Casio Privia Px 770 Digital Piano


Scaled Hammer Action Provides Authentic Piano Feel

ð¹Casio Privia PX-770 Review & Demo – Affordable Home Pianoð¹

Youll deliver an expressive performance, thanks to the Privia PX-770s Tri-Sensor II Scaled Hammer Action piano keys, which are accurately scaled across the entire key range. Beyond that, simulated ebony and ivory textures provide an authentic touch. The PX-770s touch sensitivity is adjustable, allowing you to tailor it to your playing style, while its customizable hammer response accurately reproduces the delay between when a key is struck and a note is produced.

Powerful Stereo Amplification System

The PX-770 uses several of the same components and processing that youll find in other parts of Casios broader digital piano lineup.

The PX-770s award-winning Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source with 128 notes of polyphony has been used in several Privia models and is widely regarded as a very solid piano sound engine with adjustable reverb and brilliance.

Casios been continually developing the AiR Sound Source and improving it, and the current version represents Casios true arrival as a big player in the mid-range digital piano market. The sample is well recorded and generates a beautiful new stereo sound, and theres an extra synthesis on top of the sound in the form of realistic damper resonance and hammer response.

The PX-770 is equipped with a very capable eight watt per side speaker system output for 16 watts in total. The speaker boxes are on the bottom and theres some venting going on at the top, so you get some high-end frequencies coming through the ports.

This approach is a less expensive way to simulate having a set of small tweeters at the front. Were quite impressed with the quality of the sound that comes out of these on the PX-770 even if 16 watts isnt enough to create a true grand piano experience a more powerful stereo amplification system is required for that truly immersive audio spectrum spanning experience.

Casio Px 770 Vs Casio Cdp S100

The Casio PX 770 digital piano is about 639/£579 and the Casio CDP S100 is 339/£311. The approach of both pianos is a little different, although the PX 770 is a lightweight piano, the Casio CDP S100 is the best example of a portable digital piano. Thats why I wanted to show you here, too.

Here are some differences between these two digital pianos:

  • While both digital pianos have the same number of 88 keys, the PX 770 offers a Scaled Hammer Action II weighted keyboard, while the CDP S100 offers Scaled Hammer Action.
  • The PX 770 offers a number of features that the CDP S100 lacks:
  • Multi-dimensional sound generation from morphing AIR
  • Duo mode or four-handed mode
  • Includes stand, music holder and power supply
  • The CDP S100 offers a number of features that the PX 770 lacks:
  • Audio input for plugging in a microphone and sounding through your headphones
  • Capacity to work with batteries
  • The PX 770 has 3 pedals, with the sustain pedal being the most important, while the CDP S100 has a pedal connection and includes the SP-3 sustain pedal.
  • The PX 770 has 9 more piano sounds than the CDP S100.
  • The PX 770 has polyphonic notes while the CDP S100 has 64 voice polyphony.
  • Both offer the layer function, while the PX 770 offers the split function.
  • The PX 770 offers 2 headphone jacks while the CDP S100 has 1 headphone output.
  • The CDP S100 has 2 demo songs
  • CDP S100 Dimensions : 1322 x 232 x 99 mm
  • Casio PX-770 Privia

    • Color: BlackIncludes AD-12150LW power supply and SP-3 sustain pedal

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    Casio Privia Px770 Digital Piano With Bench

    The world-renowned Privia family of digital pianos grows with the PX-770, designed to provide a true grand piano experience in a slim, modern design. With authentic piano sound, natural feel and impressive features, the PX-770 is a brilliant instrument for inspiring brilliant performances.

    A stylish, compact standard model exhibiting further advanced evolution.

    • Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source
    • Simulated Ebony and Ivory Keys
    • Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II
    • Chordana Play App compatibility
    • Speakers 8W + 8W

    Elegant Looks And Authentic Piano Feel

    Piano Digital Casio Privia PX

    The Casio Privia PX-770 packs a true grand piano experience into a slim, modern design. Experience authentic piano playability, thanks to 88 full-size scaled hammer action keys with simulated ebony and ivory textures. Casios proprietary AiR processing provides piano sounds that are as realistic as the PX-770s feel. In addition to its magical stereo grand piano sound, this digital piano has a total of 19 additional tones onboard to add expressiveness to your performances. You also get 60 built-in songs to play along with. And Casios Duet Mode splits the pianos keys into two identical ranges, allowing a teacher and a student to play the same notes simultaneously perfect for piano lessons. The Privia PX-770 also includes an elegant cabinet with a sliding key cover, music stand, and three-pedal board.

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    Here Are The 5 Main Improvements On The Px770 Over The Previous Model

    1.2.natural3.sound chip4.5.Additional features on the PX-770 include special reverb Hall effects which simulates a big concert hall where there is lots of natural reverb/echo giving the piano sound a bigger feeling like you get when listening to a regular piano in a big room with natural reverb acoustic.When it comes to practicing your songs a great way to do that is to use the PX-770 2-track MIDI recorder-player system which allows for independent practice and recording of your left & right hand.AP-270If you want more info on new digital pianos and LOWER PRICES than internet discounts, please email me at or call direct at 602-571-1864.

    Casio Px 770 Vs Yamaha P125

    Finally we have a comparison of the digital pianos the Casio PX-770 which is priced at 639/£579 and the Yamaha P125 which is priced at 566/£518, with a difference of about £70. We will see the main differences in the following equipment:

    • The Yamaha P125 offers 6 more piano sounds than the Casio PX 770.
    • The Casio PX 770 offers some features that the Yamaha P125 does not:
    • AIR sound generation with multidimensional morphology
    • 20 rhythms for accompaniment .
  • While both offer 2 headphone sockets , stereo jack outputs.
  • The Casio PX 770 includes the stand with 3 pedals, while the Yamaha P125 includes only the sustain pedal.
  • We found ourselves with a difficult face to face, every digital piano has its disadvantages and at the same time its sale but we found two good digital pianos to start playing the piano in a decent way and so Im going to study it for a few years. Although for the price and sound quality I would be more inclined to the Yamaha P125. And at the same time for the touch of ebony and synthetic ivory the Casio sounds like the best option.

    We will put the characteristics of each of these pianos in 2 different columns to make it easier to see the differences:

    Casio PX-770 Privia

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    A Varied Playing Experience

      • 88-key piano keyboard with touch response
    • Maximum polyphony
      • Brilliance: -3 to 0 to 3
      • Tempo range: 20 to 255
      • adjustable tone range
      • Part on/off: L, R
      • Song volume: adjustable
      • Recording storage: built-in flash memory
      • Touch response: 3 levels, off
      • Transpose: 2 octaves
      • Tuning: 415,5 Hz to 440,0 Hz to 465,9 Hz
      • Temperament: equal + 16 other types
      • Panel lock: Yes
      • PHONES/OUTPUT jacks: Stereo standard jacks x 2
      • AC adaptor terminal: 12 V G s
      • USB port: type B

    • Power requirements
      • Auto power off: approximately 4 hours, can be disabled
    • Power consumption
      • Piano + stand: 139,1 x 29,9 x 79,8 cm
      • Piano + stand: approximately 31,5 kg
    • Color Variations
      • Finition bois marron

      Availability of models and/or lineups may differ depending on the country or region.Technical amendments and errors excepted. The sizes in figures do not correspond to the original sizes.The colours may differ slightly from the original.

    How Does The Casio Px

    Casio PX770 BK Privia Digital Piano Review | Rimmers Music

    After weve listed and described the features of this keyboard, youre sure to be eager to see this magnificent instrument in action. Thats why weve put together a selection of videos for you to learn more about the Casio PX-770 Privia and hear its various sounds.

    Its a very interesting piano although its a pity it doesnt have a more powerful line output to play live. Although its not intended to be moved much. Later on we will give you the most interesting option as a portable piano

    Casio PX 770 is a good option to study at home if you have a little space. It is a good piano with a good sound and a good piano feeling for an affordable price. Anyway i want you to read comparisons below because you have better options with different prices and different approaches such as portability

    I must say all options in this post cover the main features all digital piano should have:

    • Weighted keyboard
    • Sustain pedal as minimum
    • MIDI connection to the computer

    At the end of the post youll find a section with the best shopping options for the Casio PX 770 to go there directly, click the button below.

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    Features/connectivity Usb Midi & Chordana Play App

    The first feature well look at that the PX-770 is equipped with is the Concert Play function. Basically, they have 10 famous orchestral pieces preloaded into the piano and you have the ability to play along with the full orchestra recording of the piece. Super fun. You also have the option to turn off the piano part as well.

    Then weve got a Music Library, which features MIDI files of 60 other well-known works for a fun listening experience or for playing along with, plus you can add 10 additional songs of your choice. The PX-770s convenient features also include a Metronome, Transpose , and a Master Tuning function.

    There are also some alternate playing modes like Duet mode , and a built-in 2-track MIDI recorder. The PX-770s two-track MIDI recorder is more than you usually get for this price point. This is a decently impressive features list for a home digital piano when you consider the cost of the instrument.

    The cabinet of the PX-770 features a really slick modern design and includes a built-in keyboard cover and integrated triple pedal unit with damper, sostenuto, and soft pedals.

    Connectivity includes two headphone ports so you can connect 2 sets of headphones at once and class-compliant USB to host for connecting to apps for Mac and Android.

    The PX-770 is available in Black , White , and Brown .

    Casio Px 770 Vs Roland Fp 30

    The digital piano Casio PX 770 is usually 639/£579 and the Roland FP 30 is 619/£555 and although it has better we must say the Roland Fp 30 offers the possibility of transport as it has a weight of about 14 kilograms. It is much cheaper when it comes without the furniture. There are many sets where you can buy the Roland FP 30 with furniture and thus have more stability. The Roland FP 30 has many more sales than the PX 770

    Here are some differences between these two digital pianos:

    • The Roland FP 30 offers 7 more piano sounds than the Casio PX 770.
    • The Casio PX 770 offers some features that the Roland FP 30 does not:
    • AIR sound generation with multi-dimensional morphology
    • The chorus, the reverb and the glow
    • Better hammer and damper response than on the Roland Fp 30
    • Duo mode or four-hand mode
    • 3 pedals, the sustain pedal is the most important
  • The Roland FP 30 offers some features that the Casio PX 770 does not:
  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connection
  • Built-in microphone
  • Audio playback of WAV files
  • MIDI playback from USB sticks
  • USB device port
  • The Casio PX 770 offers a MIDI recorder function with 2 tracks/1 song, while the Roland FP 30 offers an SMF recorder for recording your ideas.
  • While both offer 2 headphone jacks , the Roland FP 30 headphone jacks are used as a line output: Stereo mini-jack, 6.3 mm stereo jack.
  • The Casio PX 770 includes the stand with 3 pedals, while the Roland FP 30 includes only the sustain pedal.
  • Dimensions of the Roland FP 30 : 130 x 28.4 x 15 cm
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    Casio Px 770 Vs Yamaha Ydp 144

    The Casio PX 770 digital piano is usually about 639/£579 and the the Yamaha YDP 144 is 777/£715. It must be said that the Yamaha YDP 144 has many more sales than the Casio and its effects such as the IAC to improve the feeling of real piano are worth that 60 euros difference.

    Here are some differences between these two digital pianos

    • While both digital pianos have the same number of 88 keys, the Yamaha YDP 144 offers a GHS weighted keyboard with Hammer Action while the Casio PX 770 offers Scaled Hammer Action II and synthetic eboy and ivory keys for better piano playing
    • The Yamaha YDP 143 offers 64 more notes of polyphony than the Casio PX 770 but is more expensive
    • The Casio PX 770 offers 9 more piano sounds than the Yamaha YDP 144
    • The Casio PX 770 offers some unique features that the Yamaha YDP 144
    • Multi-dimensional morphing AIR sound generation does not have
    • Split and Layer Function
    • 3 pedals, music stand and power supply
  • The Yamaha YDP 144 offers a few features that the Casio PX 770 does not:
  • Pure CF sound engine
  • Intelligent acoustic control and acoustic optimizer to optimize the feeling of playing with a real piano.
  • Recording function
  • 50 preset songs
  • The Yamaha YDP 144 offers two 6-watt speakers while the Casio PX 770 offers two 8-watt speakers
  • Dimensions of the Yamaha YDP 144 : 1357 x 815 x 422
  • Yamaha YDP 143 Weight: 38 kg
  • We will put the characteristics of each of these pianos in 2 different columns to make it easier to see the differences:

    Realistic Piano Sound With Air

    Casio PX

    To reproduce the sound of the finest acoustic grand pianos, the Privia PX-770 features Casios proprietary AiR processor. Accessing more than three times the memory of the previous generation, the AiR processor utilizes grand piano samples recorded at four dynamic levels of sampling to deliver grand piano sounds with long natural decays and remarkable expression. To further the grand piano experience, AiR adds realism by simulating the sound of the open strings when the dampers are raised by the pedal.

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    Casio Px770 Digital Piano

    Casios PX770 is a compact home digital piano that works in any room. The PX770 is ideal for beginner and early intermediate level players, featuring Casios Tri-Sensor II keyboard action, as well as their highly acclaimed A.I.R sound source with superb European piano sounds. This piano also features 18 additional tones, as well as USB connectivity & compatibility with Casios Chordana App. Casio has called on their extensive history & knowledge in producing electronic instruments to make their best ever digital pianos, as well as designing a compact cabinet, to ensure that the PX770 fits perfectly in even the smallest environments.

    Bonners Music was one of the first Casio digital piano stockists in the UK & has one of the largest collections of Casio pianos in the UK to choose from. Our showrooms have a great range of Casio instruments available for demonstration, from the portable PX-S1000 through to Casios advanced Grand Hybrid series pianos. To give you all the accessories you need to get playing right away, we have carefully selected product bundles that complement each instrument perfectly. We always try to be great value and make sure that were as competitive as possible, as well as offering interest-free finance on this piano.

    Why Buy From Cosmo

    Established in 1968, we’ve been family-operated for over 50 years. We have over 200 employees including 23 repair technicians and 80+ highly qualified teachers, so you can trust that we know our stuff. Read our story.

    Best PriceGuarantee

    Cosmo will match the selling price of any identical product from any Canadian retailer that has that item in-stock, up until 30 days after purchase.

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    Review And Opinion Of The Casio Px

    What will you find in this post?

    Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is an electronics manufacturer founded in 1946 and based in Tokyo, Japan. And this time we present you with a very interesting keyboard from Casios Privia collection. A complete keyboard designed for the most demanding users and at a price that is quite in line with its characteristics.

    What Is It

    Casio Privia PX 770 Digital Piano, White | Demonstration

    In recent years we’ve seen more and more demand for a compact beginner digital piano that provides the same level of performance as a larger upright. Whether you simply dont have space for an acoustic piano, dont want to deal with the issue of tuning, or you want to take advantage of the various modern features, a digital piano can be just what you need. Not to mention the ability to practice silently comes in very handy when you dont want to subject your housemates to hours and hours of scale practice.

    The Casio Privia PX-770 is a modern slimline digital piano that will comfortably fit in most homes, and more importantly, will provide the perfect platform for beginners to learn. Featuring 88 fully weighted keys, 19 high-quality voices, and a range of effects, the Casio PX-770 offers a lot for its relatively small price tag.

    The Tri-Sensor II Hammer Action provides the PX-770 with an authentic piano feel while allowing the player to fully express themselves as they would on an acoustic piano. The Simulated ebony and ivory keys add to this authentic feel by replicating the texture found on vintage instruments, while the Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source is dedicated to reproducing the dynamics of the real piano and providing the best sound possible.

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