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Buying A Piano For Beginners: A Keyboard Instrument For Your Home

The BEST Keyboard for Beginners

There are three basic categories of piano keyboard instruments. The largest and most expensive, and also the best when it comes to developing piano skills, are the acoustic pianos. There are also many good digital pianos, which are smaller, less expensive, and do a decent job of mimicking the sound and feel of an acoustic instrument. A third category, the electronic keyboard, is the least expensive option, but an electronic keyboard may not have the right touch to develop hand strength for a beginning pianist, or enough keys to play a wide range of music.

and receive over 300 video lessons accessible on any smart device.

Beginner Keyboard Sound Quality

When youâre starting out, your first keyboard piano probably isnât going to sound as good as the ones the professionals use â after all, you wouldnât shell out hundreds on a top-end keyboard if youâre not 100 percent sure that you or your budding pianist are going to persevere beyond Frere Jacques. Because of this, keyboards for beginners and kids can often skimp on sound quality, promising hundreds of tones that are all really just endless variations of one or two basic sounds.

Our advice would be to go for keyboards with fewer, better quality tones. This will help you to achieve a better sound right from the start, inspiring the confidence to help you progress with your lessons. In our opinion, if it actually sounds like youâre playing a piano while youâre learning, youâre much more likely to stick with it!

Piano Academy By Yokee Music

Offering an on-screen virtual keyboard and MIDI-keyboard support, Piano Academy is another comprehensive piano-learning app that offers something for everyone. Its lessons are broken down according to theory or method, while it offers a wide selection of tutorial videos delivered by an instructor who helps to demonstrate what youre actually trying to learn. One nice touch is that the app listens to you as you play, providing you with feedback on how accurately youre playing music. It also includes a range of enjoyable games for learning the basics of piano playing, such as hand coordination. The app lets you learn hundreds of songs using an indicator with sheet music that moves from note to note as you play. Overall, its a very accessible and useful app with premium plans starting at $20 a month.

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What Are Online Piano Lessons

Online piano lessons are a form of musical education that happens using either an app or videos . The big difference between online piano lessons and regular lessons is the structure. With regular lessons, youre attending an in-person lesson once a week with a teacher. Online lessons happen online, as mentioned, and are student-driven, meaning they happen at whatever pace the student is most comfortable with.

How Do I Choose A Beginner Piano

Top 10+ Best Keyboard For Kid To Learn Piano

Above, we have discussed the top ten best keyboards to learn piano for adults just starting with the piano. But from our recommendations above, how to pick the best starter keyboard to learn piano?

Here are some factors that can help you choose the best keyboard for practicing piano. Let us get started and address them one by one.

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Objective: To Play Midi Data On A Piano

MIDI Piano is a very complete program that allows you to play with MIDI data to produce the sounds you want. The interface is composed of sticks representing the notes on the top, which scroll horizontally and arrive on a virtual piano. A second virtual piano is located at the bottom of the interface and shows in a clearer and more precise way the keys that are being played at the moment.

A multitude of options are available and you can configure the software as you wish.

Roland Go: Keys Music Creation Keyboard

The Roland GO: KEYS Music Creation Keyboard allows the creation of music through its easy-to-use keyboard. Even if you dont have any prior musical experience, you can still create songs with the 61 keys of this innovative keyboard model.

You will have over 500 instrument sounds to play with, record your music, and track your progress as you grow. The keyboard also offers great connectivity options for example, its Bluetooth connectivity for audio and MIDI allows you to connect your keyboard with your tablet or smartphone and share music files.

Its innovative function, which is the Loop Mix function, can help you produce melodic songs in no time. Portable and battery-powered, GO: KEY allows you to enjoy your musical journey wherever you go.


  • Poor-quality sound


Beginners can rely on the Roland GO: KEYS Music Creation Keyboard to produce advanced music and engage in songwriting. The most setting-apart feature of this keyboard model is undoubtedly the Loop Mix function that helps create original songs in real-time. Add in effects of the bass, drums, and other instruments to take your jam to a whole new level. With over 500 pro-quality sounds, your songs will sound like theyre being played by a professional pianist in no time.

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Do Digital Pianos Feel Like Real Pianos

Weighted keys on acoustic pianos provide the player with a bit of a challenge while also allowing for a wide variety of expressiveness and dynamic nuance. Weighted keys are a must for any digital piano that aspires to mimic the sensation of playing a genuine instrument. The Donner DEP-20 is a great option for most novices wishing to practice on a keyboard that simulates the action of a grand piano.

Is It Better To Learn On A Digital Keyboard Or Real Piano

The Best Keyboards for Beginners – Don’t Buy Wrong & Regret!

If you are a concert pianist, you might want to practice on a real piano, however for everyone else, a keyboard piano is perfect for learning. They are much more portable, easy to care for, and some even apps for free to help you learn.

Even if you have the hopes of playing a traditional piano one day, some of the best keyboard pianos offer keys designed to mimick the weight and reaction of a traditional piano.

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Objective: To Create Small Pieces Of Music On The Piano

KB Piano is more a software to compose music with a piano than a teaching tool. You can, as on La Touche Musicale, connect your piano to your computer so that it is recognized by the software. Once this is done, you interact with the virtual piano and can record your composition or interpretation. You can also add sound effects to enrich the piece you create.

How Much Should I Spend On A Beginner Keyboard

When working out how much to spend on your new keyboard, you must first think about what you want to get out of your new instrument. If you are simply looking for an inexpensive way to tinker around with some chords, learn scales or see if it is the right instrument for you, then you don’t need to spend a fortune. You can easily pick up a well-made keyboard for around $/£150 – $/£200.

For many, the humble keyboard is merely a stepping stone to learning the piano. Now, while it may be tempting to go for a basic option, you may want to consider looking for a keyboard with full-sized keys to ensure you don’t pick up any bad habits that may hinder your progress on the piano. Of course, this will cost you a little more, but it will be worth it in the end.

If you’re looking for a keyboard that will grow with you, then you’ll want to look for something around the $/£300 – $/£500 mark. This will ensure you don’t need to upgrade your keyboard unnecessarily, ultimately saving you money in the long run – providing you stick at it.

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Should I Spend Too Much And What Should I Expect Within Each Different Budget

Most companies try to cover each model of keyboard at a lower price because of its demand. The point is you can see that there are much cheaper keyboards that dont last long. The quality of the keyboard is essential to base your budget.

The safe saying is that beginners can start with keyboards that come with prices that are lower than 150 dollars. Bear in mind that most of it begin with 25 keys with different functions, so it is best to know what exactly you are looking for.

And for the ones who have higher budgets who can buy a midi keyboard with 49 to 88 keys, the features that you can expect will be different from each of their models. Mostly they have the same common features as others, such as LED screens, built-in presets for instruments, some knobs, faders, and drum pads to integrate their keyboard to their DAW.

Ques 4 What Is The Difference Between 61 Keyboards And 88 Keyboards

The Best Piano Keyboard for Beginners

Ans. They have the same notes as the 88 keyboards, but their range is shorter. To Sum UpWith all the options you have today in the market, it is bound to get confused about which keyboard to buy. But then again there is no one answer to which is the best keyboard, to begin with. The ideal way to go about it is to check the buying guide mentioned above, understand your level of expertise, and then narrow down your search to the perfect instrument.

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How We Picked The Best Keyboards For Beginners

A lot goes into making a keyboard special. Some of those qualities are universal and some are personal preferences. When researching this list we looked long and hard at keyboards from all across the market, diving into the specs, testing them out ourselves, and stacking the various benefits of each one against the next. Along the way a few criteria emerged.

Keys, Voices, and Polyphony: While traditional pianos have 88 keys, our picks varied somewhat, including a few 88-key picks, along with some slimmer keyboards. We prioritized graded weighted keys where possible, as these feel the best and make for a better learning experience for those who are looking to segue to piano. We also considered polyphony, which refers to the amount of notes that can be played simultaneously. That measure varies somewhat across our picks, but 64-note polyphony is a good standard. We also looked for keyboards that feature at least a few voices. While keyboards with hundreds of voices can be appealing, we think that a few good voices are better for the average student, as larger voice libraries can be easy to get lost in.

Best Keyboard Pianos That Teach You How To Play

If you are looking to play piano or keyboard, a keyboard or digital piano that teaches you how to play is an excellent option for beginners. If you dont have the time or a schedule that accommodates traditional piano lessons, these types of keyboards can really help you on your way to learning and playing songs that you love. But how do you find the best one for you?

In this article, well talk about the best keyboard pianos that teach you how to play. Well go over the pros and cons of each one and give you some guidelines that we used to choose the best of the best. And of course, well tell you about our favorite keyboard pianos that teach you how to play.

  • Guided LED lights to demonstrate how to play your favorite songs
  • 4000+ sheet music, 100+ videos, and games in the free apps
  • iOS and Android apps are available
  • MIDI output and recording


With The ONE Smart piano, you can learn your first song in just minutes by following the light-up keys. Just start with the introductory course to learn your first song or select game mode and get scored on your ability to follow along as the LED lights work alongside the included apps. The LEDs will tell you which note to play, and the app will wait until you find the right one to move on to the following note. After that, songs get progressively more challenging as you learn.

This electric piano features hammer action keys and an elegant look. Youll find headphone jacks and built-in speakers, as well.





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Q: Which Is The Best Keyboard For Electronic Music

If youre getting a beginners keyboard for electronic music, then there are a few roads you could go down. Most of the time its a good idea to get a keyboard with a good midi connection. Some keyboards, like the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61, are built specifically for midi and offer lots of ways to control your digital audio workstation on your computer. Others, like the Yamaha P45, are digital pianos that also feature solid midi connections. This option will allow you to learn, practice, and perform on your digital piano without needing to connect it to your DAW. Another route you could go is to find a great arranger keyboard with lots of built in synths, rhythms, and recording features, which you can record through an audio interface. If youre a beginner and youre equally interested in learning piano as well as using it to control a DAW, then the P45 is our favorite pick, with its excellent real-piano feel and its midi port.

Best For Adults: Yamaha P45 88

Best Piano (88-Key) in 2022 for Beginners – Don’t Buy the Wrong One!


Why It Made the Cut: With scaled weighted keys that are heavier on the low end, premium samples from classic Yamaha grands, a midi connection, and some useful learning tools, this is an excellent digital piano that looks good enough for central placement in your living room, and sounds good enough for a prime spot in your mix.

Specs: Keys: 88 keys with a graded, weighted action Polyphony: 64 note Connection: Midi, ¼ inch headphone jack Weight: 33 pounds

Dual mode allows you to play two voices at once Duo mode enables two players to play together

Cons: Large size

When you think beginner keyboard and a classic digital piano comes to mind albeit with a few handy features for starters then the Yamaha P-45 is just what youre after. This beautiful digital piano is a great choice for serious players, and is a great choice to learn with for anybody. With a full range of 88 keys that are weighted, and graded so that lower keys are heavier, the P-45 plays like a real acoustic just with a few tricks up its sleeve.

With its stately looks, the P-45 is a solid keyboard that will make a wonderful practice piano anywhere in the home. With a headphone jack and adjustable volume, youll have all the privacy you need to master that fugue, and all the tone youll need to play it after.

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Alesis Recital Review: Best 88

Alesis isnt a household name when it comes to the digital piano industry, but theyve made a name for themselves in the realm of digital audio.

While their current product line consists of audio interfaces, speakers, and electronic drum kits, were going to focus on their digital pianos and keyboards.

The name Alesis isnt synonymous with high pedigree, but theyve made a niche for themselves targeting the entry-level market.

With their products, they aim to offer more for your money when compared to their competitors.

That said, theres a reason Alesis isnt as well known, and its not just that theyre new to the scene. Quantity doesnt equal quality, and while experiences are subjective, Ive never found Alesis keyboards to be particularly good.

When Alesis released their new line of keyboards, I was a little worried. Unweighted keys are a lot easier to get right, as semi-weighted keys add a layer of mechanical complexity. Add the Alesis Recitals budget cost to the mix, and I became even more skeptical.

Ill say this though the Alesis Recital has the advantage of being one of the few budget keyboards with semi-weighted keys.

Not many keyboards in this price bracket can make that claim, so its particularly enticing for people looking for a budget practice option.

Thats not as positive a start to our review as usual, but were not here to judge the Alesis Recital based on my prior experiences.

Semi-weighted, touch-sensitive keys

Best Of The Best: How Did We Choose

Our lists favor instruments that offer a perfect blend of quality and playability.

Weve combed through the myriad of eligible options to pick our personal top five picks. If youve already got a budget in mind, feel free to that fit your budget.

Our articles give intuitive details for each choice. Each featured instrument has its own merits, so our top choice may not be the perfect keyboard for you.

By offering 5 choices, we cover more ground and provide extra insight to demonstrate the merits of each choice.

However, these articles are long reads, and while the extra detail will be helpful for some, you might be looking for a quick summary instead.

If thats the case, then this article is for you.

Well be covering both portable- and home-based digital pianos and keyboards from 8 price points, giving you the lowdown on why each topped our lists.

We also linked our Top 5 articles and related reviews in corresponding sections. If you find any category especially interesting, you can jump straight into our more detailed accounts to learn more.

With that out of the way, lets begin.

Here are one of the best keyboards and digital pianos you can get in 2021:

  • Best Cheap Portable Keyboard
  • Best Beginner Keyboard Piano
  • Best Beginner Digital Piano
  • Best Intermediate Digital Piano
  • Best Professional Digital Piano
  • Best Home Digital Piano
  • Best Home Digital Piano
  • Best Premium Home Digital Piano

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