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When deciding between acoustic piano, a digital piano and a simple keyboard, the main thing that you want to consider is quality/price.

The good news is that digital pianos and keyboards have grown so much in the last 20 years. Most of this also have built-in metronomes as well.

Another thing to point out is that if you take piano lessons from an instructor, you will most likely be using their acoustic piano for lessons to develop finger strength.

With this being said, the answer to me is simple, the price difference between a very solid weighted keyboard with 88 keys and a keyboard isnt much.

Because of this reason, I would suggest going with a digital piano that is on the cheaper end. Something like the Alesis Recital Pro would be perfect, & it also includes online lesson capability.

Ive always looked at owning a piano as a reward for all of your time spent. I didnt own a piano until nearly 6 years into my journey & it was nice knowing that if I practiced hard, I could play on a real acoustic piano.

The reality of the matter is that there isnt much difference as long as your digital piano has weighted keys.

So now that you know which instrument to pick, lets look at the best ways to learn the piano.

Following Standard Piano Teaching Curriculum

This is the most reliable and wholistic DIY approach because it adheres to established pedagogical curriculum.

If you take this path, choose from mainstays such as Alfred piano methods, Bastien Piano Basics by Kjos, the Faber and Faber Piano Adventures series, and the Suzuki Method. Most piano instructors use methods like these and for good reason.

Music education experts have developed these methods, and these acclaimed curriculums have trained students successfully for generations.

Though each series will distinguish itself from the others by some sort of philosophical or pedagogical nuance, they all tend to follow a similar pattern.

They provide a sequence of books, often beginning with a Primer lever, followed by Level 1, Level 2, etc. Each level usually includes multiple books, such as a lesson book, technique book, theory book, and so on, each designed to work in tandem with the other books of the corresponding level.

Supplemental but optional resources may also be available, including books that feature popular tunes, Christian hymns, performance songs, Christmas melodies, duets and more. As you can see, this DIY method offers many resources.

The books in each series may cost you anywhere from $7 to $30 apiece, though you may be able to save some $s by purchasing used copies through sites like Amazon or eBay.

Important Features Of Online Piano Lessons

MIDI compatibility

The best online piano software allows you to use a MIDI-compatible keyboard to track your progress in real time while you take lessons. The software can identify the specific notes you missed so that you can go back and practice the areas that are giving you the most trouble. Any keyboard that has a MIDI output or USB port is MIDI-compatible. WiFi and Bluetooth are also sometimes an option and will allow you to connect your piano wirelessly to a computer or tablet, if you decide to use a piano learning app.

Metronome and adjustable tempo

Learning the hardest parts of your favorite song can be easier if you slow it down. The best software titles allow you to adjust the tempo to help you work through those rough patches. Using a metronome while you practice will improve your ability to play songs at the tempo they were written, and it will also help you keep the tempo consistent throughout the song.

Song requests

Online piano software that allows you to request specific song titles adds value for someone who wants to buy a yearly or permanent subscription. Learning songs that are familiar and fun keeps you motivated.

Tools for educators

Piano lesson software can be used by teachers who want to build a hybrid curriculum for students who have a hard time making it to face-to-face lessons. Lesson software that has tools for educators can allow teachers to track students progress remotely and recommend lessons and songs to keep them motivated.

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What Should You Look For In Online Piano Lessons

The answer to this really depends on what you want to get out of the experience. Can you already play a bit and just want to learn a few songs to impress people at the next office party? Are you a complete beginner who wants to progress through the ranks to a high standard? Or are you just looking for a good way for your kids to learn the basics of the piano?

Truth be told, almost any online piano teaching site worth looking at will cater for the whole range of abilities and aspirations, from complete novice to advanced player. The best sites offer a combination of archived video content, usually structured as courses according to skill level, and bespoke software to deliver structured learning with progress tracking and instant visual feedback. Flexible, good value subscription plans are important, and many sites offer a free trial period – at least 7 days, often more – or introductory content so that you can see if the system works for you, or even if piano is the right instrument for you in the first place!

Learn Piano Online From The Greats

Pin by IVOREEZ Piano Tabs on 50 Free Piano Lessons

Do you want to learn directly from a pianist whos played with Stevie Wonder and Beyoncé?

With online learning, you can access the expertise of world-class musicians without leaving the comfort of your home. For example, with our Coaches feature, Pianote members can ask advice and get coaching from highly accomplished pianists.


In conclusion, online learning is perfect for individuals who:

  • Seek a flexible and affordable approach
  • Live in rural areas or areas with few music learning resources
  • Dont thrive with traditional classical approaches to learning music
  • Want to learn at their own pace

But online learning isnt without its challenges, so well transparently address those next.

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Piano With Willie: A Good Solid Series Of Lessons For Adults

PianoWithWillie is available for purchase on a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription basis. It isnt the most cost-effective online piano course, but there are thousands of lessons that help you learn a variety of music genres, including jazz, blues, gospel, latin, funk, rock and classical.

There are also lessons on how to improvise and arrange music, which are rare topics for online piano courses. One-on-one Skype lessons are available for people who still want the personal attention normally associated with face-to-face piano instruction.

We recommend this software more for adults than young children because of the lack of progress tracking. PianoWithWillie works better with self-motivated individuals who complete practice lessons without being prompted by the software. However, it does track your progress within each lesson and displays a percentage of completion before you start the next lesson.

Optimizing Your Learning With Online Piano Lessons

Online piano lessons work best when you regularly practice, no matter what methods they use to teach. One of the best ways to ensure you get the most out of your lessons is to schedule regular practice. If you have a busy schedule as it is, that means carving out some time. The more frequently you can work in lessons and practice, the better you’ll do.

Using As Many of Your Program’s Available Tools As Possible

The best online piano lessons come with a variety of tools besides visualization on a keyboard. The purpose is to maintain your engagement and help you learn different ways to play similar things.

While repetition does work, it also gets boring and screws up your desire to practice. Programs that provide variety instead of repetition will work better for you. Use those tools to optimize your experience and get the best value for your time and effort.

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Focus On Mastering The Fundamentals

One of the most demotivating factors for an adult piano student when learning is music theory. A lot of music talk can do more bad than good, with different opinions stating that you need to learn this and that.

Learning music as an adult, in fact, isnt that hard since you only need to learn the basics and the fundamentals of playing the piano. You should first learn the proper posture, the notes, get your basic fingering right, and this means practicing scales. Though it may be boring, it will teach you to hit the right notes with the right fingers, it will train your up and down movements in such a way that you will hit the next right note as the scale progresses.

You will need to perform rhythm drills to maintain a consistent rhythm and be accustomed to accelerating tempos. Chords are easy to master, but all in all, learning these fundamentals the right way from the beginning will benefit you in everything that you will do in the future, especially if you want to play your favorite songs.

Tip #: Set Smart Goals

10 Best Online Piano Lesson Apps And Websites

Set goals that are:

My goal is to play Prelude in C Major.’


My goal is to play Prelude in C Major at the correct tempo and have it memorized.


I have played pieces slightly easier than Prelude in C Major, so its a realistic piece to learn.


I want to play Prelude in C Major because its my dads favorite piece and I want to surprise him on Fathers Day.


I will learn Prelude in C Major memorized and at the right tempo by Fathers Day!

If you need help setting goals, check out the Pianote Practice Planner.

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Is It Hard To Learn Piano

It isnt hard to learn piano. Forget traditional piano lessons. Many of the best piano lessons for beginners or the best piano teachers dont always know how to tune into what you want to learn, which makes learning anything difficult. Everyone has a song they want to learn how to play, and you shouldnt have to trudge through dozens of Bach and Mozart songs just to reach that goal. Learn to play the songs you want to play quickly.

Many traditional teachers base their curriculum on an outdated learning system. They expect you to stick with them for years, even if you practice their lessons daily. Basic piano lessons like these are overpriced, old-fashioned, and dont give you enough time to both learn the theory and practice the piano.

Many online piano lessons teach too much boring music theory, but if you want to learn how to play the piano fast, you dont need another month-long course on music theory. What you do need is an online piano course that teaches you piano 101 in other words, the fundamental steps of learning any song without sheet music, without expensive lessons or the need for mindless drills.

If youre like most people, chances are youve either taken traditional lessons or have tried to teach yourself. In Jacquess online piano course, you can learn to play piano quickly and reliably. Youll learn how to play easy songs without sheet music and without long, frustrating piano drills that seem to get you nowhere.

Why I Recommend This So Much

The reason I recommend this over ALL the other similar software, programs, and tools, is because it’s the most complete program and one that helps you learn the most, in my opinion.

Recently there has been a boom in apps which are designed to help you learn music. Some of them are great, and super convenient, however they lose that in person lesson feel.

After using them for quite some time, I found myself memorizing how to “play a game” and use the app, as opposed to really learning the piano or whatever instrument.

Playground Sessions has that fun aspect that many other apps have, however it also has the proper learning component with real video lessons.

For me, it’s the best of both worlds, and I highly recommend it.

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Yousician: A Great App With A Fun Learning Style

We get it – sometimes learning piano just isn’t much fun, especially if you’re trying to motivate yourself or a less enthusiastic student. Yousician stands out because it gamifies the learning process, letting you earn stars and rewards for playing every day. It also challenges you to unlock new tiers of lessons and content, so acts as a gentle challenge too.

There’s loads to like here besides. The interface is clean and easy to use, the range of tracks available to play is pleasingly broad, and everything is colorful and well explained. The game-y style does mean that you don’t really get the proper experience of learning notation from the start, and this only opens up at ‘level three’ so we think other apps, while less fun, give you a better grounding from the start.

It runs fine on most platforms, but we did notice some latency on the Apple version, and this kind of thing can really ruin an experience, as it completely throws out your timing. Overall, it’s great, though.

What Is The Best Way To Learn Piano Online If You Want To Focus On Ear Training

Best Way To Learn Piano â Learn To Play Piano â The Complete Beginners ...

What about if youre interested in learning to play by ear? And what is the best way to learn piano online if you want to develop your ear training?

Im not an ear training expert, but I do have some buddies who play this way. There are a lot of top-rated YouTube videos that you can easily find, with exercises that will help you develop your listening ability. Not everyone who does ear training chooses to memorize notes by ear the way that youre probably picturing, but its certainly possible if youre passionate about doing so. The key will be to find exercises you understand, and to practice, practice, practice.

Now, I have nothing against practice but Im a former engineer. I dont really want to play by ear alone, because I like tangible benchmarks and tools that make sense to my analytical mind in a way that ear training alone just doesnt do. Which is why Im a big fan of

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Play Slow In The Beginning

You arent a master musician yet. Its okay if you dont play your music fast.

Before you start working on speed, make sure you are accurate. Spend your time making sure you hit all the right notes.

As you rack of practice time, muscle memory will start kicking in. When this happens, you should see your speed begin to get better.

Until then, take things slow and do things right.

Online Sheet Music Catalogs: A Valuable Tool

The best piano learning programs we tested have huge libraries of sheet music you can use for practice. In some cases you can print out the music or download it to a tablet. However, if you want a song that isnt included in your piano learning curriculum, you might find it at one of the best online sources for printable and downloadable sheet music:

This online catalog contains more than 300,000 arrangements that span a wide variety of musical genres. Each song costs around $5 and can be printed using a desktop computer or mobile device. There are also iOS and Android apps that allow you to take the sheet music you purchase to a recital or piano lesson. The app also allows you to loop troublesome sections of an arrangement and mark up the score with notes to help you remember rhythm and key changes.

Most of the sheet music selections in the Mutopia catalog are classical and baroque compositions, but they are all free to print, copy, distribute and perform because they are in the public domain. All arrangements can be downloaded in PDF or MIDI formats, and if you use LilyPond composition software to write and arrange music, you can download an editable LilyPond to alter the arrangement. There are more than 2,000 titles in this catalog, but only around 700 are specifically for piano.

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Para Quem Este Curso:

  • Interessados em piano, iniciantes e estudantes do nível básico
  • Músicos que tocam outros instrumentos mas desejam aprender piano e teclados
  • Produtores musicais e DJs que necessitam conhecer a linguagem da música através dos teclados
  • Músicos que precisam usar o piano para compor e arranjar
  • 4,7 Classificação do instrutor

Texto em português: no final.

Luciano Alves teacher, pianist, keyboardist, composer and author of music methods. He has seven CDs released worldwide and five publications of music methods. More than 70 tracks from his CDs are available on iTunes, Amazon, Raphsody etc.

Luciano is one of the founding partners of the CTMLA Music School Center of Technology in Music Luciano Alves which, since 2003, offers courses for instruments, singing, music initiation, music production and home studio recording. At CTMLA, he teaches piano , theory, harmony and jazz improvisation, having already taught classes with a few hundred students, many of whom have been attending his classes for more than 10 years. In addition, he has been teaching on Skype to many students from countries around the world since 2012.

Goals1. Help beginners to progress efficiently and quickly in the wonderful universe of piano study.2. Make the piano and keyboard courses of the CTMLA school available to students around the world.

In 1991 he toured Denmark, promoting his CDs and Brazilian instrumental music. On that occasion, he was invited to teach Brazilian music at several Danish universities.

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