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Everything I Wanted Chords I What We Need To Know

Billie Eilish – everything i wanted (Piano Tutorial Lesson)

This song is extremely easy to play on guitar, as we only need four chords in total.

The thing that may throw off many beginner guitarists is that there isnt actually any guitar in the original track.

Even though the Everything I Wanted chords werent recorded with guitar, we can still play along using the same chords that are being played on the piano.

There are a few other cool things that well learn to take away from this lesson:

  • How to play power chords with accompanying open strings
  • How 8th note counting works

Were going to start by reviewing the chords needed to play this song one-by-one.

Lets have at it.

Everything I Wanted Chords Iii E Major

The E major chord serves as our second chord, and its another one that uses open strings to get its point across.

The second of our Everything I Wanted chords is easy to play, and we can play it in the open position like many of us are already used to.

Leave your low E string open and place your middle finger at the second fret on the A string.

Build on top with your ring finger at the second fret of the D string, and your index at the first fret on the G string.

Practice rotating your wrist to find the position that allows all six strings to ring out clearly.


Now that weve gotten two of our Everything I Wanted chords down, its a good time to practice playing between them.

Take this opportunity to play back and forth between your D major 7 chord and your E major chord.

Pro Tip: If you opt to play the barre chord version of D major 7, you wont have to slide down the fretboard to get to the E major chord. Barring might be a bit of a stretch for some, but its worth giving it a shot.

Look on the bright side: Youre only barring three strings!



Everything I Wanted Chords V C#7

This chord only appears once in the song, but if were going to learn something were going to learn all of it!

C#7 is a relatively easy chord to work out. Unlike the other C# chord in this song, we only need to focus on one way to play this one.

This chord is a bit of a crunch, and it may take a bit of time to hit the cue for it properly amongst the other Everything I Wanted chords, but once again its always worth it to learn.

Weve included the chord diagram below for you to study, but were going to outline how to play this one either way. See below.

Begin with your middle finger on the 4th fret on the A string. Add your index finger at the 3rd fret on the D string.

Your ring finger takes the fourth fret on the G string, and the B string stays open. Get that pinky finger way up there at the 4th fret on the high E string, and let it all sing out.

Pro Tip: The hard part of this chord is the open B string. Youll have to do a bit of wrist rotating in order to get this chord sitting right, but its all in the name of good practice and improvement. Right? Right. Moving on.

Lets take this time now to practice all four of your Everything I Wanted chords before we look at song structure.


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Chorus Chords And Background Melody

Video tutorial pro chords and background melody: chorus.

This is the chorus on piano, with the chords for your left hand and the melody for your right:

We covered most of the song now. The only thing left: the outro. This part starts at the end of the track with the words If I knew it all then This final part of the song is harmonically based on the chorus. In other words, you can play the same chords as you did for the chorus.

Billie Eilish Everything I Wanted Piano Chords And Sheet Music


Songs explained is a series where we dive a little deeper into tracks that are popular on Chordify. This is the place where well look at a song from beginning to end. This time we focus on Everything I Wanted by Grammy winner Billie Eilish. Did you know that this song contains only four chords?

Ready to learn Everything I wanted by Billie Eilish? In this blog post we provide sheet music, chord diagrams, video tutorials, and some background information. So, grab a chair, get comfortable behind the piano, and get ready for some jamming! We have different explanations for all skill levels: beginner, intermediate, and pro .

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Everything I Wanted Chords Vi Strumming Pattern

Because there is no guitar in this song, we more or less have to infer our own strumming pattern from this song.

With this in mind, we can put our strumming pattern for the Everything I Wanted chords together as follows:

Strum your chords in two sections the lower half, and the upper half.

Count as follows, with the bolded beats serving as accented beats:

1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 &

Practice strumming down-up-down-up, with your downstrokes landing on 1, 2, 3, 4 and your upstrokes landing on the & .

You can also practice the Everything I Wanted chords using fingerpicking, where your thumb takes the bass note of every chord and your other fingers pick the rest of the notes at once.

Use the same counting technique as listed above to pull this off effectively.

Remember, all rhythms take practice youve got to put the hours in if you want to master a song!

This is a great tune for practice because it uses no more than four chords at maximum, giving us plenty of room to loop the chord progression and practice our transitions.

The Everything I Wanted chords may look difficult at the outset, but it wont take long for you to master them as well as the progression.

The Music Theory Behind This Track

And here comes your favorite part. Yup, its time to dive into some music theory! As you can see, every cycle of the song starts and ends with a D major chord. To be more precise, with a D major seven chord: Dmaj7. It makes sense to think that this is the main chord of the song, and, therefore, that its written in the key of D.

But, what if we tell you that you can play the A major scale over this song? Say what?! Yeah, minds blown, right? Lets take a look at whats happening here by examining the A major scale: A, B, C#, D, E, F#, G#, A. Its hard to miss where the D-E-C# chord progression comes from.

If you zoom in on the D triad , the Dmaj7 , the E triad and the C# minor triad , youll notice that the notes of these chords can all be found in the A major scale. This means that even if every cycle in Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish starts and ends with Dmaj7, the scale you can use to improvise and jam on the track is the A major scale. Try it out and thank us later!

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Intro Interlude And Verse Of Everything I Wanted

Video tutorial beginner basic triads: intro, verses, interludes.

In order to play along you need some guidelines. So, we were talking about the different cycles that make this song a whole, remember? Well here they come. This chord progression below is the cycle that repeats over and over again when you play the intro, the verses and the interludes.

Everything I Wanted Chords Iv C# Minor

How to play EVERYTHING I WANTED – Billie Eilish Piano Tutorial (Main riff)

This next chord is similar to the D major 7 we already learned in that it can be played two ways.

Were going to learn both of them so you can pick for yourself.

The first way to play this chord is to once again make a power chord shape at the 4th fret of the A string this time. We let the E and B strings ring out the same way we did with the D major 7.

Pro Tip: If you opt to play your Everything I Wanted chords this way, you can slide the C# minor power chord up one fret to play the D major power chord as it comes back around.

This means less movement, which no one ever complains about.


The second, more full way to play the third instalment of our Everything I Wanted chords is to play it as a barre chord.

Although this one might be substantially more difficult for some, its worth trying to pick up early on in your guitar journey.

Begin by barring across the fourth fret of the A string from the A to high E strings, leaving the low E muted.

From there, add your ring finger to the D string at the sixth fret. Stack your pinky finger on top at the same fret on the G string.

Finish this chord off with your middle finger at the fifth fret on the B string, and strum all five strings of the chord. Work with your wrist to get the articulation of this chord nice and clear.

Take some time now to practice all three of your main Everything I Wanted chords.


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Lyrics Everything I Wanted Billie Eilish

Everything I Wanted

I got everything I wantedNot what youd thinkAnd if Im being honest

It might have been a nightmareTo anyone who might care

Thought I could flySo I stepped off the goldenNobody cried

I saw them standing right thereKinda thought they might care

I had a dreamI got everything I wantedBut when I wake up, I seeYou with me

As long as Im hereNo one can hurt youDont wanna lie hereBut you can learn toIf I could change the way that you see yourselfYou wouldnt wonder why you hearThey dont deserve you

I tried to screamBut my head was under waterThey called me weakLike Im not just somebodys daughter

Couldve been a nightmareBut it felt like they were right thereAnd it feels like yesterday was a year agoBut I dont wanna let anybody knowCause everybody wants something from me nowAnd I dont wanna let em down

I had a dreamI got everything I wantedBut when I wake up, I seeYou with me

As long as Im hereNo one can hurt youDont wanna lie hereBut you can learn toIf I could change the way that you see yourselfYou wouldnt wonder why you hearThey dont deserve you

If I knew it all then, would I do it again?Would I do it again?If they knew what they said would go straight to my headWhat would they say instead?

If I knew it all then, would I do it again?Would I do it again?If they knew what they said would go straight to my headWhat would they say instead?

How To Approach The Song Structure

We can imagine that you might feel a bit overwhelmed by this structure. It seems like there is a lot of stuff going on, right? But, dont worry! Remember, we said that this song is based on a cycle of three chords: Dmaj7, E, C#m. Actually, many of the parts of the song are based on repetitions of that cycle.

Youre probably wondering, If everything revolves around the three chords we just mentioned, why do we even try to divide the song into different parts? Simply put, they sound a bit different due to variations in singing and playing styles. For instance, at the end of each interlude, Eilish sings very intimately accompanied only by piano.

Furthermore, at the end of the second interlude, she whispers. The chorus can be recognized by the intense and full sound. In the first and second chorus the C#m is replaced by a C#7 chord. And with that, its time to dive into this song and help you master the skills to play it!

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Ready To Learn Billie Eilishs Everything I Wanted Chords

Everything I Wanted Billie Eilish Piano Sheet Music

Its no secret that Billie Eilish has made massive waves in the last few years with her music.

From songs like Bad Guy, ilomilo and Everything I Wanted to her more recently-released Therefore I Am, this young lady is packed to the brim with hits.

Billie has also broken out of the typical big studio songwriting stereotype of the pop music industry and instead opts to songwrite and produce her music from home, with her equally-talented brother Finneas at the mixing board and piano/guitar to accompany her.

Billie and Finneas make a wonderful duo, and at such a young age they truly have the whole world ahead of them.

Our hats go off to these two for the incredible music they write, and today were going to help foster some more appreciation for that music.

Were going to teach you the ins and outs of the Everything I Wanted chords.

Content Warning: This song is a rather emotional ballad that deals with heavy subject matter including mental health and contemplation of death.

If you find yourself moved in a negative way by this song due to personal circumstances, we have plenty of other lessons that you can find here.

Music is a personal journey, and we all express what we go through in unique ways as artists.

Remember to play the music that resonates with you.

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About The Key Of F Minor

Everything I Wanted is written in the key of F Minor. According to the Theorytab database, it is the 7th most popular key among Minor keys and the 15th most popular among all keys. Minor keys, along with major keys, are a common choice for popular music. The three most important chords, built off the 1st, 4th and 5th scale degrees are all minor chords .See the F Minor Cheat Sheet for popular chords, chord progressions, downloadable midi files and more!

Chorus And Outro Of Everything I Wanted

Video tutorial beginner basic triads: chorus.

When youve got thechord progression of the intro, verses and interludes covered, its time to check out the chorus. This is the chord progression of the first and second cycle of the chorus, starting with this line: And you say, as long as Im here

Just like that C, we have to be sharp. Remember that we mentioned the C#m changing into a C#? This happens in the third line of the chorus . Now just sit behind your piano and play these simple triads. If you want to get closer to the sound of the original, you need to play all the notes of the triad at the same time.

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Everything I Wanted Chords V Song Structure

Were happy to say that youve already gotten through all of the hardest parts of this song.

Playing the chords in sequence is the easy part its learning them thats difficult.

So, congrats! You made it. Now lets put it all together.

The best part of this song is that you only need to worry about one progression for the most part.

Give each of the Everything I Wanted chords a count of 4 beats before moving on, and have a listen to how the chords move in the song itself.

Lets have a look at the progression now:



This is basically your main progression for the entire song, verses and choruses alike.

This makes this song super-easy to wrap our hands around once weve gotten the Everything I Wanted chords down pat.

We need to watch out for the C#7 chord, however!

Heres the part of the lyrics where it pops up, for your reference:

Dmaj7 E

The way that you see yourself

You wouldnt wonder why you hear

They dont deserve you

Song Structure And Chords Of Everything I Wanted

Billie Eilish – everything i wanted (Piano Tutorial)

In general, Everything I Wanted is based on a cycle of these three chords: Dmaj7, E and C#m. To get a better understanding of the track, were going to look at the song structure, which consists of these parts: intro, interlude, verse, chorus. Doing this helps us to not get lost and to understand why at certain moments a C#m chord becomes a C#7 chord.

Well start to zoom in on this soon, but first its good to put the parts into place. This helps you navigate the song when you start to play and add lyrics. The song Everything I Wanted is arranged as follows:

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How To Improve On Your Everything I Wanted Chords

If you want to improve on your chords quickly and efficiently, the best way is through using arpeggios to check your chords.

Not only does this technique help us sound out more difficult chords, but it also helps us significantly improve our chord articulation.

Pro Tip: When playing arpeggios, make sure to use alternate picking to get the best economy of motion from your picking hand.

Arpeggios help us learn how to tighten up the screws in our playing in big ways, so dont take this one lightly!

Happy practising, friends!

Billie Eilishs Everything I Wanted Is More Dark Than Memorable

Billie Eilish has never been one to release bubblegum pop a trend that holds true on her new single everything i wanted. Written by Eilish and her collaborator Finneas OConnell, everything i wanted gives listeners a look into Eilishs unsettling nightmares and the siblings protective relationship. Although a deeply personal song, in comparison to Eilishs other work, everything i wanted does not stand out.

Even for Eilish, who is known for lyrics such as The way I wear my noose / Like a necklace and Take me to the rooftop / I wanna see the world when I stop breathing, everything i wanted is dark. Over four simple piano chords, drum beats that sound like GarageBand samples, and a repetitive ringing sound, Eilish sings about her fears and nightmares. The song begins with the lyrics I had a dream / I got everything I wanted / Not what youd think / And if Im bein honest / It mightve been a nightmare. The coupling of disenchanting lyrics and monotonous instruments makes the track lifeless from the start. The proceeding lines Thought I could fly / So I stepped off the Golden / Nobody cried / Nobody even noticed, coming from a 17-year-old, are more disconcerting than deft.

Staff writer Annie Harrigan can be reached at Annie.harrigan@thecrimson.com.

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