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Bach Minuet In G Major Bwv Anh 116

5 EASY Piano Songs That Sound IMPRESSIVE

I grew up learning this Bach piece and always recommend it to a beginner who can find their way around the instrument. Its a piece that can be played slow and lyrical, or light and upbeat. The left hand supports the right-hand melody and alternates the arpeggiated sections.

The B section of the piece is written in the relative E minor. In this section, there are a couple of accidentals to watch out for like D-sharp.

Overall the same rhythmic motives appear from start to finish in this piece. The harmonies also consistently alternate between I and V throughout the piece.

Una Mattina Ludovico Einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi is famous for his beautifully minimalist sound, which also makes his piano songs some of the best for beginners to learn. Una Mattina is one of the standout songs from the soundtrack of the French film Les Intouchables

Your hands stay anchored around middle C, so theres no jumping around to worry about. This piece opens and closes with a gorgeous melody thats also nice and easy. The pace picks up in the middle section, so you might need to take some time to perfect the pattern, but once youve got it, it all comes together to make for one achingly beautiful piece.

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The 10 Best Piano Songs For Beginners To Learn

Are you just beginning to learn piano? Or picking back up the instrument after a long break? Finding the best piano songs to learn can be tricky when youre still finding your way around the keys.

To make things easier for players just starting out at the piano, weve picked 10 piano pieces that we think are just right for beginners. They have enough complexity to sound impressive and keep you motivated, but theyre also easy enough that they wont take forever to learn. Read on to discover our best piano songs for beginners.

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Easy Piano Songs To Get You Started

If youre reading this youre probably wondering what should I learn first on piano?.

I get it. Weve all been there. There are lots of great songs to choose from.

But heres the thing:

You want to find easy piano songs that sound impressive. That way, when we play in front of friends or family, theyll be floored by how good youve become.

OMG, hes a natural!

So which are these songs? Well, Ive come up with this list of cool piano songs. The good thing about them is that anyone can learn to play them, whatever your skill level. It doesnt matter how long youve been playing.

All you need is a half-decent piano . You dont need to be super talented you just need to follow along with the simple instructions.

You can do that, right?

Ive included a selection of pop songs, nursery rhymes, classical music, and some traditional songs. Each one is a crowd pleaser. You wont need to read any sheet music either, you just need to go through the easy-to-follow videos showing you which fingers to place on which keys.

If your piano has a sustain/damper pedal , make sure you use it it will help you sound more fluid, especially if youre still slow moving from chord to chord. Dont overdo it though or everything will sound muddy.

Bach Minuet In G Major

Free Easy Piano Sheet Music for Progressing Students!

This is an excellent starter piece for Bach. The melody is in the right hand and the left hand supports that melody with moving dotted half notes. Those notes all move at intervals of a 2nd, so its easy to read it from line to line.

Each repeated section of the piece ends in some sort of a cadence, usually V and then moves to the tonic.

While the left hand maintains its simplicity in the second half of the piece, the right hand develops more. The pianist plays in the higher register starting on high B, and has to account for a few C-sharp accidentals along the way.

Technically theirs nothing technically difficult about the piece. Pianists only need to have a firm grip on dotted half notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes. Its written in 3/4, so it has a swinging rhythm to it. The piece is really repetitive, and the same logic can be applied throughout.

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Of The Most Beautiful Piano Pieces Of All Time

If you are learning how to play the piano, you are probably interested in playing some beautiful pieces that your family members and friends will love. Of course, you will turn to classical piano, as that will not only challenge your technical abilities but also give you access to some beautiful repertoire that other genres simply cannot match.

With this in mind, what are the most beautiful piano pieces of all time? Take a look at our list below, and see if you are ready to tackle any of these pieces.

Reading Music: Hands Separate

Practise with each hand separately, switching when one tires. This will help you focus on technique. Only when you become comfortable with a passage should you practise with both of your hands at the same time.

As you practice, memorize the piece at the same time. This is an efficient way of memorization because its far easier to memorize a piece while youre learning it. There are many piano learning books that you can use, from old excersises from Czerny to modern methods with contemporary songs. Here we will present you 8 piano songs that are excellent for beginners!

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Edvard Grieg Morning Mood From Peer Gynt Op 13

You will recognize this song. Its a common lullaby and it was also featured in a certain Bugs Bunny cartoon.

It has a relaxed melody that is mostly made up of single notes with a simple rhythm. The left-hand rolls C major and A minor chords.

You should look for an easy piano arrangement of the song. Most easy versions will be in C, which makes it easier to play.

Most people just learn the first part of the piece, which comes in at around a minute long. Its a great one to memorize and play for an audience, as so many people are familiar with it!

Grieg Morning Mood From Peer Gynt Op 13

10 BEAUTIFUL piano pieces you WANT to learn TODAY! (Or in 2020)

You may recognize this piece from a Bugs Bunny cartoon for its relaxed, harp-like melody. Its really easy to pick up this piece, and there are plenty of easy arrangements of it. My favorite easy arrangement of this Grieg piece is this one.

Its arranged well with the left hand rolling the C major and A minor chords. Because of the simplified key signature, its much easier to digest this as simple triads and inverted ones. There a couple of accidentals further down the page as the harmonies change, but the essence of the original piece is captured.

The right-hand takes care of the moving quarter notes with a few eighth notes added into the middle section. Overall the piece is short at just a minute long, and its an easy read.

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Schumann Kinderszenen Movement 1

Movement 1 is a great piece to play on its own, especially for concert encores. This is a playful melody focusing on childhood memories. The movement is a short one-page work, mostly in G major with a quick shift to E minor in the B section.

Most of the piece can be divided into groups of 8 measures, so its easy to digest whats happening and memorize it.

The middle section is in E minor and shifts the melodic material from the right hand into the left hand. Overall the dotted rhythm returns throughout the piece, so once that rhythm is polished the most difficult part is mastered.

Pianists who play this will need to get comfortable taking part of the triplet rhythm in the left hand and transfer that note to the thumb of the right hand. Its very natural to do this with the thumb, making the piece sound smooth overall.

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Easy Piano Songs That Sound Complicated

Most of us want to learn to play an instrument, but sometimes its hard to have patience to learn complex pieces of music, which is why this list of 16 easy piano songs that sound complicated is a great source.

I play a little bit of piano, but not enough to sit there and play an intricate jazz piece without wanting to tear off my legs. I think pianos are cool, though, and Id love to be able to play something super complicated and impress all the people around me. My life could be like Glee. I could be Brad whos always coming in the clutch to play whatever song Santana wants. Thats really all Id want to know how to play the piano well for.


If youre new to the piano, you probably have other priorities, which is why youre checking out this list. You probably want to impress your friends without a ton of work . There are plenty of songs out there that are easy to play even though they sound like theyre hard. We came up with a dazzling selection from some trusted sources: TakeLessons, ListVerse, and Quora. If youre determined, youll have no problem mastering this list.

For those not quite familiar with sheet music or piano keys yet, take a look at our list of 10 Popular Piano Songs For Beginners With Letters. There are a lot of great songs on that list, but for those of you who want something a little more challenging, keep reading to find out 16 easy piano songs that sound complicated.

Claire De Lune Bu Debussy

30 best Easy Piano Sheet Music For Kids images on Pinterest

This is a popular piece and one of the most popular pieces from the composer. As with the songs from Bach and Beethoven, the middle section of this piece is quite difficult.

However, the introductory part is a good way for beginners to learn how to play pieces. It is a beautiful composition that sounds hard but is simple to play.

Debussy was inspired by Gamelan music, which doesn’t employ the 12 notes. Instead of that, he based his piece on the collection of five notes, specifically the pentatonic collection.

The piece is in F minor and Db major and the pentatonic scale reflects that.

Although it might seem challenging because of the numerous chords, mastering it will be pleasurable and will do wonders for your ability to play even more challenging pieces.

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Moonlight Sonata Ludwig Van Beethoven

We had to start this list with a classic. Beethovens Moonlight Sonata is not only one of the composers best-known pieces, its famous first movement is also accessible for beginners. Its intended to be played with a slow and steady beat . The melody follows a gentle, repetitive pattern and there are just a few sharps that you need to keep an eye on. All in all, its one of the best classical piano songs for beginners to have in their repertoire.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Theme

This is another famous piano piece that has embedded itself in popular culture. Part of what makes it a good beginner piece is how recognizable it is.

The left had plays broken triads for almost the entire song and outlines the chord structure. This is a good place to start learning the left hand and memorizing the chord structure.

As you learn the left hand, begin learning the melody in the right hand. The right hand can play the melody one note at a time, which makes it simple to play hands together.

There isnt a whole lot of syncopation between hands.

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Beethoven Moonlight Sonata Movement 1

While the final movement of the Moonlight Sonata is quite the project, the first movement is certainly attainable for pianists with a bit of experience. The left hand maintains a constant grouping of triplets that help guide the piece along in C sharp minor.

As the piece progresses it goes through several modulations from C sharp minor to E major, to B minor and finally concluding in C sharp minor.

In the right hand is where the melody is controlled, mostly with the pinky finger taking on that responsibility. The hands dont shift very much throughout the piece, but the final page features a collection of arpeggios shifting from C sharp minor to A flat major.

Saties Gymnopdie No 1

5 Famous Classical Music Pieces – Very Easy and Slow Piano tutorial – Beginner

This beautiful piece by Eric Satie is featured in numerous films and TV shows. What makes this an ideal classical piano piece for beginners to start with is its relatively short length, about three minutes long, and its repeating left-hand chord pattern. Start by learning the right-hand melody. When you are ready to learn the left-hand, first practice the low notes in the first beat of each measure to help you see the pattern. Then study the chords that fall on the second beat of each measure. When you are ready to practice with your hands together, a good intermediary step is to play only the first beat of the left-hand while playing the right-hand melody. If you encounter a left-hand chord that is too large to play with one hand, see if you can use the right hand to help you play the top note of the chord. Here is a video of some beautiful paintings you can view while listening to a recording of Saties Gymnopédie No. 1.

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Schumann Album For The Young

This is a collection of short, and simple pieces for young pianists. In all, the entire set is around an hour long! There are many movements in here that I would suggest starting with the first one before moving on.

The collection advances progressively, so as pianists move throughout the book, more technical challenges are required of them. For new pianists, the later pieces will be too hard, but they certainly can work through the first couple of pieces in the book with ease.

I recommend checking out the Henle edition of this work. That version contains this piece along with Kinderszenen which is a great pairing and can be taught side by side. Overall Album For The Young is perfect for students who have a firm grip on pulse, and know eighth notes and how to read sharps and flats.

Ludwig Van Beethoven Ode To Joy

Ode to Joy is often taught to young pianists, as it can be simplified to single note sections in both the left and right hands.

The left hand can follow the simple I IV I V I pattern for the length of the song, and eventually joins the right hand on the melody part.

The right hand moves in quarter notes that fall on every beat of the 4/4 bar. There are a couple rhythms that include dotted quarter notes and eighth notes, but nothing too complicated.

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Schumann: Einsame Blumen From Waldszenen

was married to one of the greatest pianists of his era . So its no surprise he wrote some of the best piano music of the Romantic age.

Waldszenen, or Forest Scenes is a collection of piano miniatures describing scenes from a cosy Wayside Inn to a lively hunt. The most approachable of the bunch is Einsame Blumen or Lonely Flowers. No one writes a melody like good old Schumann.

Debussy Claire De Lune

Free Easy Piano Sheet Music for Progressing Students!

Claire de Lune is one of those pieces that every pianist should have under their fingers. However, its also more complex than it appears at first glance. It starts off with a collection of thirds that form the main melody.

This is later expanded throughout the piece, repeated with more decorative chords and sixteenth note passages that can be tough to understand fully. An intermediate student with a firm knowledge of basic scales and triads will be able to achieve this with solid fingering.

My suggestion for beginners wanting to perform this piece is to get a hold of a simplified arrangement of this. This arrangement of Claire de Lune by Alfred is what I recommend. They do a fine job of separating the melody out clearly but also leaving enough supporting parts to make it sound just as good as the original.

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Easy But Beautiful Piano Pieces That Sound Impressive

Are you ready to learn some easy but beautiful piano pieces that sound impressive? Start from some we have picked here.

What are most beautiful and most impressive piano compositions? Well, it is of course matter of opinion. But there are those famous songs and compositions that most people would agree on. Probably most of those would not be suitable for the very beginners in piano playing, if you are one of those, better first learn some of the Easiest Popular Piano Songs for Beginners with Letters. But, in order to sound impressive, it has to be a little bit harder than that.


Piano is more than often first choice of musical instrument to learn. It is also usually taught as a second instrument in music schools. That is because you can adapt almost any piece of music for piano, and it will still sound full because of the polyphony you can achieve by playing it. It is also visually easy to memorize a music piece on the piano. That makes a tough choice of choosing most impressive and beautiful but easy piano pieces to play.

There are a bunch of websites recommending piano sheet music, like Easy Sheet Music, Free Sheet Piano Music, or KevinHabits. Recommendations for easy but beautiful piano pieces to learn can also be found on specialized websites for piano music and piano players, like Piano Street or Piano Forum. Also there are some nice advice on Take Lessons for nice sounding piano pieces for beginners.

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