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Bouncin Boogie Martha Mier

Finding Easy Two Hand Piano Pieces for Beginners

I had to include the Bouncin Boogie, because I distinctly remember playing this song with my piano teacher growing up.

The song can be played with two students or players, but it is also fun as a duet between a parent or teacher and a young student.

The player using the low end of the piano plays a boogie-woogie bass line that runs through the whole song. This is the part that is typically played by the more experienced player. The student holds down the melody and gets to learn some solid boogie-woogie piano licks and techniques.

In this video, you can see a student and teacher playing the song quite well. The little guy on the melody does a nice job of the boogie-woogie licks!

This song is available in a sheet music book called Jazz, Rags & Blues for Two. The book is filled with fun, rockin piano duets. All of these pieces are suitable for early piano players with a few songs venturing into intermediate territory.

How To Play Piano With Both Hands: Start With Rhythm

In most piano pieces, the right hand and the left hand will have a different rhythm. For now, dont worry about the notes. Lets just work on the rhythm. Close the lid on your piano keyboard, find a table or other flat surface, or just use your lap. With your left hand, tap the rhythm of the left hand part of the song. Then, with your right hand, tap out the rhythm of the right hand part of the song. Once you can do each part individually and with confidence, try tapping the two parts together.

One thing that can help you as you do this is to look at the written music on the grand staff and notice when notes on the bass clef line up with notes on the treble clef. Notes that are in line vertically on the staff will sound at the same time. When that happens, both hands should tap at the same time. To make these moments easier to see on the page, take a colored pencil or a marker and draw a line directly from the note played by the right hand to the left hands note vertically below it. This way, its easier to see when both hands should tap at the same time!

Another thing you can do is write out the rhythm for each hand just below the staff, using counts or tas and tikis. When learning how to play piano, it can help to count out loud as you tap the rhythm of each hand separately, and also when you tap together. Go slowly. If you need to, work on only one measure at a time. Once you can tap the rhythm of the two parts together, youre ready to move on to the notes.

All I Ask Of You Andrew Lloyd Webber

This tune is from the famous musical movie The Phantom of the Opera. This is probably the most famous song from the musical, and it makes for a pretty nice duet.

Check out these young players performing the duet. It is a pleasant, lilting tune. The duet allows both players to carry the melody.

Many, many artists have covered this song over the years from Barbara Streisand, to Susan Boyle, The Kings Singers why not you and a friend!

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Let It Go Idina Menzel From Frozen

This song is from Disneys 2013 animated film Frozen but you probably know that already! Frozen was easily one of the most popular easy piano songs of the 2010s, and the piano duet is very satisfying and beautiful to play.

In this duet, the player in the lower end of the piano is holding down accompaniment, using two hands for most of the song. The player on the higher end works the melody, and often uses only one hand. The melody player uses two hands at some points in the song, but you could pretty easily get away with using one hand the whole time.

To get an idea of how to play the song, GraffityPiano has made a pretty good MIDI tutorial version of the piano duet, which you can see here. This version is simplified. The chords are often just two notes, but it still sounds good with four hands!

Use the MIDI tutorial to get going and then try to make the rhythms more complex as you go!

How To Play Piano With Both Hands

30 best Easy Piano Sheet Music For Kids images on Pinterest

In this final lesson of my beginner piano course we are going to look at how to play piano music that combines both the right hand and the left hand. This builds on the piano playing techniques we have learnt in the previous 5 lessons.

In this lesson we are going to look at:

  • How to play piano with two hands playing separately
  • How to play a piano piece with both hands playing at the same time
  • Learning how to play piano with both hands is a big step up, but is very much achievable if you follow some simple tips outlined below and put in a little bit of practice.

    There are 2 pieces for you to learn in this lesson that will help you develop basic two handed techniques.

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    Prelude In E Min Opus 28 No 4

    Similar to Bachs Prelude, Chopins Prelude uses some beautiful chords over a simple melody. While not as easy as Bachs, its still completely attainable with a little practice.

    It also offers the chance to show off your emotional side and make the piece sound like more than it is.

    Difficulty: 3/10

    Top 9 Easiest Piano Songs For Beginners

    If youre just getting started with piano, it can be intimidating taking those first steps into playing songs. Youre at the beginning of your musical journey and might want some guidance getting started. To help you, Ive gone through all of the top piano songs for beginners and have narrowed the list down to the nine most comfortable to learn.

    Piano songs for beginners to learn will not only be nearly effortless but will help you build a routine and teach you necessary keystrokes two crucial components of learning the piano. They will also introduce you gradually to more advanced pianist skills that you may need to continue progressing in your practice.

    Below is a list of brief reviews for nine easy piano songs for beginners varying in styles and tunes. Keep reading to understand the benefits of each and start learning how to play the piano.

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    The Itsy Bitsy Spider

    Children love singing this song and its pretty simple to play, too. One fun idea is for you to play the song while your child does the motions, then switch roles.

    The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spoutG C C C D E E E D C D E CDown came the rain and washed the spider outE E F G G F E F G EOut came the sun and dried up all the rainC C D E E D C D E CAnd the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout againG G C C C D E E E D C D E C

    Heres a super slow tutorial that is easy to follow along with:

    When I Was Your Man Bruno Mars

    Play with 2 Hands on Piano (Practice these 10 Easy Exercises)

    This one has a left-hand part that doesnt take your attention away from the whole song with the right-hand requirements.

    There are a few places where the chord rhythms are a little more exciting, but you can find simplified versions or simplify the rhythm of the chord pattern yourself.

    Try just sticking to each bars first beat if you are out of your depth to begin with.

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    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star/the Alphabet Song

    In case you havent already noticed, these two songs are basically the same but with more or fewer notes. Therefore, if you learn one, you will also know the other. I know these are little kids songs, but learning them helps you to know the basics, so, these are great songs to start you off on your musical journey. Its very easy to learn, and its probably already stamped in your head.

    Judge The Difficulty Level By Looking At The Notes

    When trying to find simple songs for beginners, dont jump head first into playing before checking the notes first. You can easily judge the difficulty of beginner piano songs by looking at the notes and sheet music. If youve been making headway with your note reading, look at the first few measures and see if you can make sense of the notes. If it looks like a foreign language to you and is not easy to follow, its probably too difficult right now. Its okay to go down a level and try a song that is easier to start learning. If you can make out the first few notes and get into the next measure without too much of a problem, then this is probably an easy song for you to start with.

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    Key Signatures And Accidentals

    Always check the beginning of the song for any sharps or flats next to the treble and bass clefs. If there are any sharps or flats sitting at the beginning of the staff, this is a key signature. Any sharps or flats apply throughout the whole song and push the note UP to the nearest black note or DOWN to the nearest black note .

    If you need help with this, there are videos on Yousician that clearly explain it and guide you through exercises. These resources are a great help when learning to play.

    Beginner piano songs tend not to use sharps and flats, but you might see a few. Apart from the key signature, keep an eye out in case there are any sharps, flats or naturals in front of any notes. These accidentals only apply to the measure theyre in. A natural sign cancels any sharp or flat on the note its in front of.

    Easy Songs To Play On Piano

    30 best Easy Piano Sheet Music For Kids images on Pinterest

    You can start by one of these easy songs to play on piano.

    Don’t forget to use the sustain pedal for these songs. You can let it depressed all the time at the beginning. With more experience, you will hear that the sound is better when you release and depress the pedal just before you start a new serie of notes.

    This Instructable will teach you how to play your first song on piano.

    Beginners can learn this song in one hour. You will use only your right hand in the first parts and your left hand, just a little at the end. The tutorial is very easy and the song sounds good on piano.

    This Instructable will teach you how to play your first song on piano with both hands.

    Beginners can learn this song in one day. You will play with both hands but the left hand is easy because the position stays almost the same. The tutorial is very easy and the song sounds good on piano.

    This Instructable will teach you how to play your first song on piano with both hands.

    Beginners can learn this song in a few hours. You will play with both hands but the left hand is very easy because you use only two fingers and the hand position stays the same. The tutorial is very easy and the song sounds good on piano.

    This Instructable will teach you how to play your first song on piano with both hands.

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    In Total You Will Receive Letter Notes To 91 Songs



    You will receive recordings of up to 91 songs. Recorded songs are based on exactly the same Letter Notes that you will receive. You can listen to sample recordings above in the section How does it look in practise?

    Song recordings are split into 6 different thematic categories, same as the Letter Notes. Preparing such a huge number of recordings was very laborious, but listening to the song before learning it will make it easier for you to play it correctly


    It contains major and minor chords. Thats all the chords youll need to play with our Letter Notes. Thanks to it, youll start to play with both hands without any difficulties. How to play with both hands? You will learn that from our guide which also can be found in the set.

    Guide – how to play from letter notes in 3 steps.

    Guide is split into two parts. One of them is The Basics of Learning to Play the Keyboardfrom which youll learn such things as names of sounds and their placement on the keyboard, and youll also learn how to read our Letter Notes for both hands.

    Second part is Learning to play in 3 steps from which youll easily learn what are 3 steps or leaning to play the keyboard. The guide will take you from a complete beginner to a beautiful and correct piano playing with both hands.

    Over The Rainbow By Harold Arlen

    This easy version of Over The Rainbow is truly 8 measures with a repetition. The only difficulty for beginners lies in switching between the C and F positions on the right hand. Other than this, should be nice and easy to master within 1 hour. Youll also learn your reference song for the Octave interval.

    Play the piano sheet music of Over The Rainbow

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    Who This Course Is For:

    • Absolute beginners who want to learn to play with both hands from day one
    • 4.8 Instructor Rating

    In demand as both a teacher and performer, Caroline spends her weekdays teaching Suzuki violin and fiddle in the San Francisco Bay Area. Weekends find her gigging with the contra dance band StringFire! and making YouTube videos playing the musical saw. She is the founder of AltStrings, LLC, which strives to make multi-style string instrument education accessible to classical musicians and students everywhere through books, sheet music, videos, and scholarships.

    Caroline grew up playing the fiddle with the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers, and has been involved teaching at Fiddlekids Day Camp for over a decade. She also teaches cello and musical saw at Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp. She is the author of “How to Read Bass Clef on the Piano: A Musician’s Guide and Workbook for the Left Hand” available through Hal Leonard.

    Tim Burtons Corpse Bride Piano Duet

    Easy Two Handed Piano Playing Tips and Exercises

    Are you a Tim Burton fan? If so, youll probably remember the piano duet in Corpse Bride. This song is more of an intermediate play, but still possible for most players.

    Corpse Bride is a stop-motion animated musical film. The soundtrack is composed by Danny Elfman and John August.

    The piano duet itself goes back and forth between the two players in a fun, theatrical way. One player tries to get the other interested in playing together. Eventually, the players end up together playing a beautiful piece.

    Take a listen to the original recording, and enjoy the fun animation.

    You can also check out this extended piano duet version, for ideas on how to turn the song into a full-fledged piece.

    Another easy piano song that is good for duets.

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    Someone Like You Adele

    Again as with most pop piano ballads, this one is centered around a typical pop-chord progression, but the flourishes and runs set it apart from every other song that uses identical chords.

    Some of those parts will need to be ignored. But any beginner with their head around the basics should be able to get themself through this uncomplicated, staple chord progression.

    Range Of Hand Movement

    The more your hand has to jump around or stretch throughout a song, the harder it is to play. You can identify hand jumps by looking at how notes are spaced on sheet music. Are they close together or are they widely spread apart? As a beginner, aim to find songs where the notes you have to play aren’t too far apart from each other.

    Here’s an example of an easy piano song: it has a low range of hand movement and simple chord patterns.

    And below is an example of a difficult piano song with a broad range of movements in both hands.

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    Easy Piano Songs With Letters For Simple Playing

    • ChordPresso Staff

    If youre completely new to the piano then you may not have fully grasped how to read sheet music. Having easy piano songs with letters means you can still play recognizable and fun songs without having to learn the ins and outs of classic music. We would always suggest that you do eventually pick up on musical theory but weve given you a starting point to learn to play just using letters.

    Piano playing typically involves using both of your hands. In our list, we have a selection of songs that use one hand and then adding in the left to improve your skill level. A great tip is to learn each hand separately and then combine them together.

    We havent given you the finger notation for these songs so just use the most logical option as you play through the piano songs. You want to be able to get around each note easily and in order. Never use the same finger to play all of the notes. Get used to using all of your fingers as this will be essential for you to grow as a pianist.

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