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Electronic Keyboard For Beginner

6 Cheapest 88-Key Pianos Compared – What Makes a Good Beginner Piano Keyboard?

Ok, lets suppose that you dont want just to learn playing piano, you want to experiment with different sounds, have fun, or just want to try and spend little money on the instrument. Then a simple synthesizer will be ok for you. Choose it by the features you need. For example Yamaha has keyboards with Yamaha Education Suite it allows you to practice using the preset songs, play one or two hands while the keyboard shows you which note to play and accompanies you. Yamaha PSRE353 would be a great choice, but it is the most expensive in the class of beginner keyboards it costs more then $150 without power adapter, keyboard stand, and sustain pedal they are sold separatly.

Yamaha YPG-235 this is a 76-key portable grand piano, and there are also 88-key versions. It has semi-weighted keys, which is better then light-weighted if you are planning to play real acoustic piano some day. It also comes with Y.E.S., 6-track recorder, USB connectivity. It is more expensive, but is a great keyboard for the money.

Casio has similar learning option called Step-up. Casio CTK2400 has also microphone input, you can sing along as you play. It is cheaper then Yamaha.

Alesis Melody is a 61-key keyboard and probably the cheapest one for beginners. It offers 200 built-in sounds, 128 accompaniment rhythms, 10 featured songs to learn. Stand, bench, microphone and headphones are also included great choice for that price.

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The Final Word On The Best Beginner Keyboards

The YAMAHA YPT260 will meet the needs of most beginning keyboardists thanks to its intuitive and feature-rich user interface that includes built-in lessons and a visual guide. Piano students who want a more realistic-feeling experience should consider the Alesis Recital, thanks to its adjustable-weight keys, or the Donner DEP-20, due to its resemblance in style and functionality to a standard piano. If its a MIDI keyboard that youre looking for, the is one of the best beginner MIDI keyboards available due to its compact and feature-packed design.

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Roland Go: Keys Best Beginner Keyboard For Creating Music

The best Roland keyboard for beginners

Its an excellent keyboard for beginners who are not only interested in learning to play but also interested in songwriting and production. The price is higher than others on our list, but its reflected in a step up in sound quality and more professional features. It comes in a bright red color that somehow makes it more fun. Finished off with the ivory feel keys, this is a top keyboard for beginners if you dont mind the price.

  • Interactive lessons available.
  • The price is higher than others on our list.

The Roland Go:Keys is near the top of our price range as a beginner keyboard. But, it does justify the extra money with some great features. The 61 velocity-sensitive keys have an ivory feel finish that just adds a more professional touch than most beginner keyboards.

Roland has included a whopping 500 voices in the Go:Keys model, but more importantly, they are very high-quality sounds. The Go:Keys has Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can use smartphones to stream music straight to the keyboards built-in speakers. This feature isnt just useful for listening to music you can jam to your favorite tracks and use Rolands interactive online content like tutorials and play-along lessons.

Do I Need A Touch Sensitive Keyboard As A Beginner

Best Choice Products 61

First, lets establish what it means that a keyboard has touch sensitive keys. This simply means that the keyboard senses how hard you press, the harder you press, the louder the tone, just like a real piano. This is not a feature that you necessarily need as a beginner, but if you can afford it, it will enhance your music automatically. You will also feel the need for touch sensitivity as you improve.

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Bonus Best Midi Keyboards

If youre not necessarily interested in a full-fledged digital piano and simply want to control your virtual instruments and/or produce music using a DAW running on your computer, a good MIDI keyboard may be all you need!

Check out our in-depth guide on how to choose the right MIDI keyboard where we also share our favorite picks in different categories.

To learn more about what MIDI keyboards are how they compare to all other major keyboard types, follow this guide.

Korg B2sp Beginner Keyboard With Most Options

The best digital piano all-rounder

If you want something a little more serious to learn on, the Korg B2SP could be the one. It has piano tones to rival any in its price range and the convenience of being a lightweight keyboard piano when needed. The electric piano and organ sounds are so good they might be the reason you choose this piano over another. No harm in adding some organ chops to your CV!

  • The natural hammer action is fantastic.
  • Grand piano voices sound very natural.
  • USB MIDI controller if needed.
  • portable if required.
  • Doesnt look as stylish as some others if thats important to you.

The B2SP is an entry-level digital piano from Korg that comes with a lovely wooden stand and three-pedal unit. It can also be used as a portable keyboard piano without the stand. Technically that makes it one of the best keyboard pianos for beginners, too.

It has 88-keys , using Korgs natural hammer-action technology to deliver real piano-like resistance. The B2SP is the successor to the B1SP, and it comes with added sounds and features. You now get a total of 12 sounds, including some of the best grand piano tones in the entire price range. The B2SP features stunning grand pianos from Germany and Italy, covering a range of suitable tones from classical to jazz. Korg has gone the extra mile with the additional sounds, too the electric pianos and jazz organs are beautiful.

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Q: Do You Need Weighted Keys To Learn Piano

Weighted keys arent a requirement for learning piano and you can learn about melody, harmony, and more without ever touching a weighted key. However, if youre looking to perfect your technique and become acquainted with the physical response of a real piano, theres no substitute for weighted keys.

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Best Beginner Digital Pianos Under $500

Best Keyboard in 2022 for Beginners – Don’t Buy the Wrong One!

Buying the cheapest possible keyboard with light-weighted keys is not be the best idea even if youre a complete beginner.

If your main goal is to learn the piano, then youll definitely want an instrument with fully weighted keys.

You might be wondering what the heck is fully weighted keys. Dont worry, well get there in just a second!

This article will guide you through all the necessary information to make sure you know all the ins and outs of choosing your first digital piano.

Well also take a close look at the market and select the best digital pianos for beginners that cost less than $500 or so, which will make your research that much easier.

Enough small talk, lets dive right in!

Note: This article includes only portable digital pianos. If youre looking for a console digital piano, follow this article.

If youre not a complete beginner, you might want to take a look at our Top List for Intermediate Players , which also covers portable digital pianos.

These keyboards usually have more sounds, features, and realism, which makes them a better long-term investment. This means, theres more time before you outgrow your instrument.

With the advent of digital pianos, it has become easier than ever to start learning the piano.

You dont have to spend thousands of dollars on an acoustic upright and all the maintenance costs that come with it.

Theres a huge variety of instruments to fit any space, budget, and skill level.

Keyboards/Digital Pianos Under $500

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Beginner Keyboards: Recommendations From The Yousician Team

Now you know what to look for in a beginner digital piano or keyboard. Next, lets look at the top recommendations from the Yousician teams piano experts. Here weve collected three larger 88-key keyboards from Yamaha, Roland and Casio. In case you need a smaller keyboard or a digital piano thats easy to carry around and take with you, weve also picked four smaller compact keyboards for you to choose from. Check out the links for more details about our beginner keyboard recommendations.

What’s The Best Beginner Keyboard To Buy In 2022

Really you can’t go wrong with any of the keyboards on this list. We firmly believe that every entry here offers fantastic value for money and, more importantly, the best foundation to start learning the keyboard. That said, there are a couple of stand-out options that we would highly recommend checking out first.

The Yamaha Piaggero NP12 is number one on this list for a reason. This sleek keyboard may not have all the sounds of the others on the list, but for many budding pianists, that’s its appeal. Gone are the rows and rows of unnecessary voices and features, in favour of piano-like full-sized keys, excellent built quality and ten fantastic tones.

We also have a couple of options from budget keyboard heavyweights, Casio. The first is the ever-popular Casio CT-S300, which features 61 velocity-sensitive keys, 400 sounds and even comes complete with a 60-song songbook – what more do you need? A relatively new addition to the growing Casio catalogue is the wonderful Casio Casiotone CT-S1. This new wallet-friendly keyboard builds on the legacy of the original 80s icon, bringing it into the modern-day with 64 note polyphony and the incredibly expressive AiX Sound Source.

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The 8 Best Keyboards And Digital Pianos For Beginners In 2022

Choosing the best keyboard for beginners can make the difference between sticking with it or giving up. We have reviewed keyboards and digital pianos for all levels and budgets, but that first keyboard is often the most important.

Our list of beginner-friendly choices has something to offer all ages, budgets, and expectations.

How Much To Spend On Your First Keyboard/piano

The Best Piano Keyboard for Beginners

Your budget depends entirely on what you can afford to spend, obviously. What we mean is that we are the last people who will tell you that spending a lot of money on a high-quality musical instrument is a bad thing. Its just about common sense and understanding what you want to get out of the instrument.

If the instrument is a tester, in other words, you want something to see how serious you really are about learning, then dont spend too much.

If you know you are serious about learning and want something that you wont outgrow quickly, then spend more. That applies to buying keyboards or digital pianos for both kids and adults.

Our top 10 best beginner keyboards and digital pianos have instruments close to $50 and some not too far from $1000. Every single one of them is an excellent choice for a beginner you just need to decide which one is right for you.

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What Is An Arranger Keyboard

Arranger keyboards are designed to provide auto-accompaniment. Simply select a few options, and the keyboard then lays down a backing track that matches the style, rhythm and tempo of the piece being played. This helps students get a feel for playing with other musicians while allowing them to play solo compositions.

Advantages of an Arranger Keyboard

  • Conforms to professional industry standards
  • Is well suited for composition
  • Has auto-accompaniment that encourages students to play

Disadvantages of an Arranger Keyboard

  • Starting prices can be higher than those of less advanced keyboards
  • Beginners can find the range of programmable options overwhelming

Behringer Poly D Synthesizer


Behringer is another trusted name in the music industry. With the Poly D model, you can easily create quality sounds reminiscent of earlier or modern genres.


Type: 4 Voice Analogue Synth

Control: VCO Classic Ladder Filter BBD Stereo Chorus Arpeggiator Distortion, 32-Step Sequencer

Connectivity: USB B MIDI In and Out headphones Sync in and out audio in output

Main features: 37 full-size keys provide a comfortable, authentic feel for experienced piano players.

If youre a complete newbie or still have much to learn about playing the keyboard, get yourself up to speed and Learn How to Play Keyboard on our blog.

For even more support and a loyal sidekick, check out the Simply Piano app. No matter which keyboard you pick, the app will guide you through lessons and provide feedback to help you continually improve. Simply Piano can help you develop on stage or at your home studio, even without signing up for classes.

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The Best Piano Keyboard For Beginners

We may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Learning the piano is something lots of people express an interest in. If one sticks at it, and learns how to do it properly, it can bring a lifetime of achievement and musical joy. However, quite often, this isnt the case, and many new learners get frustrated and de-motivated to the point where they quit after a few months.

This presents a dilemma for the person who bought them a piano to learn on, that now isnt going to get used. To compensate for this, most financially responsible adults dont go and buy a high-end upright or grand piano immediately the first purchase tends to be a beginner keyboard, and if the learner expresses an interest in progressing with learning the piano after the first few months, at that point they upgrade.

What Im going to go through today are five of the best keyboards for learning the piano. These keyboards will provide everything a beginner will need to get started with learning the piano, while at the same time being not too expensive so that if the learner does decide to quit, theres not been a lot of financial investment into the instrument. Lets get started.

Just a quite note as ever, some of these links below are affiliate links, and I may be paid a commission if you click on a link and buy something from one of my affiliate partners. For more information about this, please click here.

Best Amazon Piano Keyboards

Best Piano (88-Key) in 2022 for Beginners – Don’t Buy the Wrong One!

Now heres our guide to the best made-for-Amazon piano keyboard brands, including their best models:

Alesis was established in 1980 with the idea that they wanted to make good sound quality music studio products available to the world. This includes complete beginners and so using their innovation and technical knowledge, Alesis designed keyboards for beginners to and also keyboards for professionals all at an affordable price.

Alesis have continuously focused on improving the musical experience and developing creativity for musicians. Theyve now branched out from not only piano keyboards, but also other musical technical equipment such as synthesizers, iPod recording and playback equipment, amplifiers, electronic drums, effects units, mixers, speakers and hard disk recorders.

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What Should You Look For When Buying A Beginner Piano Keyboard

There are a few key things that youll need in a beginner keyboard to get off on the right foot

Think of it this way: its like taking up a new sport, like basketball. While you wouldnt spend a fortune on basketball sneakers before you knew that you really enjoyed playing, you also wouldnt go out onto the court in a pair of cheap flip-flops! The same idea applies to buying your first piano keyboard.

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Roland Go: Piano61 Portable Keyboard Piano

Roland has been widely known as the manufacturer of high-quality musical instruments and when it comes to the portable keyboard, they take it to the next level by combining the digital keyboard and electric piano features in Roland GO:PIANO61.

As the name says, Roland GO:PIANO61 is circulated in the piano area which means the 61 keys are supported with a touch-sensitive feature, something you will find mostly in a digital piano. Then, 40 high-quality tones including acoustic piano, electric piano, organs, and other instruments are designed to be very responsive to any style of playing.

In the learning department, the Bluetooth function is really helpful because you can seamlessly connect your smartphone to use the Roland Piano Partner 2 app or just stream your favorite song via its built-in speakers. Not to mention its portability which can be operated with 6x AA-type batteries.

Compact design and at an affordable price tag starting from 449 SGD, you are getting a great deal on this one.

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