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In Christ Alone Keith & Kristyn Getty

Amazing Grace – Christian Hymn | EASY Piano Tutorial

In Christ Alone is an old classic worship song by Adrienne Liesching that will remain relevant for years to come. There are many renditions of this song, including one by Keith & Kristyn Getty.

Its not one of the easiest songs on this list, but its fairly easy to play on the piano. And youll definitely enjoy playing it.

In Christ alone, my hope is foundHe is my light, my strength, my songThis cornerstone, this solid groundFirm through the fiercest drought and storm

Touch Of Heaven Hillsong

Touch of Heaven is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful worship songs from Hillsong.

The songs original key is A, and there are five chords in this song A, C#min, D, E, and F#min. And there are two main chord progressions for the entire.

The first chord progression is for the Intro, Verse, and Pre-Chorus. And it is D F#min A, E

And the chord progression for the Chrous and Bridge is D E F#min C#min

Lord I know my heart wants more of YouMy heart wants something newSo I surrender allAll I want is to live within Your love Be undone by who You areMy desire is to know You deeperLord I will open up againThrow my fears into the windI am desperate for a touch of heaven

One Thing Remains Jesus Culture

Last but not least save the finest for last, This might be your favorite song for the next ten years especially the chorus!

The only issue with Jesus Cultures One Thing Remains is its complexity. Its a little more difficult to learn . The chords are C. G. D. Em. and Am. and theyre all quite straightforward to learn .

Em. C. G. Drepeat is the chord progression for the chorus. Its also rather straightforward. The issue arises from the needed speed of chord changes. In the chorus, you should change every 2 seconds or so. and in the verses, you should change every 3 seconds or so.

After some high-quality practice, youll be able to play this song beautifully after you get skilled at your chord changes!

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Mighty To Save Hillsong Worship

Mighty to Save by Hillsong is also an old classic worship song that is still as powerful as when it was first released in 2006. And just like many classic worship songs, there are many different versions of this song.

And this is also not as simple as many of the songs on this list, but its easy to be learned by beginner pianists.

Love thats never failingLet mercy fall on meEveryone needs forgivenessThe kindness of a saviourThe hope of nationsSaviour, He can move the mountainsMy God is mighty to saveHe is mighty to saveForeverHe rose and conquered the graveJesus conquered the grave

How Great Is Our God Chris Tomlin

Free Easy Christian Piano Sheet Music For Beginners

For so many years, How Great is Our God by Chris Tomlin has remained relevant. From when it was released in 2004 till this day, this song is sung in churches worldwide and is still played on the radio.

Its a fantastic worship song that an entire congregation can sing along and relate to. And there have been so many renditions of it since it was released, including a World Edition, which features many languages worldwide.

Regardless of its popularity, How Great is Our God is such an easy song to play, even for beginner piano players.

The original key of the song is C# and has only four chords C#, Bb minor, F#, and Ab.

The chord progression of the song is C# Bb minor F# Ab . And this chord progression is repeated throughout the entire song with no changes.

Check out some snippets of the Lyrics

Lyrics Snippet

The splendor of a King, clothed in majestyLet all the earth rejoiceAll the earth rejoiceHe wraps himself in Light, and darkness tries to hideAnd trembles at His voiceTrembles at His voiceHow great is our God, sing with meHow great is our God, and all will seeHow great, how great is our God

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Nothing I Hold Onto Will Reagan & United Pursuit

Although this is a fairly old song, I discovered it quite recently. I had to include this in the list because its one of the easiest worship songs to play on the piano. And not only is it easy to play, but its also quite a powerful song when you listen to the lyrics.

Nothing I Hold Onto is originally in the key of G and has only three chords G, Emin, C. And the progression is . This is repeated throughout the entire song.

I lean not on my understandingMy life is in the hands of the Maker of heavenI give it all to you God, trusting thatYoull make something beautiful out of me

How Great Thou Art

Like Amazing Grace, this is one of the most beloved hymns of all time. How Great Thou Art first made its appearance in America roughly a century ago and continues to be a classic. To play the song you will only need to know about a half-dozen chords and they appear very regularly, so if you master one verse and the chorus youll have the whole song.

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Yes I Will Vertical Worship

Yes I Will is a very beautiful worship song from Vertical Worship that I came across recently. Its a song that admonishes us to praise and worship God in the bad and the good times.

And it also encourages us to put our faith in God because he has never failed and will never fail.

This is a very simple song to play on the piano because the chord progression is simple and repeats throughout the song. The original key of Yes I Will is C, and this song has four chords C, F, G, and Amin.

The chord progression of yes I will is F C G Amin with a slight difference in the Chorus. Check out the piano tutorial video to learn the nuances.

Yes I will lift You highIn the lowest valleyYes I will bless Your nameYes I will sing for joyWhen my heart is heavyAll my daysYes I will

God Of Wonders Third Day

Easy-to-Play Piano “Here I Am to Worship” – (Matt McCoy)

As the hymn says, God of wonders beyond our galaxy Its simple to learn and play , and its a touch more lively, making it suitable for use amid any worship part.

G. D. Em. C is the chord progression. However, I should tell out that this is a more challenging tune.

Youll note that many of the guitar tabs I posted include more difficult techniques like pounding guitar strings and sliding.

For the time being, ignore those approaches . Right now, you should concentrate on learning the chords and transitioning quickly enough to play God of Wonders smoothly.

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Holy Spirit Bryan And Katie Torwalt

Bryan and Katie Torwalts song Holy Spirit was written in the key of E. Playing it in E, however, introduces an F Sharp Minor Chord and a B Chord. Both of these chords are bar chords!

The chord chart for F#m and B below shows how difficult bar chords are to perform. On the second fret, a whole bar for F#m and a five-string second fret bar for B. There are some tricky guitar notes in there!

To get around this and make the song more approachable for beginners. I transposed the entire song down 9 half steps . This changed the key from E to G, allowing us to play the same chords as the rest of the songs! Isnt it fantastic?

The same chords can be re-used and practiced over and over, G. C. Am are the chord progression. The D chord only appears in the bridge here, as it did in Cornerstone, G. C. and Am are used exclusively in the rest of the piece.

Come Now Is The Time To Worship Brian Doerksen

The song Come, Now Is the Time to Worship was created in 1998 and is based on a four-chord sequence. Only in the chorus does the fifth chord occur.

It was because of this simplicity that the song became one of the most memorable worship anthems of the late 1990s. Wendy Whitehead sang on the original live recording from 1998.

The four chords are simple for a novice guitarist to master, and the progression is straightforward. After youve mastered this, practice adding the fifth chord and youre done.

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First 50 Worship Songs You Should Play on Piano – Easy Piano – Book 712421

What Are The Most Popular Songs From Simply Piano Worship Songs

Billboard Top Christian Songs (Easy Piano)

The most popular songs from Simply Piano Worship Songs are You Alone , He Reigns , Breath of Heaven , Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing / If You Could Hie to Kolob , If We’re Honest , God of This City , Held , You Are Mine , What a Beautiful Name , Take My Life , Glorious , 10000 Reasons , Here Is Our King , Just Be Held and Jesus Messiah .

The most popular songs from Simply Piano Worship Songs are You Alone , He Reigns , Breath of Heaven , Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing / If You Could Hie to Kolob , If We’re Honest , God of This City , Held , You Are Mine , What a Beautiful Name , Take My Life , Glorious , 10000 Reasons , Here Is Our King , Just Be Held and Jesus Messiah .

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Amazing Grace By Chris Tomlin

I love this song because its a modern twist on a traditional classic. Our version is in C major, which means there are no black keys to worry about.

But wait, what do all those slashes mean?

Those are called slash chords, and they look more daunting than they are. Lets use F/C as an example.

The letter on the left of the slash tells you what chord to play with your right-hand. So in this case, youll play an F chord.

The letter on the right tells you what note to play with your left-hand. In this case, a C.

So youll play an F chord in your right hand with a C note in the left.

This rule is true for ALL slash chords.

Just remember: left letter = right hand chord right letter = left hand note.

First 50 Hymns You Should Play On Piano

Publisher Desc.

50 timeless hymns for beginning pianists to learn, including: Amazing Grace, Be Thou My Vision, Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, For the Beauty of the Earth, Holy, Holy, Holy, I Surrender All, Jesus Paid It All, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, Nearer, My God, to Thee, Rock of Ages, Were You There? and more.

  • All Creatures of Our God and King
  • All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
  • Battle Hymn of the Republic
  • Be Thou My Vision
  • Come Christians Join to Sing
  • Come Thou Almighty King
  • Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
  • Come Ye Thankful People Come
  • Crown Him with Many Crowns
  • Eternal Father Strong to Save
  • For the Beauty of the Earth
  • Have Thine Own Way Lord
  • Holy, Holy, Holy
  • I Am Thine O Lord
  • I Love to Tell the Story
  • I Need Thee Every Hour
  • I Sing the Mighty Power of God
  • I Surrender All
  • It is Well with My Soul
  • Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee
  • Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
  • A Mighty Fortress is Our God
  • My Faith Looks Up to Thee
  • Nearer My God, to Thee
  • O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing
  • O Master Let Me Walk with Me
  • O Worship the King
  • Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow
  • Praise to the Lord the Almighty
  • Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us
  • Softly and Tenderly
  • This is My Father’s World
  • ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
  • We Gather Together
  • What a Friend We Have in Jesus
  • When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
  • Whiter Than Snow

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What Makes A Worship Song Easy To Play On Guitar

There are easy songs, and there are difficult songs. What distinguishes one from the other?

The first point we have to consider is speed. Is this a fast BPM song that’ll force you to transition between chords at a lightning pace? If so, it’s fair to classify it as intermediate or advanced .

After checking out the BPM and making sure everything is set, the next thing we look at are the actual chords themselves. Are there bar chords involved? Are there chords where your fingers stretch along multiple frets, making them hard for a beginner to grasp?

Once we’ve analyzed each chord and figured out how difficult the song truly is to play from scratch, we can give it a final rating.

All of the songs listed above are in the beginner range .

Where You Go I Go Brian & Jenn Johnson

What A Friend We Have In Jesus Easy Piano Tutorial – Christian Hymn

Where You Go I Go was released in 2016 and is on the album We Believe by Brian & Jenn Johnson. And just as the title depicts, this song talks about being a disciple of God, obeying his Word, and following where he leads.

The song is in the Key of A minor. And it has only one chord progression that gets repeated throughout the entire song. The chord progression of this song is Amin G Dmin .

Although I didnt find a piano tutorial video for this song, I believe if you listen to the song and follow the chord charts, you should be able to easily play this song on the piano.

Where you go I goWhat you say I say What you pray I prayWhat you pray I pray

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Cody Carnes Nothing Else

Nothing Else by Cody Carnes is such a unique spirit-filled Christian worship song. This song talks about the songwriter and many Christians usually concerned about what they can get from God the blessings, favor, mercy, grace, and all of that good stuff God has to offer to his children.

And they are so caught up in these things that they have forgotten about the things God also needs from us. So this song is an apology to God. And at the same time, Cody Carnes is proclaiming to God that He is all he needs and nothing else.

This is also such an easy song to play on the piano. The song is in the Key of C, which is an easy key to play. And it has three main progressions. The chord progression of the Chorus is D m F C . The chord progression of the Verse is F C F C . And the chord progression of the bridge is quite similar to the Chorus, and it is D m F A m G

Im caught up in Your presenceI just want to sit here at Your feetIm caught up in this holy momentI never want to leaveOh, Im not here for blessingsJesus, You dont owe me anythingMore than anything that You can doI just want You

Easiest Gospel Songs To Play On Piano

If youre still attempting to master the keys of the piano and have one to borrow at your local church, take a look at these easiest gospel songs to play on piano.

Before we move any further with our article, we want you to understand the importance of the benefits of playing an instrument like the piano. Playing the piano will help to improve your body by improving your motor skills, hand-eye coordination, the levels of Human Growth Hormone . Its interesting, isnt it? When it comes to putting your whole body and soul into creating something beautiful for the ear you are also sharpening your intellect at the same time. This is partially because using the same parts of the brain that are being used in math. Fun fact, children who had a couple of years piano study remember twenty percent more words than their peers. At the end of the day, mental health is the most important and it is good to know that piano can improve it and it can reduce the feeling of anxiety, loneliness, and depression.


Before we start the countdown, well tell you why we think these are the easiest gospel songs to play on piano. We dug deep on the internet and we end up using Quora and HubPages to see what are the easiest gospel songs you can learn to play on a piano. After we collected peoples opinions from our sources, first we took the gospel songs which are repeated on both sources. When it comes to sorting, we sorted the list by the number of mentions.

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Surrounded Michael W Smith

Michael W. Smith released his album Surrounded in 2018. And the albums title track, Surrounded, happened to be the most popular song on the album.

The song was such a success there are many renditions of it from different worship bands. Two of the most popular notable versions of Surrounded are by UPPERROOM and Elevation Worship.

This is a song that is perfect for when youre praying. And not only is it easy to play on the piano, but its also a simple congregational with easy-to-learn lyrics.

The song is originally in Bb, and there are only four chords in this song Bb, Eb, F, and Gmin.

There are two main chord progressions for this song, and I highly recommend you check out the video tutorial to learn the different nuances in how this song is played. Or check out the chord charts to follow along with the chord progressions.

It may look like Im surroundedBut Im surrounded by YouThis is how I fight my battlesThis is how I fight my battles

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