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Sinach Great Art You Lord| Piano Chords Tutorial For Beginners (Made Easy)

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Great Are You Lord Chords / Audio :

INTROD  F#m  ED  F#m  EVERSE         D             F#mYou give life, You are love          EYou bring light to the darkness         D           F#m You give hope, You restore       EEvery heart that is brokenD F#m            E  Great are You, LordCHORUS           D              F#mIt's Your breath in our lungs      ESo we pour out our praise, we pour out our praise          D              F#mIt's Your breath in our lungs      E            So we pour out our praise to You onlyINSTRUMENTALA   A   D   ABRIDGEA        All the earth will shout Your praiseAOur hearts will cry, these bones will singD             AGreat are You, LordENDINGD  F#m  E

Great Are You Lord Live Performance Video:

How Great Are You Lord Chords / Audio :

IntroAm G F G/B Am G F CChorusHow great are You Lord How great is Your mercy      F                       G/BHow great are the things that You have done for meC G                      C             Dm        F   How great are You Lord Your lovingkindness is filling my heart         G                      CAs I sing how great are You LordVerseHow great is Your love  it reaches to the heavens     G/B              Am           F      C/E     Dm C G/BHow great is the heart  that sought and rescued meAm F C G/B Am F C Dm GEnding   Dm                        G                      CIs filling my heart as I sing How great are You Lord

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