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Easy Songs On Piano: This Is Me

Top 10 Easy Piano Songs for the Complete Beginners

Let the world know youre proud of who you are, and that youre proud of your piano skills, when you play this powerful song from The Greatest Showman. Our video tutorial takes you step-by-step through the exciting pop rhythms so that youll be able to play them confidently. Youll also learn how to add a bass line to make this song sound even greater.

Heres How You Can Play Heathens On Piano

Learning any musical instrument is always fun. There is a pool of basic piano lessons that you can learn and play on the keyboard without any trouble. But we hope that this list has helped you out in honing your piano skills. If you need further advice, check out how to learn piano online on Youtube and other different channels.

Morning Mood Edvard Grieg

Grieg wrote this piece to depict the rising sun, and it perfectly captures the beauty and wonder of a new dawn. Youve probably heard it played on flute and oboe before. Our easy arrangement for piano requires you to move your hands around a little, but has you maintain a simple, steady melody that we think most beginners will be able to pick up in no time.

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The Godfather Theme Song

Genre: Soundtrack

The famous instrumental theme of the famous movie The Godfather was originally composed as a song named Speak Softly, Love in 1972. It was composed by Nino Rota and Larry Kusik wrote the lyrics. Rotas score was nominated for a 1973 Academy Award for Best Original Score, but it was eliminated from consideration after the Academy heard that Rota had used a more comedic version of the song for the film Fortunella in 1958. However, Rotas score for The Godfather Part II won the 1974 Academy Award for Best Music although it included the same piece.

Pay attention to the melody. It is one of the most known melodies of all time so spend some time and try to memorize it. Even after you learn it you shouldnt rush while practicing without the video. Pick a nice slow tempo and try to end with the tempo you started. You can add a lower octave to your left hand if it feels too easy for you.

The 12 Best Easy Piano Songs For Beginners To Learn

Fight Song

Being a musical newbie can be tough, but there are lots of easy songs for beginners to play on piano. Nothing feels better than nailing your first song it feels like real progress.

Learning theory, scales, and practicing technique is essential, although it gets boring on its own, and music should be fun.

So, weve picked out some tunes that are easy to learn, put basic theory to use, and most of all, they are fun.

Its time to impress your friends and family, so lets get started.

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Easy Piano Songs For Beginners You Can Learn Today

One of the best things about learning piano is how quickly and easily you can get started. Unlike string instruments where you have to learn how to use your hands to fret or pluck strings first, you can start playing the piano just by hitting the right keys. That means there are loads of easy piano songs you can learn today.

In this guide, weve collected 32 easy songs to get you started. You dont need to know how to read sheet music. We have included tutorials for all of the songs.

There is something for everyone, with soundtracks and popular songs on this list. There is also some classical music that sounds complicated and impressive, even if you are a novice piano player.

The Simpsons Theme Danny Elfman

If you havent heard The Simpsons Theme tune, wed be incredibly surprised. Its one of the most popular TV shows ever, and Danny Elfmans theme is instantly recognizable.

Admittedly, this one will take more practice than most on our list, its not the easiest song to play on piano, but the rewards are greater. Some rhythms in this tune are more complex than a beginner would usually tackle. However, if you take it slowly and strip it back to the basics, its not that hard.

The main melody is pretty simple and leans heavily on the augmented 4th interval. It comes from the Lydian mode, which is almost like the major scale, except the fourth note is sharpened.

The is why we think its an excellent song for beginners to learn. Both hands use the sharpened 4th interval. Once you manage to put both hands together, you will understand the Lydian mode more and get used to its distinctive sound.

Its a sound that is widely used by TV and film composers, and getting an early introduction to it as a beginner will do you no harm.

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Jessie By Joshua Kadison

The first song in our list is the massively underrated hit from Joshua Kadison, Jessie. Released in the mid-90s, it is easily one of the best pop piano melodies ever known. The person who was referred to as Jessie throughout the song was once rumored to none other than actress Sarah Jessica Parker. This was because Kadison was romantically involved with her at the time.

River Flows In You Yiruma

4 Easy Songs For Beginners (Piano Tutorial)

The most famous piano song of the South Korean composer Yiruma continues to be a hit since its release in 2001. Reprinted in the original soundtrack of the Twilight saga, River Flows in You is a magnificent and easy piano song that has since then continued to win hearts and remains much learned by piano lovers. It can still be heard very frequently played in train stations by passers-by, surrounded by many spectators amazed by the beauty of the piece.

If you want to access the piano sheet music and the midi file of the song River Flows in You by Yiruma, .

> > Learn easily the song River Flows in You by Yiruma on piano on La Touche Musicale app.

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Easy R& B Piano Songs: All Of Me John Legend

All of Me is a song by American singer John Legend from his fourth studio album Love in the Future . It is dedicated to Legends wife Chrissy Teigen. All of Me first aired on American mainstream urban radio as the albums third single on August 12, 2013.

On the week ending May 16, 2014, it peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 becoming his first number-one single in the United States. It knocked off Happy by Pharrell Williams, which had spent 10 weeks at number one.

The song peaked at number two in the United Kingdom and New Zealand and topped the charts in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

It became the second best-selling song of 2014 in the United States with 4.67 million copies sold for the year, as well as the third best-selling song in the United Kingdom.

Bury A Friend Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is an absolute phenomenon. Its also refreshing to say that shes a very talented musician along with being a wildly popular singer.

As a beginner, you probably want to play some songs that are on trend. Not much in the music industry is more on trend than a Billie Eilish song. So, if you are a young learner, it will be right up your street. If you are older, you can impress your kids with your hip knowledge of music.

Bury a Friend is more about feeling and atmosphere more than anything else technically, its a basic song. That means the melody and harmony are very simple, so its technically easy to play.

It doesnt mean that it comes without any challenge, though.

Some people say playing fast is easy playing slow is harder. What that means is that when you play lots of notes quickly, you can hide behind them with very few notes and a slow tempo, theres nowhere to hide.

The challenge with this song is creating enough emotion and playing expressively with nowhere to hide. Learning that there is more to music than just playing the right notes is an invaluable lesson for any beginner.

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Pop Songs To Play On The Piano: Firework

Spark some excitement in your piano playing this summer as you and Mr. Hoffman play Katy Perrys Firework. Once you learn the melody, move onto the second video and add chords with your left hand.

This hit is an easy popular song to play on the piano and has a fantastic message about believing in yourself. We hope it reminds you that even if you get discouraged, theres a light inside of you that you can share with others.

Titanium David Guetta Feat Sia

7 Easy Piano Songs for Kids (with Letters, Sheet Music and Videos)

Although David Guetta gets top billing on this one, the phenomenal Australian songbird, Sia, steals the show.

Another option on our list of easy popular songs to play on piano, Titanium, is an anthem peppered with production effects that keep it compelling and moving along.

Both hands work throughout, but the left-hand position stays the same for the verse, only moving during the chorus. The sustain pedal can be depressed at the beginning.

As you become more comfortable, you can release and depress the pedal just before a new series of notes.

The song is written in C minor, and the quick Allegro tempo carries throughout.

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Top 18 Easy Beginner Piano Songs

Easy beginner piano songs will keep you motivated to learn the most beautifully sounding musical instrument. It can be intimidating to take those first steps into performing songs if youre just starting with the piano.

Youre just starting in music and might need some help getting started. To assist you, I went through all of the top piano songs for beginners and limited the list down to the eighteen easiest to learn.

Piano songs for beginners are not only nearly straightforward to learn, but will also assist you in developing a routine and teaching you necessary keystrokes two critical components of learning the piano.

They will also gradually introduce you to more advanced pianist skills that you may require to advance in your practice.

The following are brief assessments of easy beginner piano songs that differ in style and tune. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of each and to begin learning how to play the piano.

I Just Called To Say I Love You Stevie Wonder

I Just Called to Say I Love You is a soul and pop song written by the famous singer and pianist Stevie Wonder in 1984, in his album The Woman in Red.

The song was nominated for a Grammy Award for Song of the Year and won awards such as Academy Award for Best Music and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.

I Just Called to Say I Love You is a romantic and haunting piano pop song. The musical genius of the famous pianist makes it one of the most popular songs among piano players. This song is as well known in the world of soul and pop music as Für Elise is in the world of classical piano music songs.

If you want access the piano sheet music or the midi file of the song I Just Called to Say I Love You, please feel free to .

Piano sheet music with letters pop songs: learn I Just Called to Say I Love You with La Touche Musicale.

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All About That Bass Meghan Trainor

This is a fun, chart-topping song. The chords to this are A Bmin E A. Each of these chords is played for two bars and the entire progression is eight bars. The good news for you is that this progression is repeated nonstop throughout the whole song. Practice playing the bassline in the left hand first and then add the melody in the right hand. Listen for how the melody in the verse is different from the chorus. Later in the song, the chords are played with constant eighth notes. Check out the video below for a play-along tutorial:

Thank you Zachary Marsh for the use of this video.

Easy Piano Songs For Kids

10 Super Easy Beginner Pop Songs Anyone Can Play on the Piano

Introducing some piano tunes for kids is an excellent method to get your youngster interested in playing the piano. Your child may begin learning the piano at any age, just like any other instrument. However, starting at a young age allows children to learn faster and perform better.

Kids must appreciate what theyre doing when they first start learning. Learning enjoyable yet simple pieces can help students improve fundamental abilities and approaches without feeling like practice. Furthermore, their language abilities will increase because music and language have a strong association.

In this post, weve compiled a list of 11 of the greatest easy piano songs and their online video tutorials for kids to learn in order to help them grow and get their piano adventure started.

Lets get started.

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Let It Go Idina Menzel From Frozen

This song is from Disneys 2013 animated film Frozen but you probably know that already! Frozen was easily one of the most popular easy piano songs of the 2010s, and the piano duet is very satisfying and beautiful to play.

In this duet, the player in the lower end of the piano is holding down accompaniment, using two hands for most of the song. The player on the higher end works the melody, and often uses only one hand. The melody player uses two hands at some points in the song, but you could pretty easily get away with using one hand the whole time.

To get an idea of how to play the song, GraffityPiano has made a pretty good MIDI tutorial version of the piano duet, which you can see here. This version is simplified. The chords are often just two notes, but it still sounds good with four hands!

Use the MIDI tutorial to get going and then try to make the rhythms more complex as you go!

Take Me Home Country Roads

John Denver’s nostalgic hit

This classic country song is so famous that it became one of West Virginia’s official state anthemsand has since been covered by other artists at least 150 times, in multiple languages. Something about this song, with its sweet, simple, slightly sad melody, speaks to that specific longing for home so many of us have. flowkey’s beginner-level arrangement strips Country Roads back to its basics without losing any of its signature charm. If you’re looking for a song to get people talkingor singingthis is an excellent choice.

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Simple Kidssongs For Beginner Piano Players

Hi, thankyou for visiting and welcome to our kids songs piano page.

Are youpresently taking piano lessons? Do you have a child who has just started takingpiano lessons? Are you considering taking piano lessons?

Well, thispage should be of great help to you.

On thispage you will have access to sheet music for seven simple piano melodies thatyou can learn to play on the piano or keyboard.

Childrenare always fascinated by the piano and their interest in playing a song on itis very high. That is why these melodies are chosen for this piano tutorial.The melodies that are used on this page are simple songs that most if not allchildren love to sing. Therefore, children will have an easier task of learningto play them on the piano or any other keyboard instrument.

Even thoughthe first part of the heading of this page says Simple Kids Songs, this doesnot mean that only children can use them.

As a matter of fact, teenagers andadults who are at the early stage of learning to play the piano will find thesetutorials to be very effective.

In myclassroom, all adults learning to play the piano must learn to play thesesimple melodies and learn to play them in different keys. Keep in mind that youare not only learning to play melodies here, but you are also learning to findthe piano keys during the process.

Old Macdonald Had A Farm

Disney Easy Piano Songs Letters : 3 / For the first time in forever ...

This song has a long and exciting history. Thomas Durfey initially wrote it for an opera over 300 years ago. Still, it became popularized as folk music in Britain during the 1800s-1900s before being standardized into what we know today around 1920!

This farm song is excellent for teaching your child all animal names and sounds, which can be done through singing or playing with toy animals. You will also find that this becomes an engaging memory game as you repeat each sound in order at the end of every verse- becoming more difficult as time goes on! Remember other items such as tractors, diggers & combine harvesters!

Old MacDonald Had a Farm is among the top 10 Easy Piano Songs for Beginners & Kids. This song is easy to Play on the Piano If Youre Starting. The melody of this song is remarkably intuitive, and the lyrics are easy to remember. The left hand usually plays simple chords, while the right-hand plays the melody. This song is also reasonably slow-paced, allowing beginners to get comfortable with the timing and rhythm. Overall, Old MacDonald Had a Farm is an excellent choice for those just starting on the piano its easy to learn, fun to play, and instantly recognizable.

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Heart & Soulhoagy Carmichael

Learning to play Heart and Soul, one of the easiest beginner piano songs, is a little more difficult than learning to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

It has more keys, which means more hand movements on your part. The keys involved introduce you to the spectrum of notes available on the piano, which you will need to know if you choose to continue your studies.

Heart and Soul is also an excellent choice for a duet.

If youre a visual learner, playing and learning the song as a duet can help. You can observe your partner or teacher in action and copy what you see and hear.

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