and dandy, but a way to take it up a notch is to jazz it up!

Making something sound jazzy can be quite simple: use seventh chords.

What are seventh chords? Its when you add a fourth note after your triad that is seven notes away from the root chord.

Now, heres an important thing to remember: stay in your key. Were in C Major, which means no sharps or flats, so dont add a note that gets a sharp or flat onto your seventh. Here are the chords well use:

Happy Birthday Free Sheet Music For Guitar Piano & Lead Instruments Happy Birthday With Several New Arrangements For Piano Solo & Duet And Guitar Tabs Some With A

How to play HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Easy Piano Tutorial With Chords

Happy birthday piano sheet music with letters. Being able to play any instrument is such a nice skill to have. Www.pinterest.com a simple, celebratory song known by everyone worldwide! Browse our 44 arrangements of happy birthday to you! sheet music is available for piano, voice, guitar and 20 others with 20 scorings and 8 notations in 16 genres.

Patty hill was a kindergarten principal in louisville, kentucky, developing various teaching methods at what is now the little loomhouse. Happy birthday piano sheet music with letters. Find the happy birthday piano sheet music with letters, free to print here.

Mildred hill, jonny may, betacustic and 15 more. Ad shop the worlds largest selection of sheet music, song books & more! It is a 4th, this means they jump.

Itsy bitsy spider piano notes with letter names. Submit your kalimba tabs or request your kalimba tabs. Happy birthday to you m.

Happy birthday with letters and chords: Play kalimba or thumb piano. For working out the names of the notes on the stave for mary had a little lamb print the free pdf.

Submit your kalimba tabs or request your kalimba tabs. These songs really do the job on certain occasions. Here is the sheet music for itsy bitsy spider with piano notes and letter names included.

For working out the names of the notes on the stave for mary had a little lamb print the free pdf. You can share your thoughts by commenting. Find the happy birthday piano sheet music with letters, free to print here.

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About ‘happy Birthday’ Or ‘happy Birthday To You’

Happy Birthday, or Happy Birthday to You, was written 1893 by Patty Hill and Mildred J. Hill who were sisters and American kindergarten school teachers. The original version, Good Morning to All, was written as a song that would be easy for children to sing. Their students enjoyed the song so much that they would spontaneously begin singing it at birthday parties. Eventually the lyrics were changed to Happy Birthday. “Happy Birthday to You”, or “Happy Birthday”, is now considered to be the most recognized song in the English language according to the 1998 Guinness World Records.

Instant Digital Print Easy Piano Sheet Music

Happy birthday piano music easy. Best sellers for beginner and easy piano sheet music. All the chords are in root position, and there is the seventh chord, as plain as plain, with its 4 notes. And a beautiful classical version.

Luckily, each version sounds amazing . Instrumental solo professionally arranged by makingmusicfun.net staff. Download and print top quality happy birthday sheet music for piano, voice or other instruments with mp3 music accompaniment tracks.

Being able to play any instrument is such a nice skill to have. The basic lyrics of this song have been translated into at. And the sheet music was so expensive because it was arranged by a professional pianist.

La touche musicale app features over 250 classical piano pieces, including patty smiths happy birthday in an easy version. Happy birthday piano sheet music. All the chords are in root position, and there is the seventh chord, as plain as plain, with its 4 notes.

I remember when i first learned happy birthday on. Download and print happy birthday free easy piano sheet music. If you or your child would like to learn this song, ill teach you!

Specifically, five unique versions of happy birthday: Especially when it comes to songs like happy birthday or christmas carols. These songs really do the job on certain occasions.

Happy birthday to you m. Download more free piano sheet music at. I call it simple because it is simple to understand.

Happy Birthday Easy Piano Music Lets Play Kids Music

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Play The Blues Version Of Happy Birthday On The Piano

Your friend is one of those people who always likes to go deep on every subject, even though he is a person of little words. And whenever he needs to express himself, he prefers to put his heart and soul into his instrument or sing and get some friends round for a session. Ever considered a bit of blues for his birthday?

Opinions diverge, but the term blues could be coming from the expression blue devils which meant melancholy and sadness. It got its origin from spirituals, songs from slaves of African culture where one voice would lead and others would answer in a call and response way of singing. Blues emerged from the feeling of hopelessness and injustice that ran through the African American communities in the Deep South states at the end of the 19th century. Slavery was ending, leaving those communities with a sense of freedom and many new questions on how to continue from now on.

Like jazz, blues expanded in a lot of different styles and variations, spreading all over the southern states and then past the borders of the US themselves. It is characterized by a cycle repeated all over the song, the most popular being 3 repetitions of 4 bars that give a 12 bar blues. This structure allows some freedom in the singing and playing, as the phrase can be interpreted in infinite possible ways. Want to give it a try? Learn how to play Happy Birthday on the piano, blues version, and get your friend to improvise on his own birthday wishes in style!

Sharing The Melody Between The Hands

Happy Birthday piano music with basic chords in the left hand, at Music ...

Here are the Middle-C versions for beginner piano students, the easiest arrangements of all. Use one of these to make a duet with your beginner piano student, or even have two students play together.

First, the new “AlphaNotes” version. These fun notes turn a piece of music into note reading worksheets…

Please scroll down the page for the download links.

That one is EASY to read. The next one is a good challenge for your students still working on note-reading around Middle C:

Please scroll down the page for the download links.

Here is the same music again, but with chord symbols for a duet partner:

Please scroll down the page for the download links.

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Happy Birthday Piano Notes 3

GG A~ G C* ~ B~Happy Birthday to You

GG A~ G D* ~ C* ~Happy Birthday to You

GG G*~ E* C* ~ B AHappy Birthday Dear GG G*~ E* C* C* B A

F* F* E* ~ C* D* C*Happy Birthday to You

G A~ G C* BMay God Bless You

G A~ G D* C*May God Bless You

G G* E* C* B AMay Go~d Bless You

F* F* E* C* D* C*Happy Birthday to You

GG A~ G C* ~ B~, GG A~ G D* ~ C* ~Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday to You.

GG G*~ E* C* ~ B A, F* F* E* ~ C* D* C*Happy Birthday Dear . Happy Birthday to You.

The Purpose Of The Initial Rolled Chord

I love to start “Happy Birthday” with a rolled chord as shown above , because it primes everyone to know just when to jump into the song!

The left hand split chords of this arrangement are just the I, IV, and V7 chords. Very basic, and all piano players need to have an understanding of the relationship of these three chords. Here, because we are in the key of C, those chords end up being C, F, and G7.

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Chapter 6 Play Your First Piano Melody: Happy Birthday

We now come to the 5th chapter of this ultimate pianists guide, dedicated to the first real melody youll play on piano Happy Birthday! In this chapter, we will build on what we have seen in the previous chapters, especially Chapter 4 Piano Basics and Chapter 5 Basic piano chords.

We will work together on the notes you need to play, one hand after the other, so that you can play quickly one of the easiest piano songs: Happy Birthday.

Note: you can learn Happy Birthday very easily and at your own pace on our application dedicated to online piano learning for beginners.

Joris, the author of this article, recommends the following resource: Piano tutorials: learn the 10 easiest songs

Happy Birthday Piano Chords

How To Play: Happy Birthday To You | Piano Tutorial Lesson

Happy Birthday Piano Chords Step by Step Tutorial on how to play the happy birthday song on the piano. Easy piano lesson for beginners, tabs included.

Learn Happy Birthday Piano Chords, and youll be able to surprise anyone at a birthday party! Next time youre at a birthday, and someones looking for anyone to play birthday song on the piano, you can give the performance to cheer everyone up! Its also a nice feeling to know how to play the birthday song when you celebrate the birthday of your children or family members. You can wish them by playing happy birthday on the piano, getting everyone to do a singalong with you.

A good part about playing the birthday song on the piano is that it is the most straightforward melody to learn. You dont have to be a piano player or understand the in-depth knowledge of music modes and themes to play the song. Here we present a simple method, that is ideal for most beginners to start playing the birthday songs on the piano to perfection.

Learning How to Play Happy Birthday on the Piano

Even if you have little idea of the chords, you can put your worries to the side and consider the simple layout below:

Start with the Left Hand:Notes G G A G C BFingering 4,4,3,4,1,2

Continue with the Left Hand:Notes G G A GFingering 4,4,3,4Notes D C A GFingering 2,1,3,4

G G using Left handG E C using the right handB A using the left handHAPPY-BIRTHDAYDEARName)


Learning to Play:

A Tip:

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The Meaning Of Verse Two

“Happy Birthday to you — Only one will not do!”

“Born again” means Salvation How many have you?

Below is a version for brave beginners who want to be able to play all of Happy Birthday themselves, even to the octave stretch and the chords.

It is pretty easy, but kids need a bit of background in chord-playing first, such as.

Happily for young players, this is one of those easy chords songs:

Please scroll down the page for the download links.

With these small chords, I like to tell my students “This is a D ‘pinch’ chord” . “This is a ‘little’ C chord” .

Add Jazz Chords Using The 2

The next step is to make your chord progression more interesting by adding chords to the arrangement. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to add the 2-5-1 chord progression throughout the arrangement. Here is a basic 2-5-1 in the key of C Major:

As you can see, we can target a C Major chord by adding a D minor 7 , and then a G7 . The 2-5-1 is one of the most common chord progressions in jazz, so it will automatically make the arrangement sound more jazzy.

What is a secondary Dominant chord? A secondary dominant chord is a chord that can be added in front of any chord, and it is the dominant 7 chord built on the note a perfect 5th above the target chord. For example, if we go back to our 2-5-1 chord progression, there is a chord we can add before the 2 chord, the D Minor 7 chord. If we follow our secondary dominant rule above and we play a dominant 7 chord built a perfect 5th above the D Minor 7, then this is an A7 chord. Therefore, here is how we could use a secondary dominant chord before the 2-5-1 chord progression:

Now, with these two concepts , here is our new chord progression:

As you can see, measures 2-4 is a big long 2-5-1 in the key of F . The Ab13 on beat 3 is a dominant 7 chord with an added 13. Why does this chord work? It is a substitute chord for the secondary dominant chord D7, which leads us to Gm13. Specifically, it is a tritone away from D7, and we call this a Tritone Substitute chord.

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