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LEONARD COHEN – Hallelujah – easy solo piano sheet music / fingering

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Hallelujah By Leonard Cohen Sheet Music

Is Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen fun to play on the piano? What is the meaning behind this song? Find out all the answers in this article.

Hallelujah touches the hearts of millions of people worldwide. The song takes listeners on a turbulent, emotional journey of the pain of loss and brings us to a divine epiphany in minutes. The lyrics describe some of the most profound human feelings.

And we can recreate that journey on the piano.

While listening to a song is exceptionally enjoyable, playing a piece brings us much closer to it. Part of the experience is learning about the songs author and the meaning behind the lyrics. The more intimate you are with a piece, the greater you can evoke its message.

So come, acquaint yourself with one of the most famous, emotionally invigorating songs that continues to move people to this day.

Is Hallelujah An Easy Song To Learn On The Piano

The original song wasnt written for the piano. Thats no problem. It just means tons of different versions are available for you to learn.

The songs difficulty can range significantly. Some beginner-friendly versions are simple to play but sound less like the song. In other arrangements, the sheet music is far more elaborate, accounting for both the vocal and instrumental aspects of the song.

We recommend that you find a version slightly above your comfort level. That way, you can improve your skills while learning a new song!

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Tips To Learn This Hallelujah

You may be tempted to play a new song at once. However, learning a new piece is much smoother if you take a systematic approach.

Try out these tips when learning a new song:

  • Identify what key youre playing in. Hallelujah is in the key of C major.
  • Play the C major scale habituating your hand and finger movements is vital for your piano skills.
  • If youre unfamiliar with a particular piece, jumping into it is complicated. Keeping track of two staffs while playing note sequences can be challenging. Work on the parts individually on your right hand and left hand before playing them simultaneously.
  • Theres a misconception that playing quickly equates to good piano skills. Speed comes with familiarity with a given piece. Understanding the articulations of the song is essential.
  • Listen to the piece before trying to play it. Another pivotal aspect of playing the piano is hearing what a song sounds like. It helps to know whether or not youre playing the music properly
  • Hallelujahs Sheet Music For Piano

    " Hallelujah"  (Leonard Cohen cover) · Rufus Wainwright

    When playing this song on the piano, a quick search for sheet music online reveals many ways to play it. Some versions predominantly use chords in the bass clef while playing the melody in the treble clef.

    The rendition below the tempo is 6/8. As you can see, the melody is predominantly in the bass clef. The most common notes are half notes, triplets and eighth notes, and a few chords.

    If youre unfamiliar with the various notes in sheet music, read our blog Piano Music Notes for Beginners.

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    It Goes Like This The Fourth The Fifth The Minor Falls The Major Lifts

    Hallelujah is a great song that touches the hearts of people around the world years after its conception. There are playable versions of it for a variety of instruments. Learning and playing Hallelujah on the piano is a fantastic means of recreating the songs emotional faculties and can be very rewarding.

    Playing songs is one of the main reasons most people pick up the instrument. Simply piano is the app for you if you want to learn your favorite music like Hallelujah and many other hits. Give it a try today!

    Take A Sneak Peek Of Our Lesson

    Hallelujah is a beautiful song which, although it has quite a long history dating back to 1984, struggled to hit high on the charts.

    It became more widely known after it featured in the film Shrek in 2001 and since then has had around 300 cover versions and been featured in other films and TV shows. Hallelujah was written in 12/8 time in the key of C major.

    The lyrics have constantly changed and evolved over the years, with cover artists choosing to rewrite parts of it. Even Cohen himself struggled to write a definitive lyric, producing something like 80 different versions and even varying the lyrics between his recording and live performances. It took him around five years to get the song to a point where he could perform it.

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    Free Printable Hallelujah Piano Sheet Music

    HALLELUJAH – LEONARD COHEN | Piano Cover + Sheet Music
  • Free Printable Hallelujah Piano Sheet Music
  • FannyPrintable.Com Free Printable Hallelujah Piano Sheet Music What is a Free Printable Hallelujah Piano Sheet Music? Where can you locate these templates and documents? And how can you download them? Lets learn! In this article, well address these questions , and more. Before we begin, lets define a Free Printable. In simple terms an Free Printable Download is any type of document or template that you are able to print for free. The templates or documents generally come in the form of PDF. If you require an additional complex document, you can download the document from a site that provides paid documents.

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    A Brief History Of Hallelujah

    Hallelujah is an iconic song that was originally written and sung by Canadian poet, singer-songwriter, and novelist, Leonard Norman Cohen.

    However, the masterpiece was underappreciated for the first decade of its existence. The original version lacked the appeal to capture the attention of the American markets. However, over the years, it would be re-written and played by various other authors elevating its popularity to unforeseen heights.

    Leonard Cohens Hallelujah Piano Chords

    Hallelujah is one of the most widely covered songs ever written, lending itself to being played in a multiple of different keys or sung by different voices. Since the song is recognizable, our version doesnt feature any chords for the left hand and instead everything is played by only using single notes in the melody and in the bass line. Important also to recognize for our version of Hallelujah chords, is that we use a key signature called Gb Major. This key signature can seem intimidating at first because it contains 6 flats , but a better way to think about it is that we focus on playing all black keys, instead of white keys.

    Tips for playing the song

    • Remember each time you see Cb, the note is the same as B natural
    • Recognize that the bass line plays only whole notes, starting on beat one
    • Pay attention to the fingering of the right hand, starting on finger 2 on Db
    • There are no piano chords for Hallelujah in this song, so focus on single notes
    • The melody starts each phrase on beat 3 of each measure, be careful!

    Remember these tips and start learning how to play Hallelujah on the piano with Skoove!

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    Bethel Music Jonathan David Helser & Melissa Helser Raise A Hallelujah Sheet Music Description

    Bethel Music, Jonathan David Helser & Melissa Helseroriginally published in the key ofarrangement code* Click playback or notes icon at the bottom of the interactive viewer and check if “Raise A Hallelujah” availability of playback & transpose functionality prior to purchase. Refunds due to not checked functionalities won’t be possible after completion of your purchase. For clarification contact our support.

    Where Can I Download Free Printable Documents & Templates

    Hallelujah Sheet Music Pentatonix

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    About The Composer Of ‘hallelujah Chorus’ From Messiah

    George Frideric Handel was born on February 23, 1685 in the North German province of Saxony in the same year as BaroquecomposerJohann Sebastian Bach. George’s father wanted him to be a lawyer even though music captivated his attention. His mother, however, supported his interest in music and he was allowed to take keyboard and music composition lessons. His aunt gave him a harpsichord for his seventh birthday which Handel played whenever he had the chance. Read more…

    How Do I Download The Free Printable Files

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