Difference Between Piano And Keyboard


Main Differences Between Keyboard And Piano

What Is the Difference Between Piano and Keyboard?
  • Both of them can be easily differentiated based on their keys. Keys of the keyboard are lighter and easier to press with a soft hand, whereas the keys of the piano are comparatively difficult to press due to their heavier weight.
  • In terms of economical, keyboards are more economical due to their lower cost, it is because they are best suited for beginners who can easily afford them, whereas pianos are less economical due to their expensive cost as some of them are vintage while others are used by professionals mostly.
  • In terms of maintenance also, piano, as mentioned above, is costly and one of the factors that add to its cost is their maintenance expenses, as it can fall out of its tune due to several factors it requires regular maintenance while keyboards require comparatively less or little maintenance, it can be cleaned to remove the dust mostly, which further reduces its cost.
  • They can be differentiated on the basis of their accessibility. A piano is mostly heavier and is difficult to find and therefore requires professionals to carry out and place into the area, which also requires extra fees and keyboard is light and hence can be ordered online and also does not require any professional help and fees.
  • What Is Your Budget

    The final consideration to make is your budget. There is a wide range of price points for both digital pianos and keyboards and there is a lot of overlap between the best piano keyboards. In general, the higher the price, the higher the quality of these instruments. So if touch and sound quality are more important to you, aim to budget a little higher and you will have a nice instrument that will be fun and inspiring to play. After all, learning piano should be fun, right?

    What Is The Best Choice For A Beginner

    It is important to ask yourself why you want to learn how to play piano when deciding whether to purchase a digital piano or keyboard. Do you really want an acoustic piano but dont have the room? In that case, a digital piano will be your best bet. Are you looking for something portable that you can carry with you and jam with friends? In that case, then a keyboard is a better choice. Are you looking for something that sounds great, feels solid, and looks nice in your home? Then a digital piano is more likely for you. Do you want something with a wide range of tones? Then a keyboard will work better.

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    Questions To Ask Yourself

    Before we proceed to the digital piano vs. keyboard comparison, it is essential to ask ourselves some questions to help you discern the exact difference between the keyboard and digital pianos.

    The following will assist you in making a better choice when you go to purchase an instrument for yourself:

    • Which one is more mobile?
    • Which one sounds better?
    • Which one feels better than the other?
    • Which is better for certain occasions?
    • What features does each offer and how much does it cost?

    If you still cant get the answers to this, there is no need to worry.

    Sound Quality And The Feel

    Difference Between The Piano And Keyboard

    When comparing electric piano vs. keyboard, sound quality and feel are some of the most important areas to discuss.

    Digital pianos are designed to produce sound and feel like an acoustic piano.

    Their sound quality comes by taking the best acoustic piano sound samples and recording them with impressive technology.

    This, however, doesnt mean that they are perfect stimulation of acoustic one, but it gets better with a high-end digital piano.

    They also come with additional sounds from different instruments and a set of effects making performance even more versatile.

    Keyboards are also enjoyable instruments for learning and practice.

    They come with great features that can be used in music making and learning.

    They, however, do not give you the authenticity that you can find in an acoustic or a digital piano.

    When it comes to keys feel, digital pianos come with technology known as Graded Hammer key action that makes them more sensitive to pressure.

    Keyboards, on the other hand, come mostly with soft keys that dont have the graded key action.

    You can, however, find this to some high-end keyboards with this feature.

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    Digital Piano Vs Keyboard: Key Action

    The term key action describes how heavy your keyboard’s keys are to press down. An acoustic piano has quite a heavy action, with each key weighted differently according to where it is on the keyboard – lower notes are heavier, and the key weight reduces as you go up towards the higher notes at the right end of the keyboard. The weight also affects how the keys bounce back after being played, which forms an integral part of how a real piano feels to play, and in turn informs the technique involved in learning to play the piano properly. Because of this, digital pianos nearly all feature weighted or semi-weighted keys to emulate the feel of their acoustic counterparts.

    In contrast, most electronic keyboards have lighter, ‘synth action’ keys that don’t require as much effort to press down, so these are usually much easier for beginners to get to grips with.

    Which Style Of Music Does Your Child Want To Play

    Frequently, pianos are associated with playing classical music, but they also sound fantastic with jazz and blues compositions. Similarly, keyboards are more often associated with pop music or even hard rock and heavy metal.

    Of course, just because these are the most common uses for these instruments does not mean that they are exclusive. Consider how artists like Billy Joel and Elton John have created careers by playing piano on pop albums. Additionally, jazz and blues musicians are known to utilize keyboards on their songs, and classical music can be played on keyboards or on digital pianos, which have weighted keys.

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    Digital Piano Vs Keyboard

    Many students that are interested in learning to play the piano dont start by playing a grand piano. Because of the high cost and amount of space required, most people will buy a digital piano or a keyboard when they are starting to learn the piano. Its not uncommon for people to use the terms digital piano and keyboard interchangeably. What many people dont know is that there are significant differences between digital or electronic pianos and keyboards. Well explain some of the differences and what they mean for the music that each instrument is able to produce. Hopefully, youll know everything you need to when youre ready to buy a keyboard or piano.

    The Main Differences between a Digital Piano and Keyboard

    Digital pianos and keyboards are designed to accomplish very different things. A digital piano as the name suggests, is intended simply to be a digital replication of an acoustic or grand piano. They have weighted keys so that the experience of playing one more closely resembles a traditional piano.

    Theyre ideal for those who want to learn to play the piano but dont want the incredibly high price tag. Not to mention the hassle of finding space for one. After all, theres almost nothing cheap, easy, or convenient about a traditional piano.

    Digital pianos have been designed to be less expensive, easier to maintain, and much easier to transport. Some advanced musicians even use digital pianos for home-recording.

    Digital Piano vs. Keyboard Continued

    Which Kind Of Keyboard Is Appropriate For You

    Piano vs Keyboard – Which one should you learn?

    Most keyboards have various applications, but some are better suited to a playerâs distinct requirements. For instance, a beginning piano student can study the basics of notes and reading music on any keyboard, but a digital piano would probably be recommended.

    There are numerous aspects of understanding to play piano and being aware of exactly where the notes are located. The weight, action, velocity sensitivity, and size should mimic an actual piano as carefully as you possibly can. A piano teacher will typically give lessons on an acoustic piano, so itâs significant to be constant together with the instrument at home to maximize the results of the classes.

    A further instance is a person employing a laptop to perform digitally-based sequencing inside an application plan. If onboard sounds are not going to be made use of, a MIDI keyboard may very well be ideal.

    This way, you can invest in the options you want within the control surface in place of detailed sound modeling and voices. Remember that most digital pianos and electric keyboards possess the choice to make use of MIDI built-in, so if thereâs a possibility youâd like to utilize your keyboard for anything more than computer-based playing, yet another option might be correct for you.

    A digital piano has weighted keys, which means the keys are designed for the practicing musician or pianist. Weighted keys help any musician or classical pianist to strengthen their fingers while they play the piano.

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    Is There A Difference Between Keyboard And Piano

    First, its important to understand what exactly we are talking about.

    Though it doesnt bear much resemblance to the violin, the piano is technically a stringed instrument, played percussively.

    When the keys are pressed, wooden hammers strike the strings, and the note resonates within the body of the piano. This resonance produces the rich sound pianos are famous for.

    Its also the reason pianos are so large. The space within the instrument produces a richer sound, which is why there is such a tonal difference even between a grand and upright piano.

    A keyboard, on the other hand, is actually a misnomer. The keyboard technically refers to the row of keys on any piano. But keyboard has now become synonymous with digital or electronic pianos.

    These are digital instruments, require electricity to be played, and produce their sound by way of a synthesizer rather than by strings and hammers. This allows them to be smaller and more cost-effective.

    Lets look at the major differences between the two.

    Yamaha Clavinova Arius And Portable Grands Series

    Lets first take a look at what Yamaha has to offer. The brand has a variety of digital piano keyboard series. The Clavinova series looks and feels like an acoustic upright piano but is actually digital. The Arius series looks like a digital keyboard but comes with a full console, so it looks a little more formal. The Portable Grands series is exactly as it sounds. The series is a variety of full-size digital keyboards that you can travel with.

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    How Does A Digital Piano Work

    The digital piano is considered to be an electronic replacement for the acoustic piano. In contrast to the mechanical sound generation of the acoustic original using mechanics, strings, and soundboard, with the digital piano, the individual tones of a piano or grand piano are reproduced using digital recording or physical modeling processes and reproduced via integrated amplifier/loudspeaker systems. The technologies of today are very mature, ensuring quite authentic piano and grand piano sounds are achievable.

    Digital pianos are sometimes also referred to as electric pianos. This is of course not fundamentally wrong because it is undoubtedly electrical devices that produce piano sounds. However, in the history of electrical and electronic musical instruments, the term e-piano stands for the electromechanical pianos of the 1960s and 1970s, of which the Fender Rhodes and the Wurlitzer are the best-known models. To create a clear distinction here, the more precise term digital pianos is used for todays digital instruments.

    A good digital piano can be recognized by a well-playable, weighted hammer-action keyboard. It must produce good sound via the integrated amplifier/loudspeaker system. One of the best or most sold digital pianos is the Yamaha Arius YDP-103. Its an 88-key digital home piano with a bench and graded hammer keyboard.

    Whats The Difference Between An Electric Piano And A Keyboard

    What are the differences between a synthesizer and a keyboard?

    Electric pianos have the sound and feel of acoustic pianos, whereas keyboards, on the other hand, offer a range of sounds but it does not have the look of an acoustic piano. Digital pianos have 88 keys, the same as an acoustic piano, but most digital keyboards have 61 or 76 keys. Their keys are sometimes smaller.

    The keys of a digital piano are weighted, giving them a feel close to that of an acoustic piano, whilst digital keyboards are unweighted and made of plastic. Digital pianos have better-quality piano sounds than most digital keyboards. Digital pianos may also have multiple advanced features that help to further the acoustic piano experience.

    The advanced features, size, and weight of most digital pianos tend to attract a higher price tag than digital keyboards, which are affordable. However, you will find both kinds of instruments at various price points.

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    Keyboard Vs Digital Piano What Is Suitable For A Beginner

    If you are unsure which keyboard or digital piano is most suitable for your needs this is a simple guide to help and explain the differences between the keyboards and digital pianos that we hire.

    It is perfectly acceptable to start piano lessons on a keyboard. It is far better to have something to practice on between lessons than nothing. As time goes on you can look at how progress is going and whether you should up-grade. A decent keyboard will be acceptable to learn on for quite a while and the only stumbling block you will come across if not on a full-size keyboard will be some of the requirements in the graded exams. Even Grade 1 can travel a fair distance over the keyboard!

    The range of keyboards and digital pianos we stock represent the best range to enable someone to begin learning, continue to learn or have the flexibility of a keyboard that is transportable.

    The significant difference between a keyboard and a piano is simply that the keys on a keyboard are not fully weighted which means they are light to the touch and easier to play. Fully weighted keys make a keyboard a piano in simple terms.

    There are several digital pianos that have fully weighted keys and they can sound remarkably like a traditional acoustic piano. The advantages of a digital piano include being a smaller piece of furniture overall, they can be moved more easily, and they dont go out of tune!

    So Now That You Know The Main Differences Between A Piano And A Keyboard Should You Be Having Piano Lessons Or Keyboard Lessons

    The term ‘keyboard lessons‘ often refers to lessons or courses in which the student is only taught to read the Right Hand notes while the Left Hand plays 1-finger chords or simple block chords.

    By contrast, the term ‘piano lessons‘ usually refers to lessons in which the student is taught to read and play the notes properly in each hand, which is vastly better than what is often taught in ‘keyboard’ lessons.

    So it could be said that Musiah teaches piano lessons but the students learn on MIDI keyboards for obvious practical reasons such as the ability to connect a MIDI keyboard to a computer or iPad.

    As you would expect from piano lessons, Musiah teaches students how to read the notes properly in each hand, and through the use of backing tracks and performance challenges, students are encouraged to learn to play piano pieces to a high standard.

    I hope you found this information helpful. Please support us by liking, sharing or linking to this page.

    Thanks for reading,

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    What Is The Difference Between A Piano And A Keyboard

    Latest Posts
    Alec Coles-Aldridge looks into how different or indeed how similar keyboards and pianos really are…

    Sometimes, we use language that communicates effectively, yet when held in the light of careful scrutiny reveals a myriad of inaccuracy.

    Take the word tea for example. This word is often used to describe drinks that actually include nothing from a tea plant the most common culprit being peppermint tea.

    And this same critical eye can be cast over the words piano and keyboard. Frequently, keyboard is used to mean a digital piano. Indeed, when the question, ‘what is the best keyboard?’ is asked in music shops, people are scarcely looking for a clavichord or spinet, despite these certainly being keyboards.

    So, what exactly is the difference?

    Where To Find Yamaha Piano Serial Number

    The Key Differences Between Pianos & Keyboards – Rimmers Music

    Yamaha VERTICAL PIANOS have their serial numbers stamped on the gold colored plate on the interior of the piano, as seen in the vertical piano photograph. The serial number may be found by opening the toplid of the piano and seeing inside the pianos inner chamber. Contents1 Where do you find a piano serial number?2

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    They May Seem The Same At First Glance But Theyre Not

    If you is new to the world of digital keyboards, there are a wide array of options available to you so wide, in fact, that it can sometimes appear overwhelming.

    Digital keyboards, portable keyboards, arranger workstations, digital pianos whats the difference between them? In this article, well describe both the differences and the commonalities.

    Acoustic vs. Digital Keyboards

    First, though, its important to understand the difference between an acoustic instrument and a digital one, which lies solely in the way they make sound. The sound of an acoustic piano is actually the sound of physical strings vibrating in the air, which occurs when they are struck by hammers, as a result of keys being pressed. Although piano is by far the most common acoustic keyboard instrument, there are others as well, including harpsichord and celeste .

    In contrast, digital instruments make their sound electronically. In other words, they require an amplifier and loudspeaker in order to be heard without an amp and speakers , you wouldnt hear anything, which is why digital keyboards make no sound when they are turned off.

    Yamaha P-125 portable digital piano.

    Digital Keyboards vs. Digital Pianos

    Digital pianos, as their name implies, are designed specifically to have the sound and feel of acoustic pianos and sometimes to look like them as well. Digital keyboards, on the other hand, typically offer a wider range of sounds, but rarely have the feel or look of an acoustic piano.


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