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Stranger Things Theme Song

Piano Finger Numbers (Beginner Piano Lessons: 2)

Genre: Soundtrack

American science fiction horror series Stranger Things was premiered in 2016 and since then it has been one of the most-watched series online. The music has its share in the success of the series. It has been listened to by millions since then and used in many events. The extensive use of synthesizers fits the 1980s theme of the show perfectly. The theme was composed by the band Survive formed of Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. They were inspired by Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre.

Try to be rhythmically precise with your right hand. You can count or use a metronome to stay in the beat. After you learn the correct notes, you can use the sustain pedal to tie to notes. But be sure to clean the pedal when the left-hand plays a different note. Pay attention to the dynamics of the pianist in the video. Try to mimic when he gets quiet or loud.

Seven Nation Army The White Stripes

As soon as I thought about Pumped Up Kicks, this song also came to mind.

Seven Nation Army is a fun song because it has a repeating bass line that thumps through the majority of the song, save for a few power chords that rock through the chorus.

The most fun way to learn this song would be to get the basics down by watching the video, and then playing along to The White Stripes recording.

The recording rocks, and its a lot more fun to play along to Jack White singing.

What If You Are Tone Deaf

Unfortunately, numerous individuals are tone-deaf, meaning they cant distinguish between sounds. However, just because you are not able to perceive tones now, doesnt mean you have to give up your dream to become a musician you can learn how to identify tones.

First, take the tone-deaf test to find out if you really are tone-deaf. This test was created by professional musician-educators with many years of experience in the music industry based on scientific research in tone-deafness. You might be surprised to find that you are not completely tone-deaf.

If you pass, great! However, even if you fail, youre still not out of the Ballpark, there are many online resources to help you learn how to distinguish and recognize tones Musical U is one of them. And dont forget there is still one thing that can help you to be a great musician even if you are tone-deaf and thats memory.

Playing by memory, put into another perspective, is a way that you can fake it until you learn to play by ear. Its what you can do when all else fails, but you should continue to work on recognizing tones while playing by memory.

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Cups By Anna Kendrick

Part of our 4 Easy Songs tutorial, this little number from the Pitch Perfect film series is a fun song for small parties, rainy days in, and other cozy social settings.

Lisas tutorial is perfect for absolute beginners. Itll teach you what chord shells, chords, and chord charts are.

The song is completely in C major, so youll only have to worry about white keys and the four basic chords: C, F, G, and Am.

Now grab some cups, a friend who can duet with you, and have a blast!

The Scientist By Coldplay


Genre: Pop

Coldplay released The Scientist in 2002 in their second album. It is a beautiful piano ballad with melancholic lyrics. Chris Martin wrote The Scientist after listening to George Harrisons All Things Must Pass. It reached number 10 in the UK Charts and the music video won three MTV Music Video Awards.

The first part starts with chords on the right and bass on the left hand. Then the left hand takes over the chords and the right hand plays the melody. This kind of arrangement is especially good if you have a bass player to play with you. Try to be fluent in chord changes. Also, pay attention to the rhythm during the intro.

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She Will Be Loved Maroon 5

Who remembers this classic? Its a great pop song!

Its also relatively easy to learn.

Most of the song revolves around Cm and Bb.

The chorus goes to:

Eb, Bb, Cm, Ab.

Pretty straightforward. The video just shows single notes in the left hand, but because there are so few chords, you should try adding in the chords.

Happy By Pharrell Williams

Genre: Pop

Pharrell Williams wrote and recorded Happy for the soundtrack of the animated film Despicable Me 2. The song has been highly successful, peaking at No. 1 in more than 20 countries and won many awards including multiple Grammy Awards. It was the most successful song of 2014, with 13.9 million units worldwide. Happy is an uptempo soul and neo-soul song with Pharells distinctive falsetto voice.

There are two different sections in this song. During the verse, the right hand plays the same chord with the riff. During the chorus, chords are a little different. Spend some time on the rhythm of the song. You should be able to change between sections flawlessly. The right hand is pretty straight forward with the main melody.

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Do You Want To Build A Snowman Movie Name: Frozen

A song from the movie Frozen called Would You Like to Build a Snowman?. In 2013, Disney released this animated feature film. The song was written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez together with their combined efforts.

The song begins with Anna asking Elsa if she wants to build a snowman with her. When Elsa discovers that it is too cold to play outside, she declines, claiming that she must stay inside since it is too cold to play outside. Anna insists they can have fun together doing other activities instead of playing outside.

Although Elsa refuses, she tells Anna that she needs to go away so she can think about what she wants for herself. Elsa sings, Do You Want to Build a Snowman? as Anna walks away sadly.

Left Hand: Piano Notes With Numbers

[Easy] Hedwig’s Theme – Harry Potter | Piano Tutorial with Finger Numbers

We will now play the left hand notes for the song Amazing Grace by John Newman. Press all the following numbers:

6 1 6 6 1 6 11 3 11 6 1 6 6 1 6 6 1 6 1 5 1 1 5 1 6 1 6 6 1 6 11 3 11 6 1 6 6 1 6 1 5 1 6 1 6 6 1 6.

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Lemon Tree By Fools Garden

Genre: Pop

Lemon Tree was released in 1995 by the German band Fools Garden and it quickly became a major international hit. It reached number one in many European countries and remained at number one for four weeks in Germany. Peter Freudenthaler said that he wrote the song on a Sunday afternoon when he was waiting for his girlfriend.

If you feel warmed up with the previous songs, prepare yourself for a bigger challenge. Intro chords are super fun to play and the short notes, staccato as we call them, sound really nice on piano. In the verse it can be challenging to play the left hand with all the jumping bass + chords, however, you can start with just bass and right-hand melody. Or you can ditch the melody and play the bass and the chords with both hands so you leave the melody for singing.

God Save The Queen English Traditional

God Save the Queen is the national anthem of the United Kingdom.

When referring to a sovereign, the term God Save the King is used.

The origin of this song is obscure. It was first printed in 1744 and performed at the Theatre Royal in Dury Lane the following year.

The song is easy to play on the piano. You can easily learn the notes by following the numbers listed below.

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Our Piano Tab Features

  • Play piano with letters instead of note symbols. An alternate method for a visual learner intimidated by the piano sheet music. A fun and fast way to learn to play piano.

  • The piano tabs display fingering numbers for the right and left hand with red and blue letters. This is an easier way to learn piano sheet music with very little piano training.

  • A keyboard template is used as a guide and is visible at the top of each page. Middle âCâ is highlighted in red or blue in the header for easy reference on where the song starts.

Free Easy Piano Sheet Music

Beginner Happy Birthday Piano Notes In Numbers

Piano sheet music that’s fun to learn and easy to play. Arranged for early to early intermediate levels.

We’ve listed some of our best easy piano pieces below including well known traditional pieces, hymns, classical pieces, and originals written specifically for early elementary through early intermediate students.

Sheet music on our site is free to view and play. Paired with a tablet or even a smartphone, you can easily sight read our pieces in the browser while seated at the piano. We also have an option for PDF downloads/prints for every piece on our site.

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Basic Beginner Piano Songs

Learning the best way to play piano could be a small too scary experience for most of us. Everyone appears to adore the music that comes out of a piano. It can set a mood for relaxation and tranquility. Many of the people can sacrifice a lot just to be told how to play the piano, but it can be too hard to handle. Learning some straightforward steps or some beginner piano songs will help you quick in learning the correct and ideal way to play this instrument.

Playing piano is not that straightforward to do most particularly for those folks that are not well used to music and playing instruments. A piano is an instrument that will bring out many emotions and feelings. Learning to play the piano isnt that hard as long as you follow and stick with the steps of the rule.

Its a large advantage for you to learn playing piano quicker if youve got your instrument, practicing with the actual instrument every day will certainly make you an ideal piano player. Learning it hands on can also aid your hands and fingers to get familiarized with the keys and tunes of the piano.

Piano lessons are rather handy. You can select a piano lesson thatd be available in different forms and approaches. You can bind numerous types of learning technique so you can learn it in a short period. You may search the internet for some online lessons, or you can hire an individual tutor to help you out.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman Frozen

Frozen is one of the most popular piano songs with letters singalong movies among parents everywhere.

This song is beautiful because it sounds complex, especially the arpeggiated sections, but it isnt hard to learn. Heres a simplified version of the easy piano tutorial. Perform these songs from Frozen to impress your friends.

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Numbered Stickers Make It Easy

Cool sticker designs make it fun and easier to play songs!

This is what a numbered keyboard looks like. Numbered notes with octave lines designate what range the note is in. Lines on the left are LOWER, no lines is the MIDDLE and lines on the right are HIGHER pitch notes. The number of octave lines tell you what specific range the note is in. For example, an eight with two octave lines on the right is the 8 note two octaves to the right. Use the numbers and the octave lines to know what note to play.

Five Finger Piano Pieces For Beginners

How To Play Be My Number Two On The Piano – Easy Lesson!

June 23, 2021 By Sara Mullett

These five finger piano pieces are perfect for beginners. Well known tunes like these are great because they give kids a lot of satisfaction and can be learned easily. They work really well when used in a lesson to balance out the more challenging tasks so that the pupil can relax and have fun with the piano.

The first piano lessons are crucial because this is when kids are going to either fall in, or out of love with the piano. Its in these early lessons that its really important for kids to have fun and feel encouraged.

Five finger pieces that everyone recognises and are quick to learn become an excellent incentive to encourage practice.

If you are new to the piano, it may be helpful for you to go to my earlier posts in the First Piano Lessons Series for complete beginners. Id recommend The Easiest Way to Learn the Notes and Introducing the Note Family as places to start, or my First Piano Lessons eBook for the full series.

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I Want You Back By The Jackson 5

Genre: Pop

I Want You Back is the first national single by the Jackson 5. Michael Jackson was the lead singer and he was just 11 when it was released by Motown in 1969. It quickly became the first number-one hit for the band and they appeared on television for the first time performing the song. I Want You Back was ranked 121st on Rolling Stones list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

This is pretty advanced compared to other songs so you should start slow. You can divide into small bits and practice those bits one by one. You can also split the hands and practice separately. Spend some time on the rhythm because it should be groovy at the end.

The Addams Family Theme Song

Genre: Soundtrack

The Addams Family was a 30-minute television series between 1964 and 1966 but one of the main reasons we still remember it is the famous opening theme. It was composed and sung by longtime Hollywood film and television composer Vic Mizzy. Many covers and alternative versions were made since the release and as a result, it took its place in popular culture. For many years, the intro to the song has been a staple at sporting events across Canada and the United States.

You can snap your fingers as in the video to stay in the rhythm during the silent notes. Divide the song into pieces and practice them separately until you feel comfortable. After the intro, you can memorize the right hand before learning the left hand or vice versa. When you come to 0:57 try to play the left hand staccato. Staccato is an articulation signifying a note of shortened duration.

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Stayin’ Alive Bee Gees

Who wouldn’t want to learn this classic disco hit?

Now, I will caution you that there is quite a bit of movement in the melody right off the bat and throughout. But if you can get the hang of that, the rest of the song is relatively easy.

If you’re having trouble, just slow it down until you get it all under your fingers.

Youll Be In My Heart Tarzan

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Music for Guitar and Violin, FREE ...

Difficulty score: 3/10

Around the same era as Elton John writing songs for The Lion King, Phil Collins was given the task for Tarzan.

Youll Be in My Heart has stood the test of time and is one of the easiest Disney piano songs for beginners. Its easily recognizable, too, and not too quick or complex for beginners, children, and adults to learn.

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Easy Piano Songs That Sound Complicated But Arent

Do you want to impress people on piano but you only have basic skills?

It sounds like some beginner piano songs and pop songs on piano would be a great thing for you you just need to make sure they can be learned.

This is why I keep this list of 25 easy piano songs that sound complicated but arenât and update it where possible.

According to this study by Peter Jutras, learning and playing piano gives people feelings of accomplishment and confidence. This can also apply to other instruments like the ukulele and trying to learn drums.

Learning some easy piano songs is a big help. Read on for my guide to these 25 simple piano songs.

Amazing Grace John Newton

Amazing Grace is one of the most popular Christian hymns in the world.

It is originally a poem written by the slave trader John Newman in 1760-1761.

It was later set to music by the composer William Walker. The song was first published in 1835 under the title New Britain.

To play this song, follow the list of numbers associated with the piano notes below.

Learn how to play the piano notes of Amazing Grace in our tutorial section.

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Swan Lake Theme Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

The title theme from Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet is instantly recognizableâand easier to play than you might think! The beautiful, flowing melody uses a fair bit of repetition, so you should be able to get into the rhythm of things quickly.

The piece is pretty evenly divided between the right and left hand. Although you will need to play with both hands simultaneously in a few places, the notes flow into each other so smoothly that you’ll be breezing through them before you know it. Once you’ve mastered the rhythmic patterns in this song, it’s a great piece for showing off your emotional expression.

Beat It Michael Jackson

[Beginner] Hedwig’s Theme – Harry Potter | Piano Tutorial with Finger Numbers

Everyone should know how to play the guitar line to Beat It. It should be a law. The melody is also super fun and catchy.

The tune is very E Minor pentatonic, making it a lot of fun to play along with the recording.

Maybe if youre feeling adventurous you could try learning Eddie Van Halens guitar solo but thats not for the faint of heart.

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