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With Or Without You U2

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You – Piano Tutorial (Beginner)

Bono wrote this song to represent the complexity and contradictions in real-world relationships including those with:

  • Significant others

Its a love song but its a realists love song.

Its passionate and lamenting chorus makes it one of the best sing along songs for the piano youll find.

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Jessie By Joshua Kadison

The first song in our list is the massively underrated hit from Joshua Kadison, Jessie. Released in the mid-90s, it is easily one of the best pop piano melodies ever known. The person who was referred to as Jessie throughout the song was once rumored to none other than actress Sarah Jessica Parker. This was because Kadison was romantically involved with her at the time.

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Traditional

Twinke Twinkle Little Star is one of the most famous piano tracks in the world.

The lyrics of the song come from a 19th century English poem composed by Jane Taylor, intitled The Star.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was covered by Cartoon Studio English, Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs, Nursery Rhymes, released in 2019.

The easy piano song is perfect to children or beginners who want to start to learn piano.

If you want to access the piano sheet music and midi file of the song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, .

Maple Leaf Rag Scott Joplin

Easy Songs to learn on piano

One of the most famous classical piano songs is the Maple Leaf Rag, one of Scott Joplins earliest works. It is an early ragtime piano music composition. Although it is regarded as a precursor to Jazz music, it still falls in the classical music category.

Maple Leaf Rag is actually the most famous of all ragtime pieces. It is carefully constructed by Joplin and challenging to play. One must have excellent coordination in their left hand to play this piece successfully. This piece gave Joplin a steady income for the rest of his life.

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Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Song

Genre: Soundtrack

The famous fantasy movie series Pirates of the Caribbean started in 2003 with The Curse of the Black Pearl which grossed $654 million worldwide! The franchise in total has grossed over $4.5 billion worldwide and became the 14th highest-grossing film series of all time! Music was composed by Klaus Badelt and Hans Zimmer. At the beginning composer Alan Silvestri was hired to write the score but after Silvestri had to leave the project the team asked Zimmer to write the score for The Curse of the Black Pearl. However, Zimmer was busy scoring The Last Samurai so he asked a relatively new composer Klaus Badelt to collaborate.

The most significant and probably important part of this song is its characteristic rhythm. So pay attention to the rhythm pattern before jumping to the notes directly. You can practice by clapping to left-hand or right-hand notes while watching the video. Once you get comfortable with the rhythm go on and learn the notes but without the rhythm of the left hand. Just play long single notes at first for the left hand. When you feel familiar with the correct notes then you can use your experience from the rhythm practice you made.

Interstellar Main Theme By Hans Zimmer

Genre: Soundtrack

In 2014 Interstellar hit the scenes and still considered one of the best movies by Christopher Nolan. The music was composed by Hans Zimmer. Did you know that Nolan decided not to give a script or any plot details to Zimmer to write the music for the film, but only provided the composer a single page explaining the story of a father leaving his child for work? It was via this connection that the early stages of the Interstellar soundtrack were produced by Zimmer. Zimmer and Nolan later agreed that the primary instrument for the score would be a 1926 four-manual Harrison & Harrison organ.

Your left hand should be accurate like a clock so spend some time on the rhythm. You can practice with a metronome if you want. You can divide the song into four parts and practice each separately. In each part, there is a repeating E note. In Part C and Part D, your right-hand takes the lead to play this repeating note. You can think of it as a separate instrument.

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The 15 Best Jazz Songs To Play On Piano

Do you dream of learning chords or jazz music on the piano but dont know where to start? We wrote this article for you!

We too thought that there wasnt enough jazz piano music on the internet! We were struggling to find jazzy tracks to practice on this so special kind of music.

Thats why we investigated and compiled our selection of the best jazz music to learn on the piano. These musics are all available on our application to learn piano easily, so enjoy!

Note: all the songs presented in this article are available on the La Touche Musicale piano learning app. So you can learn to play them with ease.

Joris, the author of this article, recommends the following resource: PDF Guide Piano Tutorials: Learn the 10 easiest songs.

What About Us By Pnk

YouTubeã?§çµ¶å¯¾åºã??ã?ã?ã?¦ã?ã?¾ã?æ²ã¡ãã¬ã¼ -Piano Cover-

Genre: Pop

What About Us is a song released for her seventh studio album Beautiful Trauma , by the American singer-songwriter Pink. It is an upbeat EDM song with influences from four on the floor, club, and electronic music. The songs synthesizer-heavy production utilizes pounding drums, glistening keyboards, and a pulsing dance beat.

Focus on the rhythm and dont rush. You can learn the bass part first while singing and then you can practice the right hand. The form is quite easy to follow and repetitive. After you get familiar with the notes you can pay attention to dynamics. Try to play the chorus forte. Forte means you hit the keys with higher velocity to get a higher volume and a harder sound.

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Stand By Me Ben E King

Stand by Me is one of those songs that you never hear anyone say a bad word about. Its so universally loved by so many people. If youre looking for easy songs to play on piano, this is a great place to start.

Its another case of keeping things simple is for the best. Technically, Stand by Me is such a straightforward song in every aspect. The heart of the song is the bass line that you are probably playing over in your head now.

Its that bass line that makes it a good choice for beginners. It isnt difficult to play technically the tricky bit is putting both hands together.

The good thing is that the melody doesnt change too much, so once you get one part, youll get the rest easily. It will help you get used to playing a bass line with your left hand independently of the melody.

The other good thing is that it will give you a good idea of how bass lines are formed. So, in the future, you can start to create your own bass lines for other songs.

There isnt too much more to say about Stand by Me, other than playing it will make people happy.

Havana By Camila Cabello

Genre: Pop

Havana is a tribute to Camila Cabellos hometown in Cuba where she was born and raised until 5 before moving to the USA. Naturally, it has all the Latin elements combined in a pop song. It reached number one in multiple countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. in 2017. She played herself in the music video received positive comments from critics.

After getting used to the notes, instead of playing straight, try to give a Latin feeling to the bass on your left hand. You can imagine a Latin percussion accompanying in your head to do so. The intro is super fun to play and it doesnt sound like an easy version at all. If you can sing or if you have a friend to sing you can ditch the melody and play the intro throughout the song with few variations.

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Tchaikovsky Swan Lake Theme

Although it may not seem so, this piece is also easy to learn using this specific tutorial. Remember to start easy and take your time. You dont have to learn the whole song in one day. Even if it takes you all week, it will be worth it, when you are able to awe your friends while showing off your new piano-playing skills.

The best way to learn a song with these tutorials is by taking it one part at a time. For example, watch and listen to the first few notes, then pause it, learn it, practice it, then learn the next part and repeat the process until you have learned the whole song. Take time out during the day to go over what you learned so you wont forget.

The Importance Of Scales

Pin by Maya Murillo on Piano Music

One thing that every great piano player has in common is regularly practicing scales. We can think of scales as finger exercises that are of the utmost importance to all piano players for multiple reasons

  • They help your fingers get used to repetition
  • You learn how to coordinate your hands
  • Your fingers will actually get a good workout and thereby can move faster
  • They will help you to recognize the tone of each note
  • They help to stretch your fingers to be able to go from one note to another rapidly
  • Scales encourage you to use the right fingering when playing

Here is a simple scale to start you off. Place your left pinky on the C note and your right thumb on the C note that is one step higher. After hitting the C notes together, use your next fingers on both hands to hit the notes to the right, and keep going until you end up with your left thumb hitting the G note, and your right pinky hitting the higher G note, then go backward.

Once you have learned all of the above songs, picking up other songs will be a piece of cake. Dont forget to keep practicing your scales for at least an hour a day. And you dont have to stop there. Start building your own style by adding your own notes and chords to songs you learn. Dont be afraid to try different things, it cant hurt, besides you will never know how it will sound until you try it, and if it sounds good, play it!

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All I Ask Of You Phantom Of The Opera

This gorgeous theme song from the musical Phantom of the Opera was composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Not only is this song that is well-known and well-loved, but its a love song that will indeed wow whoever youre playing for. Whether you want to sing along to it or not, this beautiful song can be performed with or without vocalists.

What A Wonderful World

What A Wonderful World has stood for decades now as one of the greatest songs ever written. Its also one of those simple piano songs that can grow with your ability.

The chords are interesting but standard. You can find many tutorials online that show different ways to play them.

Even if you play the basic chords, it will still sound good. Then, as you get better, you can add more intricate parts to sound even better.

Difficulty: 2/10

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Jurassic Park Theme Song

Genre: Soundtrack

The collaboration of director Steven Spielberg and composer John Williams is quite famous for its successful outcomes. Jurassic Park was one of those Spielberg-Williams collaborations that ended up being a classic. The movie was released in 1993 and the score also received widespread acclaim and it is often considered to be one of the most iconic and beloved scores of John Williams career.

Pay attention to your left hand, especially when there are two notes at the same time. If you feel comfortable you can add a lower octave to it to make the song even more epic! Practice the right hand separately until you can play each section smoothly. Yes each section, that means you should practice by dividing the song into sections as we mentioned many times before. You can try counting and then humming to internalize the melody.

Rolling In The Deep By Adele

Adele – Rolling In the Deep (Piano Cover) by LittleTranscriber

Genre: Pop

Did you know that Adele wanted to make a sorrowful song about her break-up with her boyfriend and with the suggestion of her producer she turn it into Rolling In The Deep? Adele clarified that the songs name was taken from the slang roll deep which means always to have someone who is by your side and helps in difficult moments. It won three Grammy Awards to Adele. The music video also won three awards! It was the first song of Adele that reached a number-one position in the USA.

This version is relatively easy compared to others on the list. A simple bass pattern moves around the same chords. You play two notes the root and the fifth. This voicing is pretty common because it gives the power chord effect in electric guitar. Spend some time on the rhythm of the melody in the right hand. You can sing at the same time to get the groove.

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Good Songs To Sing With Piano

Posted on 25/09/2020 byTeenStar

Are you a pianist as well as a vocalist? Are you looking for good songs thatll enhance your performance on the piano or keyboard at an audition or gig?

Its a beautiful instrument that hundreds of artists use as their main instrument. The best keyboard songs for singers will show off your voice and expertise, which is why its worth spending some time identifying top songs to sing with piano accompaniment.

Read on for our selection of 18 favourite tunes by famous artists, that sound super when tinkled on the ivories.

Lemon Tree By Fools Garden

Genre: Pop

Lemon Tree was released in 1995 by the German band Fools Garden and it quickly became a major international hit. It reached number one in many European countries and remained at number one for four weeks in Germany. Peter Freudenthaler said that he wrote the song on a Sunday afternoon when he was waiting for his girlfriend.

If you feel warmed up with the previous songs, prepare yourself for a bigger challenge. Intro chords are super fun to play and the short notes, staccato as we call them, sound really nice on piano. In the verse it can be challenging to play the left hand with all the jumping bass + chords, however, you can start with just bass and right-hand melody. Or you can ditch the melody and play the bass and the chords with both hands so you leave the melody for singing.

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Youre Beautiful By James Blunt

Genre: Pop

Youre Beautiful remains James Blunts biggest hit single to this day. It was released in 2005 It topped the UK, US, and Canada charts quickly and reached the Billboard Hot 100 at top 40. However, at the same time, it took number-seven place on Rolling Stones list of the 10 most annoying songs of all time! So it is a love-hate relationship when it comes to this song. It is a pop-rock/soft-rock song written by Blunt, Sacha Skarbek, and Amanda Ghost.

You can add a lower octave to the left hand if you feel comfortable. You can also practice using the pedals on this song. Use the sustain pedal to connect notes. Dont forget to clean the pedal by removing your foot and pressing again every time the bass changes in your left hand.

Believer By Imagine Dragons

Easy Songs To Play On Piano

Genre: Pop

Believer was released in 2017 as the lead single from the bands third studio album, Evolve. The song spent more than a year in Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number four and being one of the best-selling songs in the USA in 2017. It was also featured in the trailer of Murder on the Orient Express.

You can practice the right hand individually first to clean the possible mistakes. Be careful with the rhythm at the intro. Also, the rhythm of the right-hand melody before the chorus can be confusing but you can simplify it if you need to. During the chorus left hand gives the groove so try to be precise in the rhythmic feeling of that part.

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