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Piano Recital Gift Ideas

Hottest Gifts for Keyboard Players in 2021

17. Calico Critters Grand Piano Concert Set

The Grand Piano Concert Set includes Lionel the Lion pianist and a grand piano with accessories. Lion the pianist has specially designed hands for touching the keys. Wearing a stylish tuxedo, he looks flawless for his recital. This set comes with both a stool and a music score. It is a thoughtful gift to a young pianist in recognition of their recital.

Calico Critters Town Series Piano Set

  • Lionel the lion pianist

18. Piano Keyboard Necklace

A wonderful gift you can give a pianist would be something she can wear to her recital to match the formal attire. This item could also be a commemorative gift to mark a milestone for the pianist.

Heart & Piano Pendant Necklace

19. LEGO Ideas Grand Piano

Enjoy building a sophisticated LEGO grand piano that you can actually play! It includes authentic details like the propped-open top lid and fallboard with hammer action on each key and a moving pedal. When the motor is turned on, you are ready to play beautiful music choose user play on the LEGO Powered Up app to play the notes yourself or set it to autoplay and just listen. You can give it as a special birthday present to a musician, piano player, or hobbyist as part of a LEGO building set collection.

LEGO Playable Grand Piano Building Kit

  • Exciting DIY Project

Where To Find Great Gifts For Beginning Piano Players

You can find some amazing gifts for beginnerpianoplayers on the internet. Make sure that you get them gifts that will help them improve their skills and enhance their performance. You can also make a meaningful and thoughtful gift for piano lovers by ordering a personalized caricature that will depict their love for music.

Music To My Ears Soap

Artisan hand soap with a base of coconut oil, olive oil, and cocoa butter is exactly the thing your piano lover will want to keep their hands soft.

Scented with lemon eucalyptus essential oil, it will leave a refreshingly clean feeling behind. Shaped like piano keys, this soap will be a delightful addition to any bathroom.

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Gadgets For Piano Players

More and more musicians mix traditional instruments with digital technology. While some will turn their noses and say that traditional instruments are harder to learn and master, others disagree at all. You need to be very tech-savvy to produce great music using modern means. At the same time, you need to be good at an instrument, even several.

Therefore, if the person you will be giving a gift to loves both playing the piano or keyboard as well as technology then these gifts are perfect for them! The gifts here can vary from actual gadgets to things that they can use on their gadgets! Here are our best choices:

What Not To Buy Someone Who Plays The Piano

Piano Personalized Ornaments

Before you start shopping for piano gifts, there is one big warning you’ll want to keep in mind.

Piano players know when music symbols don’t look right!

Music notes that are backwards, or squished, or in the wrong place these are all things that a piano player will notice and potentially be irritated by. Whether or not we’ll tolerate the wrongness depends on the context.

For example, I have a pair of earrings that looks like music notes. They’re cute, but when I put them on, the notes on one ear are always backwards. This drives me nuts, so I don’t wear them.

Another example: I ordered a big treble clef stencil for an art project. It was expensive, but I splurged because I was excited about it. When it arrived, I was absolutely devastated to see that although the product image had looked perfect, the actual product was distorted. The clef was shorter and wider than it should have been. A non-musician probably wouldn’t even notice, but to a musician, it’s incredibly jarring and it looks really bad.

Another thing that irks me as a musician is when someone designs an artfully whimsical image of music on the staff, but they put the treble clef at the end of the line instead of the beginning. No thank you!

But these warnings don’t necessarily apply in all situations. If there are a few incorrect symbols mixed in with mostly correct symbols, on a product where it’s not so noticeable, it’s not so bad.

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Mini Crossbody Piano Keys Handbag

This stylish crossbody handbag strikes the perfect chord for that fun piano player in your life who is always on the go! The bag is small enough not to be a nuisance but large enough to hold all your on-the-go essentials. The purse measures approximately 8×6-inches and will quickly become your go-to handbag!

No 8 Longterm Investment: A New Tablet With A Large Display

Piano players love tablets for a variety of reasons. They can read their OKTAV sheet music, add their own annotation, they can listen to, record, and edit music and share it with their friends. The Apple iPad Pro with its 12.9-inch screen is an excellent device that lots of our users use . And it fits through a chimney!

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The Library Of Disney Songs

You can never go wrong with this Christmas present! For the older and more experienced players, we highly recommend this book! Arrangements are perfect and close to the sound of the originals.

Although these Disney Classic songs may present themselves as a challenge when sight-reading, it is highly rewarding when you can play through a piece. Play it in the living room with family and friends!

Soundbrenner is a company dedicated to help musicians stay focused on what truly matters: their music. By creating innovative devices, such as Soundbrenner Pulse and Core, our goal is to deliver the best possible practice experience for musicians. Click here to find out more.

Got a question about Soundbrenner wearables? Reach out to us at , were happy to help!

Adjustable Hand Grip Exerciser

Gift Ideas for Pianists

As piano students learn and grow, the musical pieces become more complicated and the fingerwork more intricate. Some classical composers are notorious for saving the primary notes for your weakest fingers. . This hand grip exerciser helps pianists strengthen their fingers to attack those tricky keys. Even when you are not near a piano, you can still work on your skills to become the best pianist you can be.

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Piano Book Educational Musical Toy For Toddlers

Its no mystery why kids love educational musical toys. The piano book doubles as an educational musical toy for toddlers and kids ages three to twelve. This interactive and portable book-sized piano would make an ideal gift for boys and girls, but it is recommended especially for the little music lovers in your life who love to learn about piano. Check the latest price & detail

Contact Us And Order A Caricature Right Now

You can order a custom caricature from, where you will find hundreds of design ideas and the option for a fully custom design. Caricature24 works with professional artists that use one photo of the character and turn it into a unique piece of art!

All you need to do is select one photo for drawing and add a description of all the details you would like to include. Every customer receives a preview of the drawing, so they can be sure that their idea is represented exactly as they imagined it! Shop here

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Creative Piano Keys Design Coffee Mug

This funny ceramic mug is set to impress your best friends at the office and coworkers. A great sentimental gift that they will be proud to use in their coffee shop, restaurant, or workplace. It features a glossy color with a large handle for comfortable gripping and will hold up to 11 ounces of hot or cold beverage. View more

Removable Color Piano Key Stickers

Piano Player Shirt Nothing But Treble Band Musician Gift in 2020 ...

There are many different ways to Label Piano Keys for Beginners. However, removable stickers are the simplest way to get the job done. These stickers can help beginning students get comfortable with the layout of the piano. Not only are they color-coded, but they also show the note name and its location on the staff.

For visual learners, this can be an invaluable tool as they learn to play the piano. Once students feel confident with the keys, the stickers are easy to remove. Unlike clunky markers, these stickers dont damage the keys. These piano stickers work for pianos and keyboards with 37 up to 88 keys.

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Piano Gadgets And Apparels

Gadgets and apparels are always fun gifts to give or receive. Here are the ones I would go for:

Wouldnt this be handy, a watch that shows the time and the circle of fifths?

This notebook contains manuscript pages and ruled pages making it an ideal gift for piano players who like to jot down their thoughts and their musical ideas.

Or why not a T-shirt , a singlet or a jumper with piano keys?

Cotton And Linen Piano Table Runner

This Key Spring Piano Table Runner will fit right into their home and make them feel like rock stars. Its great for any occasion, whether youre celebrating an anniversary or just giving a friend a housewarming present. Theyll love how its made from both cotton and linen, making it comfortable to sit on while still being durable enough to stand up to everyday wear and tear. Enjoy the piano table runner! Check the latest price & detail

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Piano Apron For Party Cooking Gift Hostess And More

You dont need to be a concert pianist to rock this piano apron. You can make a beautiful sound by using it while baking cookies, hosting a party, or planning your next meal.

This piano-themed apron is made from 100% polyester and features adjustable neck straps for comfort. It even has handy front pockets so you can store all the flour and sugar you need for your favorite recipes.

The piano apron is an ideal gift for the music lover in your life. Whether they play the piano, love listening to it, or just want to look like one of their favorite composers , this stylish apron will make their hearts sing. Check the latest price on Etsy

Piano Gifts To Avoid Giving A Piano Lover

How to Play “The Gift” by Jim Brickman | HDpiano (Part 1) Piano Tutorial

Now you have an idea what items many pianists and keyboardists are interested in. However, in the off chance that you still could not find the one you are looking for, you should at least take note of the things you should avoid.

If you truly want to give a memorable and thoughtful gift, then it is best to stay away from these:

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Adjustable Duet Piano Bench

A duet piano bench is a perfect gift for any piano player in your life. This adjustable bench is made of black faux leather and has a padded seat for added comfort. The bench also features storage, making it easy to keep your music books and other materials close at hand.

The duet piano bench would be perfect for any musician who loves to play the piano. It is sure to provide hours of comfort and convenience while playing your favorite songs. Give the gift of a comfortable playing experience with this adjustable duet piano bench!

The Best Gifts For Piano Players

Weve rounded up 25 amazing gift ideas for any piano player! From thoughtful gifts to practical, useful, and fun items, youll find a wide range of piano gifts in this guide. There is something for every budget on this list.

Surprise the piano player in your life by giving them any of these gifts. It will certainly put a smile on their face! Choose carefully and make them happy with an extremely considerate and thoughtful gift of love and appreciation.


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Guitar Earrings Music Lover Gift

These earrings are perfect for those who love music and guitars. The musical note accent makes them suitable for casual or formal occasions. They are also a great gift for your favorite music lover. They are made of stainless steel and come in either silver or gold colors. The charms measure approximately 1/2 long x 1/4 wide at their widest point . The earrings have post-backs that close securely with butterfly clutch backs.

Small Piano Lover Gift Ideas

Music Room Decor, Piano Player Gift, Gift For Music Lover, Lighted ...

The size of the gift does not determine the thought and care that went into picking it. However, if you are pressed for time, then you have no choice but to pick something quick. Perhaps you like giving small tokens of affections? If you are looking for darling gifts that are small but thoughtful, here are our top picks:

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Stop You Are Under A Rest T

Everyone loves t-shirts, that is why this t-shirt also makes it our list of best gifts for piano players. It is soft, comfy, and lightweight. This t-shirt will amplify your style and fashion and also keep you comfortable throughout the day. Its top-quality construction makes it an adorable gift for piano players.

Piano Bamboo Cheese Board/tool Set

Do you want to give something really unusual? Then take a closer look at this option Bamboo Cheese Board. Its a piano-shaped bamboo box with cheese knives! The knives are made from the highest quality steel.

Inside this bamboo box, you will find a cheese fork, a serrated cheese knife, and a wine corkscrew. It has everything!

This is a very original useful and durable gift that will appeal to any piano player.

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Finger Strengthener & Hand Grip Exerciser

Musicians train their fingers by pressing buttons on a keyboard or frets on a guitar. Finger Strengthener is one of the best gadgets to keep your finger in good health. The rotating knob on the finger strengthener is easy for adjusting for various tension. It has 4 different levels which you can use as simple training or a beginners to make your fingers more powerful. After some time, you can switch to a lower level to challenge yourself so that you will get an unexpected result! Check the latest price & detail

Tablecloth With Jazz Music Pattern

How to Play Simple Gifts: Lesson 9 from Beginner Piano Book

This Jazz Music Tablecloth is a great way to show off your musical appreciation while still keeping your table looking clean and classy. With its abstract design of piano keys, this rectangular cover will make any piano player feel right at home. The deep navy and green color scheme make it a perfect fit for any decor.For the jazz-obsessed pianists in your life, this modern take on a classic theme will make them want to run over to their instrument and perform some keys. Check the latest price & detail

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Piano Stickers For Keys

If you are struggling to remember the various keys on your piano keyboard, then you can easily remember them by placing these stickers over those keys. They feature alphabets or characters printed over them that will always help you remember all the keys much more efficiently. The specialty of these stickers is that you can easily remove them once you do not need them anymore.

Sterling Silver Piano Keyboard Pendant

This sterling silver piano keyboard pendant is charming and will surely impress any piano player in your life. Handmade and minimalist, its fashion-forward and sure to be popular.

A pianist choosing to wear this would be able to wear it with casual and formal clothes. The piece is high quality and will last for several years.

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Piano Bench With Storage

A nice piano bench with storage is always a good gift. For many years, I practiced with a chair. This leads to horrible posture and discomfort as most chairs arent very comfortable.

Benches with storage allow you to pack them with metronomes, headphones, books, and whatever else you can think of.

Jbl 305p Mkii 5 Inch Powered Studio Monitor

Top 17 Best Gift Ideas for Piano Players

It can get tiring to blow out your ears with headphones when producing music. One of our personal favorite for best gifts for pianists is a studio monitor. Finding a good studio monitor is vital so that you can hear crystal clear what is in your mix. What sets apart a good studio monitor is its bass response your floor should be able to rattle when the tune has a right kick drum and bass. JBL is always a favorite choice for its quality.

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How To Choose The Perfect Gift For Piano Lovers

Great gifts for piano players make the ones that speak to more than one of their interests and passions. Think about all the things they love doing and select a gift that will incorporate their hobbies and personality!

Its also important to learn more about their favorite classical music artists. Do they get inspired by artists such as Beethoven and Mozart or they prefer the style of other iconic names such as Clara Schumann and Rubinstein?

Explore all the things in the music universe that they love and hate. This will help you decide on the best gift for your piano player friends and relatives.

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