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Dont Stop Me Now Queen

Play 10 EASY Songs with 4 Chords on Piano

Recorded in 1979, Queens famous song Dont Stop Me Now has gained iconic status and has been used in numerous TV adverts and shows.

You need quick fingers for this one. If you are not yet comfortable with the keys, use stickers to help you.

You can slow it down until you are more at ease, because, although it is an easy key, it has many chords.

Begin with all the chords in root position before moving on to the inversions, building in the nuances and energy as you become more comfortable.

Practicing Chord Progressions In D Major

Just like you did with the C major key, you can begin practicing chord progressions after you grasp each chord individually. The more challenging chords in this key will be the chords that contain the new black keys. Pay particular attention to D, A, B minor, and F# minor when you practice.

To begin learning chord progressions, start again by switching between two chords in the key. You can start with the D major chord and practice alternating to A major and back again.

The 10 Best Piano Songs To Play With Easy Chords

Want to play the best piano songs with chords? Youve come to the right place!

There are many famous songs that we want to play on the piano. There are many versions with arpeggios and chords and we never know which ones to choose.

Piano songs with chords have two advantages. First, they are easier to play than the versions with arpeggios, because they usually contain fewer notes and the chords are repeated often. Second, the chords are easy to sing over and are a perfect accompaniment to the voice.

In short, if you want to sing over your piano accompaniment, chords are the way to go.

To help you do this, we have listed in this article the top 10 piano tunes to play with chords. You will learn the history of the songs, but also all the notes to play for each chord in each track. For each chord you will find a textual explanation, a diagram showing the notes to play, and a tutorial video allowing you to play all the chords of the song.

Ready to play? Lets go!

Tips: you can find all these songs in the catalog of our application dedicated to simplified piano learning. You can learn them at your own pace by connecting your piano to your device. You can also find more tutorials like this in our articles about the easiest songs to play with letters and the best piano songs to learn with numbers.

Joris, the author of this article, recommends the following resource: Piano tutorials: learn the 10 easiest songs

Learn to play the best piano songs with chords

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Easy Piano Songs That Sound Complicated But Arent

Do you want to impress people on piano but you only have basic skills?

It sounds like some beginner piano songs and pop songs on piano would be a great thing for you you just need to make sure they can be learned.

This is why I keep this list of 25 easy piano songs that sound complicated but aren’t and update it where possible.

According to this study by Peter Jutras, learning and playing piano gives people feelings of accomplishment and confidence. This can also apply to other instruments like the ukulele and trying to learn drums.

Learning some easy piano songs is a big help. Read on for my guide to these 25 simple piano songs.

Billie Jean Michael Jackson

Easy and Popular Piano Sheet Music!

Just for fun, lets look at Billie Jean from the album Thriller, which dates back to 1982. Well focus on the synth parts in this song. In the right hand, play these three chords: F#min G#min A G#min. For these chords, there is a four-note bassline for the left hand to play. When the chords change to Bbmin, there is a second bassline. Using these two basslines and two chord sections, you can play the verses and choruses. Play along with the video below:

Thank you HDPiano for the use of this video.

I hope these piano pop songs for beginners help you learn how to play the piano. Here are 15 more piano pop songs to try, and 15 piano solos that are easier than they seem. Keep practicing them and then make your own list of new pop songs to learn!

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La Valse Damelie By Yann Tiersen

Amelie made everyone believe you could find love in Paris at any street corner. Well.. while that might be a bit romanticised, the movie will certainly make you fall in love with the soundtrack. Composed by Yann Tiersen and released in 2001, La Valse dAmelie will get you playing what-if scenarios in your head all evening.

Play the piano sheet music of La Valse dAmelie

Easy Piano Pop Songs For Beginners

Pop music is great fun to play on the piano. You can lose yourself in the songs and imagine yourself as the next Taylor Swift.

Add a selection of these easy piano songs to your repertoire, and it wont be long before youre wowing your friends and family with your piano playing prowess.

All the songs included in the list have a video of someone playing the song, and some include a chord sheet or lead sheet.

If youve never used a lead sheet before, it provides the basic structure of the song. You play the chords with your left hand and the melody with your right hand. Use a lead sheet as a guide, and with a little practice, youll soon be creating your own versions of your favorite songs.

Our list of easy piano pop songs is designed to give you the confidence to play the popular songs that we all love, some of which weve grown up listening to. If this is why you wanted to play the piano in the first place, you are going to have so much fun playing pop songs from across the decades.

The best of it is, you dont even need to read sheet music. The lead and chord sheets will give you all the information you need to play everyones favorite pop songs.

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Beat It Michael Jackson

Everyone should know how to play the guitar line to Beat It. It should be a law. The melody is also super fun and catchy.

The tune is very E Minor pentatonic, making it a lot of fun to play along with the recording.

Maybe if youre feeling adventurous you could try learning Eddie Van Halens guitar solo but thats not for the faint of heart.

Holy Spirit Jesus Culture

LEARN 4 CHORDS AND PLAY 10 SONGS ON PIANO – Easy Beginner Piano Tutorial

In 2012, Jesus Culture released their album Live from New York. And just as the album title depicts, this album was recorded in New York. And one of the more popular songs on the album is Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit is originally in the Key of D. There are three chords in this song: D, G, and Emin. You might think this is a complex song to play on the piano when youre a beginner. But its actually quite simple when I break it down.

There are three different chord progressions for different sections of the song.

The chord progression of the Intro and Verses are D-G

The Chorus has a slightly different progression. And it is D-G-Emin

The Bridge also has a slightly different chord progression, but its quite simple, actually. The progression on the Bridge is G-D-Emin-D

Do well to check out the chord charts or the video tutorial for an easy-to-follow piano.

Theres nothing worth more,that will ever come closeNothing can compare, Youre our living hopeYour Presence LordHoly Spirit You are welcome hereCome flood this place and fill the atmosphereYour Glory God is what our hearts long forTo be overcome by Your Presence Lord

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What Are Diminished Piano Chords

The diminished triad uses a minor third, and a lowered fifth, called a diminished fifth. A diminished fifth is three whole-steps, or six half-steps, above the root note. To find the notes of a diminished chord, count a step-and-a-half from the root to the third, and then a step-and-a-half from the third to the fifth.

Are diminished chords used in rock songs?

Diminished keyboard chords are less common than major and minor chords, but are still frequently used in rock and pop songs. They have a spooky, tense sound. The most common use of a diminished chord is to transition between two other, more stable-sounding chords. You can hear a diminished chord used in this way in the song God Only Knows by The Beach Boys.

Common diminished piano chords include:

  • C diminished . C – Eb – Gb
  • C# diminished . C# – E – G
  • D diminished . D – F – Ab
  • D# diminished . D# – F# – A
  • E diminished . E – G – Bb
  • F diminished . F – Ab – Cb
  • F# diminished . F# – A – C
  • G diminished . G – Bb – Db
  • G# diminished . G# – B – D
  • A diminished . A – C – Eb
  • A# diminished . A# – C# – E
  • B diminished . B – D – F
  • Preparation: Memorizing Four Basic Piano Chords

    Most pop songs are based on a simple standard chord progression of four piano chords. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll show you the standard chord progression in the key of C major. You can also transfer them later on to other keys and bring more variation into your playing.

    The chord progression consists of four basic chords:

    In the following tutorial, you’ll see how you can play these four piano chords with your left hand. Take 15-20 minutes to memorize the chords until you can play them effortlessly. The chord symbols in the sheets will help you commit them to memory. Before moving on to the next step, make sure you can play the chords with your left hand without having to look at the keys.

    Practice the four basic chords in your left hand with this tutorial until you can play them “blindly”

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    Easy Songs To Play On The Piano For Beginners

    Founder of MidderMusic. From numerous bands to stints working in music shops, read more about me on the ‘Here’s My Story‘ page!

    When you first start learning any instrument, the drive comes from the music itself. Ultimately, you want to be able to play a song from start to finish.

    Unfortunately, as with anything, progress is slow in the early days whilst you get to grips with the basics.

    If you follow a curriculum, the piano songs you learn as a beginner tend to be things like Happy Birthday or Frére Jaques, which just arent going to cut the mustard.

    As an adult learner, it can feel beneath you to learn a nursery rhyme like Three Blind Mice, but it is a step every starter pianist needs to get through.

    Once you have the fundamentals and can hold simple songs to play with your left hand playing independently from your right, there are plenty of easy piano songs for beginners you can give a whirl before the boredom well and truly sets in.

    This is especially true for those looking to master popular chord progression and play contemporary songs rather than classical songs, which tend to be more demanding of a player and require discipline and proficiency in playing the piano well.

    So we have done our best to brief you on what your journey entails, provide some insight into easy piano songs to play, and list our recommended piano songs for beginners to try.

    Let It Go By Idina Menzel

    BLACKBIRD The Beatles Easy Piano Sheet music

    Musical Theater/Movie Soundtrack, Power Ballad

    From the popular movie Frozen, you can play this song two ways in a Broadway/movie soundtrack style, or in a rock ballad style as Demi Lovato covered. Both ways sound outstanding on the piano. This song has many diverse elements, including softer verses, driven choruses, and a climactic bridge. This is the #1 most-requested song for piano players today.

    Heres how to play Let It Go on the piano:

    Thank you Music By Motoko for the use of this video.

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    Love Me Like You Do Ellie Goulding

    The song is better suited to piano players with a little more experience. Its written in the key of Ab Major and uses the chords associated with that key.

    The song was written for the film Fifty Shades of Grey and performed by the British pop singer Ellie Goulding. The whole song is very much in keeping with her traditional dreamy and melodic style.

    This video slows the song down and provides an excellent tutorial, and includes a lead sheet.

    What Are Minor Piano Chords

    Minor chords, like major chords, contain three basic keyboard notes, a root note, third, and fifth. To play a minor chord, select any root note, then count three half-steps up to the third. From the third, count two whole-steps to find the fifth.

    Minor chords are also very common in rock and pop music. Comfortably Numb is an example of a rock song that begins with a minor chord. Most rock and pop songs use a mixture of major and minor piano chords.

    The third interval in a minor chord is called a minor third. The fifth interval in a minor chord is the same as in a major chord, the interval of a perfect fifth.

    Common minor piano chords include:

  • C minor . C – Eb – G
  • C# minor . C# – E – G#
  • D minor . D – F -A
  • Eb minor . Eb – Gb – Bb
  • E minor . E – G – B
  • F minor . F – Ab – C
  • F# minor . F# – A – C#
  • G minor . G – Bb – D
  • Ab minor . Ab – Cb – Eb
  • A minor . A – C – E
  • Bb minor . Bb – Db – F
  • B minor . B – D – F#
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    Getting The Basics Down

    Some parents are hesitant to teach their children basic music skills because they dont know where to begin. The good news is that you dont need to be a professional player to teach your child easy keyboard songs like the ones below. In fact, you dont need any musical experience to get started you can even learn alongside your child!

    First off, youll need to learn the location of the notes on the piano. Start by finding C its the white key directly to the left of the group of two black keys. Using only the white keys, the notes continue in alphabetical order up to G, and then they restart at A.

    You can label the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, and B with stickers to make it easier for your child. Most easy piano song notes will all fall on the white keys, so theres no need to worry about labeling sharps and flats just yet. Once youve found where these seven notes are, you and your kids can start learning basic piano songs!

    Pro Tip: Listen To Your Favorite Rock Songs

    Learn 4 Chords – Quickly Play Hundreds of Songs! [EASY VERSION]

    Chords are used in almost every song you hear. The opening chord of Let It Be by The Beatles is a C major chord. Listen to some of your favorite songs and see if you can hear the sound of major chords.

    How do you play a major chord on the piano?

    To play a major chord, begin by choosing a root note, which can be any of the keyboard notes From the root note, count up two whole steps. This note is the third, named for being the third note in the key beginning with the root note. From the third, count up one-and-a-half steps, or three half steps. This note is the fifth.

    When you play these three keyboard notes together, you hear a major triad, which has a happy sound. Major keyboard chords are used in almost every rock and pop song.

    Common major piano chords include:

  • C major . C – E – G
  • C# major . C# – E# – G#
  • D major . D – F# – A
  • Eb major . Eb – G – Bb
  • E major . E – G# – B
  • F major . F – A – C
  • F# major . F# – A# – C#
  • G major . G – B – D
  • Ab major . Ab – C – Eb
  • A major . A – C# – E
  • Bb major . Bb – D – F
  • B major . B – D# – F#
  • What are intervals called in a major scale?

    The intervals in a major chord are called a major third, the distance from the root note to the third, and a perfect fifth, the distance from the root to the fifth. We counted the steps from the root to the third and the third to the fifth. To find the interval of a perfect fifth above the root note, count three-and-a-half steps, or a total of seven half-steps.

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    Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Theme

    Although it may not seem so, this piece is also easy to learn using this specific tutorial. Remember to start easy and take your time. You dont have to learn the whole song in one day. Even if it takes you all week, it will be worth it, when you are able to awe your friends while showing off your new piano-playing skills.

    The best way to learn a song with these tutorials is by taking it one part at a time. For example, watch and listen to the first few notes, then pause it, learn it, practice it, then learn the next part and repeat the process until you have learned the whole song. Take time out during the day to go over what you learned so you wont forget.

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