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I’m just starting to take lessons, but I need something to practice on and have a low budget. Would you recommend it?

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend the CDP-120. It was my first digital piano and really got me started in the hobby. I was able to get it used off Craisgslist for $200.

It is very bare bones when it comes to features, but that’s fine because all you really need is the piano sound. Decent touch, not big, full keyboard, fully weighted keys.

I did age out of the CDP-120 after about two years of playing and opted to get a more mid-range and attractive looking model. But, as a person who starts and stops hobbies like it’s my job, getting a low cost but good enough keyboard that I could commit to without breaking the bank was a huge benefit.

Definitely recommend, especially if you can get it used, which is very possible given the number of people who buy a digital piano, never ever use it, and then try to sell it.

Slim Body Design With A Depth Of Just 232 Mmsimple But Sleek

Casios proprietary high-density mounting technology, with miniaturized components and a space-saving internal structure, is key to the slim body of this piano. Two color variations are available: black and white. The bold, monochromatic color scheme and minimalist design aesthetic together deliver a simple yet elegant piano experience.

The Casio Cdp 120 Review

As we mentioned a while ago, the Casio CDP 120 is a decent stage piano. Its price is not that low compared to the CDP 100, but we can guarantee that it has a satisfying performance.

Specifically, it is an 88-key weighted keyboard that comes with superb speaker set. It also got impressive sample sounds like electric piano and harpsichord.

Here are some of the useful features that the Casio CDP 120 exhibits:

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Ergonomic And Intuitive Design

The overall length of this digital piano is around 50 inches, which is pretty compact already considering that is an 88-key model. In fact, we can consider it has a spending dimension that could fit anywhere.

Meanwhile, we deem that this digital piano is pretty straightforward. Unlike its competitors, this one doesn’t have flashy and unnecessary features.

Specifically, the Casio CDP 120 comes with eight knobs only. They are just for your power, volume, and demo functions.

Moreover, the rest of the buttons are for tone access and control. If you want a model that won’t give you a headache on learning, then this piano is te right one for you.

Instruments In The Stockholm Showroom

Casio CDP

We have chosen to display the following instruments in our Stochkolm showroom. Our selection is based on which instruments are most popular among our customers.

Price about 9.000 16.000 krYamaha YDP-165, Kawai KDP-120, Kawai ES520, Roland F-701

Price about 16.000 28.000 krKawai ES920, Kawai CN-301, Roland HP-704, Yamaha CLP-735

Price about 28.000 48.000 krKawai CA-59, Kawai CA-99, Yamaha CLP-745, Yamaha CLP-775, Roland LX-708

Price about 30.000 50.000 krRoland Kiyola KF-10

Digital Grands 50.000 118.000 krRoland GP-607, Roland GP-609, Kawai DG-30, Yamaha CLP-765GP

Hybrid Pianos 49.000 94.000 krKawai NV-5S, Kawai NV-10S

Silent Pianos 60.000 125.000 krKawai K-200 ATX-4, Kawai K-300 ATX-4, Kawai K-300 Aures-2

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The Best Casio Cdp 120 Review: It Is A Good Digital Keyboard

It is an undeniable fact that Casio has been in a constant struggle against the perception that they are a brand of cheap products. There is a current stream of an idea that Casio pianos are for just for amateur players.

Of course, at some point, the brand has something to do with it. Fortunately, they are beginning to correct it. And among their redeeming products is the Casio CDP 120.

For starters, the Casio CDP 120 is an upgraded version of the CDP 100. We already mentioned in our separate review for this product that it is a good digital piano. It has excellent features that can serve any practicing pianists with ease.

Now that they have released the CPD 120, it is not surprising that the latter has qualities that surpass its predecessors.

Overall, the Casio CDP 120 is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a good alternative to an acoustic piano. It comes with a lot of features as well. To know more about this digital piano, just read this Casio CDP 120 review.

But before we dissect this keyboard, let us highlight some of the key considerations in choosing a digital piano.


Tune And Transpose Functions

The Casio CDP 120 also comes with a tune and transpose features. The first one allows you to complement the keyboard if there are other instruments that you are playing. This makes a mesmerizing integration of sound and harmony.

On the other hand, the transpose function can change the pitch of the keyboard. Specifically, the pitch can have semitone increments, which is quite precise and sufficient already.

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Casio 120 Review: Specs And Features

The piano itself is about 52 inches long, or 4 and 1/3 feet, 11 inches wide and 5 inches high. Those are pretty good dimensions for anybody looking to find an exquisite piece of machinery that can fit somewhere in their office, living room, or bedroom. The only thing that may deter some people is the weight. The piano weighs about 25 pounds, which isnt too bad, but if youre planning on carrying it frequently it could get to be a pain. Many of my friends have said they would have thought it was at least 35, 40 pounds or more.

There are a total of 8 buttons or knobs on the entire machine, so you know this piano isnt about wowing you with any bells and whistles, or unnecessary features. All youll need is the volume knob, power button, demo/function button, with the rest being the different tones. This is what so many find endearing about the machine, in that it gives them exactly just what they need, with no headache, and complete satisfaction.

At the same time, for someone whos looking for a bit more, it could be the deciding factor that pushes them away. There are a whopping total of 5 tones for the CDP-120: Grand Piano 1 & 2, Electric Piano, Harpsichord, and Strings. With that said, I was blown away by the amazing quality of the sound found in each tone, especially the grand piano. I would go so far as to say you wont find a better, more realistic sounding piano tone for the amount of money youll spend on the CDP-120.

5) Roland FP-90X

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