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If You Want To Buy A New Piano

Jeremy See Picks The Best Upright Digital Pianos in 2022

The first thing you want to consider is whether you want an upright or a grand. Grands produce a deeper sound and a wider range of tones but are more expensive and have larger soundboards . Its always best to try out a piano in person. Even two pianos that came off the assembly line the same day from the same factory will feel and sound different, says Sarah Binder Mehta, president of rental shop PianoPiano. Even if theyre out of your budget, its worth visiting Steinway Hall in midtown to test out the companys made-in-Astoria pianos. For a wider variety of high-end brands , most everyone we spoke with recommended Faust Harrison in midtown for more affordable options, theres Bondy Piano in Hells Kitchen. Some questions to ask: Is the bench included? Does the store have a trade-in policy? And if youre looking to play a specific type of music, you should ask if the piano lends itself to that genre.

Not All Brands Of Pianos Are Equal

In your search, youll run across many different brands. Some will be immediately recognizable, while others have been out of business for many years. There is a wide range of quality between brands. Yamaha, Baldwin, Kawai, and Steinway are well respected brands that are go-to for many pianists. But there are and were many other small but great brands. Take some time to do a little research to find out about the quality of a specific brand.

What Is A Certified Pre

Every Certified Pre-Owned Piano we sell undergoes a rigorous checklist to ensure structural integrity, authenticity, condition and performance. You can have complete confidence that every aspect of the piano has been carefully inspected and prepared for many years of service and musical enjoyment.

At B Natural Pianos &, we have completed a full cleaning, tuning and reconditioning of every CPO piano we sell. Every piano we deliver includes a parts and labor guaranty covering the instrument for any defects in material or workmanship for a minimum of 1 year and as much as 10 years.

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Background To The Upright

The immediately noticed difference in an upright piano is that the strings and soundboard run vertically, perpendicular to the keyboard. Early uprights had strings that started upward from the same level as the keys.

As a result, these earlier instruments were considerably taller, providing ample space on the case for a variety of decorative designs.

The strings in todays upright pianos run upward from the bottom of the case, that is, near the floor. This design dates back to 1800, created by Sir John Isaac Hawkins, a leading English piano maker living in Philadelphia.

Big Wrench Piano Care

Best Upright Piano Brands Used

Once you buy a piano, youll want to have it tuned twice a year . Big Wrench comes recommended by Jason Sagebiel , Porter, Cohen, and Buishas, all of whom mention its tuners and technicians skills. Our piano teachers often tell us that Big Wrench sets up the action and playability of our pianos much better than how they arrive new from top-of-the-line piano-makers, says Sagebiel.

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How Do I Know If My Piano Is In Good Condition

There are some things which you need to know if you wish to see if your piano is in great condition. We assume that by now you know how to remove the outer case parts of a piano for you to have a look inside. In the case that you want to take a further step upon examination, the services of a professional piano technician are thus needed to see some things which can not be seen by you like the tightness of the tuning pins and to give out a clear judgment when it comes to using the piano as a whole.

Does it looks stylish and does it have a great finish? Is this how you want it to be? Is any refinishing required? Has the restyling been done unusually? Are there any missing or broken cabinet parts? Take a look at the loose veneer and other signs of water damage, is there any matching bench that is in good condition that comes with the piano? Does the piano have a standard pitch? Is the tune reasonable enough?

Badly out-of-tune unison’s are an indication of loose tuning pins, in the case when the piano has been tuned recently or when the unisons have a gross mistuning. A piano technician can work in tuning the pins. Is there a uniform appearance in terms of tuning appearance? Or are there any obvious replacements? The latter could be an indication of a pin-block going bad.

In the case that you can have the fallboard removed, you can check for signs of cracking and delaminating on the underside of the pin-block.

Steinway & Sons Traditional K

  • Best Upright Acoustic Piano Overall

If you are shopping for an upright acoustic piano and money is no object, I suggest checking out the Steinway & Sons Traditional K-52 Professional Upright. Priced around $44,000, the K-52 carries, of course, the recognition of the Steinway name, but more than that, it carries the Steinway reputation. Each Steinway upright acoustic piano is handcrafted, not mass-produced as with other manufacturers.

What makes a Steinway the best upright acoustic piano? For one thing, its keys are made of European spruce and given chip-proof coverings. The key bed is crafted from poplar wood with the ends of the horizontal planks attached to vertical planks made of birch wood. Its not just the solid wood construction that sets a Steinway apart from other acoustic pianos, however. The soundboard of the K-52 is constructed of Sitka spruce wood and is designed like that of a violin, providing a free, even response throughout the entire keyboard.

The upright is not too large for most homes, at a height of 52 inches and weight of 600 lbs. It is available in satin ebony, mahogany and walnut finishes . If you have enough money to afford any acoustic upright piano that you desire, I highly recommend purchasing a Steinway. Overall, this is the very best upright piano you can buy.

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Mason & Hamlin Is An American Paino Making Brand

Mason & Hamlin are a well-known American piano maker based in Massachusetts.

They call their flagship model The Finest Piano in the World.

Their models have invented a few modern improvements new rim presses, improved leverage on their damper pedal and longer keys on the upright pianos, to make them feel more like a grand.

While these pianos are costly, they are more affordable than Bosendorfers or Steinways, and just as respected and revered.

They have a lush and powerful sound that suits their American construction, and they are the favorite piano of many American concert halls.

Are Old Pianos Worth Buying

Upright Piano Buyer’s Guide for 2021 | How to Choose an Upright Piano

old pianos nnew ones? It depends on what youre doing. In addition to preserving your piano from damage, routine maintenance and care give it an almost unlimited ability to sound great for years to come. Even deteriorated pianos can be restored back to sound their former glory and do well even today more than they did when new.

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History Of The Instrument

Make sure to find out if the piano has been well maintained. Find out about its history and who previously owned it. When was its last tuning? How old is it? You can get its serial number and go on the internet and find out more about this piano if you want to be sure about the age of this piano. And another important thing you would want to find out is if it has a warranty. It is not recommended to buy a piano at an auction like eBay because any piano which has reasonable quality must be equipped with a suitable quality.

It is highly recommended to spare some time with the previous owner and find the full history about the maintenance of the instrument which is to be bought.

As you can have a clear look, there are a lot of things that one needs to know and have an understanding of when a second-hand piano is to be purchased, but if you would give an ear to proven advice, you will be safe in terms of finances and instrumentally by purchasing a pre-owned piano.

Final Thoughts On The Best Piano Brands

Over the years, its become increasingly difficult to choose from the best piano brands on the market, largely due to the ever-increasing market competition.

For the most part, many of the top piano manufacturers share the same high levels of craftsmanship and quality you expect, so it does come down to the piano brand itself.

Often, the necessity of buying a piano, as well as the financial considerations you have, will be the dictating factors of your purchase.

Regardless, there is a plentiful abundance of great piano manufacturers to choose from, but if you can afford one, choosing a piano from my best piano brands list will not only sound and play excellently but will be an investment for the future.

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The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Buying A Piano

At Alamo Music Center we believe that peopleunlock joy, fun and community through musical instruments. We love to help people find their perfect instrument the first time. We’ve put together this list of common mistakes we see when people are looking for pianos.

People stumble on their search for apiano when:

1) They havent decided if theyreally want to learn/play – If you ask most people if they would like to learnpiano or like their progeny to learn piano, they will say, yes, of course!But most people leave it there. One of the most common things we see is peoplewho sign their kids up for a month of lessons at the lowest price they can find,and then follow-up with the purchase of an inexpensive unweighted keyboard. And while some of these unweighted keyboardsare incredibly impressive instruments with robust features, they sometime lackthe real feel and response that help aid the learning process. After a month, the child/student hasntlearned a thing and $200-300 could have been better spent. We discourage people from buying if they aredont actually want to invest the time and money to learn. You have to decidewhether you want to unlock the secret benefits of music, to which there aremany!

The Strings & Soundboard

Best Upright Piano Brands Used

You must surely have a hint that the tension of the strings, which applies about 18 tons of pressure, has a considerable amount on the tuning pins, which means there is some time taken for them to achieve stability and become settled in the pin-block. Time is also required for the steel and copper wire strings to stretch and become accustomed to being so taut. As you can see, this only means a pre-owned piano has much better stability than a new one in terms of its tuning.

The heart of the piano is the soundcard of the piano. It works as a natural amplifier, that conveys the resonance of the string vibrations to create the unique identity of the instrument, which can be referred to as its tone. The wood which matures as time goes by leads to the tone of the instrument becoming richer and warmer, which leads to a greater proportion that is loved by many. The advantage of buying a used piano is that this maturing stage is already in progress and you will get the chance to experience the instrument’s true character because the maturing process is already under its way.

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Pianos Need To Be Tuned And Maintained Regularly

Buying a used piano means you are accepting the responsibility of keeping it tuned and well maintained. In the case that you live in a climate that has seasons that can be predicted, your piano is required to be tuned both in spring and fall upon the changes in humidity and the weather. This comes about because the piano wood is prone to be affected by the changes in humidity which will, in turn, affect the sound and tuning. This is the same case with your inside action which has several parts which tend to wear out and swell as time goes by. Keys become sticky as a result of the felt being worn out, other issues are caused and the keys action can change.

Tuning can be planned for a time frame of one month after your piano has been placed in your home. This will gift your piano enough time to adjust according to the humidity and temperature of the new location.

Best Upright Piano Brands

Choosing a quality piano can be tricky, especially if youre familiar with the most-trusted piano brands. In general, youll want to look for a piano that is manufactured by:

  • Steinway & Sons

Yamaha and Casio tend to dominate the digital market, while Mason & Hamlin and Steinway & Sons are known for their analog options. If youre unsure what brand to invest in, it may help browse new and used uprights.

Some pianos stand the test of time, becoming a family heirloom passed down throughout the generations. Others may begin to show significant signs of wear and tear after only a few years.

By browsing and comparing new and used upright pianos, you can choose an option that satisfies your needs, preferences, and plans for the future.

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Do Pianos Get Better With Age

Sadly, they dont. This is because the instrument is packed with a lot of different parts that will wear over time. For example, the hammer action alone has a huge bunch of moving parts that will eventually need a tune-up or replacement. On top of that, the older a piano is the likelihood of needing to tune it rises like crazy, and sometimes, when the strings get old they begin to sound dull and dead.

What Year Was It Made

Upright Pianos: Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Upright Pianos (2020)

This is the question that many people who own pianos don’t have the answer to but it is not hard to find the serial number which is found inside the piano. Upon lifting the lid, you surely must be able to see the serial number. Get the serial number, go on the Google search bar and type in the serial number. This will enable you to learn more about the panel, when it was made, and where it was made as well.

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The Following Parts Of A Used Piano Can Often Be Repaired:

  • Cabinet Blemishes these can usually be filled. They can also often be refinished, buffed, etc.
  • Key Replacement synthetic ivory or black keys
  • Missing, broken, or tarnished strings these can sometimes be replaced, but will go out of tune more easily and will result in a tone that doesnt match the other strings unless they are all replaced
  • Loose Tuning Pins Tuning pins are the pins piano strings wind around and that are turned to tune a piano. A loose pin results in looser, flat strings that cannot be tuned since it cannot hold a turn. Youll hear a severely out of tune note, or even a key that plays two distinct notes at the same time. These pins can sometimes be tightened with special glue or can be replaced with a slightly larger pin.
  • A Cracked Soundboard because traditional soundboards are multiple boards glued together, this soundboard can become cracked in temperature or humidity fluctuations. A cracked soundboard often causes ribs to become loose, which can produce a buzzing sound. In some cases, this can be fixed by a technician re-securing the ribs.
  • Hammer Felt look for deep grooves. Sometimes layers of felt can be carefully removed to create a smooth hammer surface. However, eventually there wont be many layers of felt left to work with , and felt cant be easily replaced .
  • Types Of Upright Pianos From Smallest To The Largest


    The smallest member of the upright pianos family, the spinet is also the most compact. In contemporary terms, it is essentially the same size and dimensions as the digital piano. Spinet can fit into any home, really. Up to 40 inches tall its entire soundboard and frame are located below the keyboard. The hammers are operated by vertical wires attached to the back of the keys. While perfectly serviceable to produce piano-like sound this is the weakest acoustic piano due to the physics of its operation. But it looks nice flush against the wall and takes minimal wall space above the keyboard.


    A slightly taller sibling of Spinet is a Console piano. Standing within 40-44 inches tall its frame and mechanism are located just above the keyboard stretching further down below. This improves the control of the keyboard touch relative to sound as hammers are smaller yet are still in a more traditional setup than those wired in a console. The action occurs right above the keyboard but the stings stretch down towards the floor and the sound is reverberating from down below the keyboard.

    Studio upright piano


    Choose a piano with a very light action and you will lose control of your fingers, which will result in uneven and clumsy playing, that will feel out of control and way too loud. Choose a too-stiff action and you will not be able to produce a full tone, resulting in lost notes and extra exertion, which, in turn, leads to premature hand fatigue.

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    The Following Parts Of A Used Piano Cannot Be Easily Replaced Or Repaired:

  • Pinblock this is the part of the piano that holds the steel tuning pins around which the piano strings wind. When the tuning pins begin getting loose, it can be a sign that the pin block is deteriorating. Other flaws are, more obviously, cracks or missing pin blocks. Replacing a pinblock requires a rebuild and is often not worth it in most used pianos.
  • Piano Bridges bridges have tiny pins that the strings lay agains to help resonate sound through the soundboard. These bridges are not easily repaired and can be very costly to recreate.
  • Hammers piano hammers are not a simple or inexpensive to replace. If a potential used pianos hammers are broken or have felt worn through to the wood, it may not be worth the cost to get the hammers replaced.
  • Do you have any questions about purchasing a used piano? Let us know in the comments below or by sending us a message!

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