Best Piano Books For Beginners


Hal Leonard: Adult Piano Method

How To Read Notes (Beginner Piano Lesson)

This piano method takes a very comprehensive approach to learning music.

You will find a compilation of lessons, solos, techniques and theories.

The learning process in this book is designed for adults.

Beginning adult students will find in this piano book everything they need to learn the instrument.

Hal Leonard Adult piano method book for beginners.

The 9 Best Piano Books For Beginners

Independent learning and practice are essential whether youre taking lessons or not. Here are nine of the best piano books for beginners.

Writing plays a vital role in the development of society and the human race. Through reading, we can learn about virtually anything.

Reading about the piano can offer insights about the instrument that you may not find anywhere else.

However, there are thousands of piano books. As a student, you want to be effective with your time, so finding the right piano book is vital.

Here are the nine best piano books for beginners.

The Joy Of First Year Piano

This is one book in a constantly expanding series of Joy Of books. In this particular one, Denes Agay guides musicians through a series of piano work sure to increase skill.

The book also comes with audio. Each piece is accompanied by a track boasting a skilled pianist playing the piece.

This series has been chosen by musicians all over the world. They love it for their imaginative choice of material.

Its also thought of as having consistent settings, a diverse range of music, and a large-format style.

All of these things make it accessible to beginners and advanced players alike.

And this series is constantly growingmaking it sure to be a favorite that keeps on giving!

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Keyboard Musician For The Adult Beginner By Frances Clark

This book might be a little old, but the material is still very relevant. With 207 pages, this book covers loads of material. It doesnt move concepts too quickly and gives you plenty of time to digest each one. Pianists have 155 pieces at their disposal, which is a big plus.

With this book, you do lots of sight-reading. It starts easy and progressively gets more challenging as your skills improve. Basically, it has an excellent structure. The book also covers lots of scales, music terms, and more essential things.

Rather than starting with hard right-to-left-hand passages immediately, Clark starts easy and slowly brings both hands together. That makes it less overwhelming for you in the beginning. Nobody wants to start out too hard. A downside to this book is how small the text is. Though theres a heap of information, its sometimes hard to read.

Exploring Jazz Piano By Tim Richards

Best Piano Method Books For Beginners

If youre looking for a thorough and well-structured approach to learning jazz piano, then Tim Richards Exploring Jazz Piano is the book for you.

Exploring Jazz Piano By Tim Richards

Covering everything from theory to improvisation, this book is perfect for those who are just starting out on their jazz piano journey.

Each concept is explained clearly and in detail, with original exercises included to help reinforce what youve learned.

Assumed knowledge of musical notation is required, but otherwise this book is accessible to late-beginner pianists and up. If you want to explore everything that jazz piano has to offer, then this is the book that will take you there.

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Advanced Techniques For Playing Jazz Piano

Jazz piano is a complex and nuanced art form, and there are many advanced techniques that pianists can use to create a distinctive sound.

One common technique is called comping, which involves playing chords in a supportive role while another instrument takes the melody. This can be a challenge, as it requires the pianist to have a good ear for harmony and timing.

Playing jazz piano

Another popular technique is voicing, which refers to the way the notes of a chord are arranged within the pianos range. This can give the music a more open sound, and it allows the pianist to create unique voicings for each chord.

These are just some of the advanced techniques that jazz pianists can use to create their own style. With practice and innovation, the possibilities are limitless.

Alfreds Basic Piano Course Lesson Series

The Alfreds collection of piano books is incredibly popular with students of all ages. The Basic Piano Course lesson series progresses in small steps, so that the information is easy to replicate and remember. As the lessons progress, students will learn the names of the piano keys: first white, then black. As one of the most sought-after piano books for beginners on the market, this book is a sure step toward practical piano skills!

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Alfreds Basic Adult All

Its advantage is that it is very complete. You will find piano lessons that focus on theory as well as technique. Each course is also associated with exercises to work on the coordination of your hands on the piano as well as the strengthening of your finger muscles.

The progression from lesson to lesson is quite fluid and you wont feel blocked by lack of experience from one lesson to the next.

Review of the piano book for beginners Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course.

Learning With A Parent Or A Tutor

4 Easy Songs For Beginners (Piano Tutorial)

You might have noticed that a certain number of these books is recommended to be used with the help of a professional and experienced tutor. While we also tried to include other stuff, like some very intuitive and straightforward books that kids below the age of 10 can use with their parents, even if theyre not that familiar with the piano.

However, if you want better results and if you want your child to keep being persistent while working on their skills, its recommended that you hire a piano teacher. The instrument is really accessible for beginners and is not as complicated in these stages as compared to the violin or the guitar.

If youre an adult music enthusiast whos looking to learn how to play piano, its somewhat easier to go through these books on your own. Yes, hiring a teacher and using some of these books as a reference and practicing tool is definitely a better option. But still, some of the books we mentioned are intended for those looking to learn to play the piano on their own.

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Piano Time Classics By Pauline Hall

Heres a childrens book thats worth evaluating. The Piano Time series, written by Pauline Hall, includes many unique books catered for children. This series includes a full piano course and several seasonal books, such as Piano Time Christmas Carols.

Piano Time Classics is an excellent book for children. Loads of appealing colors keep kids interested and engaged. The quiz pages are a great feature. Kids learn without realizing it when they answer these questions, which is very convenient.

This book isnt only made for small kids but also can serve teens. Pauline Hall specifically made it not too difficult for kids and not too easy for teens. Youll find that this book isnt as long as many others, but thats not all bad. Some pianists claim it doesnt have as much fluff and includes only the critical things. With heftier books, kids can also lose interest and become discouraged by endless pages. You dont want that to happen. A small book gives kids hope that theyll be able to finish it.

Piano Time Classic is an excellent book that keeps kids engaged while teaching them valuable techniques. However, theres one thing you should keep in mind. Though this book can work wonders, you should use it alongside other books. The reason being, learning only from this can give kids a 1-dimensional understanding of the piano.

Best Piano Books For Beginners

For anyone who has ever wanted to learn to play the piano, the thought of diving in head-first can be daunting. Where do you start?

Which pieces should you learn first? How do you find beginner-friendly music that will help you progress without becoming discouraged?

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help beginning piano players get started on the right foot.

In this post, well share ten of our favorite piano books for beginners, including a mix of songbooks, instructional materials, and anthologies.

  • Adult All-in-One Course: Lesson-Theory-Technic by Willard A. Palmer, Morton Manus, and Amanda Vick Lethco
  • Piano Lessons Book 1: Hal Leonard Student Piano Library by Barbara Kreader, Fred Kern, and Phillip Keveren
  • A Dozen a Day Preparatory Book by Edna Mae Burnam
  • Bastien Piano Basics Level 1 by James Bastien
  • Level 1 Lesson Book: Piano Adventures by Nancy Faber and Randall Faber
  • First 50 Songs You Should Play on Acoustic Guitar by Hal Leonard Corp
  • The Complete Idiots Guide to Music Theory by Michael Miller
  • How to Play from a Fake Book by improve your sightreading
  • Play It Again, Sam: A Practical Guide to Classical Recordings by Diarmuid Hayes
  • Piano Fingering The Complete Guide Updated Edition by David Burge & Yuri Picasso
  • And if you get stuck, theres no shame in seeking out a piano teacher to help you along the way.

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    Lesson Book: Piano Adventures

    Lesson Book: Piano Adventures, on the other hand, is for almost any age. The biggest advantage of this book, written and compiled by Nancy Faber, is its accessibility and straightforward approach. This way, even a complete beginner will be able to understand some of the much-needed fundamentals of piano playing.

    For instance, you can find lessons on how to read notes, how to build chords on the piano, and even some essential info about scales. Of course, theres also stuff about different fingering positions, techniques, as well as the implementation of these things in practice.

    Overall, this is one of the favorite books among piano teachers working with younger students. Its fun, its a very useful pedagogical tool, and above all its really fun to use. Its one of the first books youll want to consider when finding the best one for your needs.

    American Popular Piano By Christopher Norton

    Piano Fun

    This book is an excellent resource for adult pianists. The repertoire list is highly enjoyable and arranged by style. Some pieces are mostly rhythmic, while others are lyrical or technical. The main areas covered by the book are repertoire, technique, and etudes. Whats an etude? An etude is a piece composed specifically to improve a specific technique.

    Book 1 is a great place to start for adults, as its not too easy or difficult. In the beginning, there are simple duets you can play with a teacher. These duets are short, but you can gain a lot from them. You can play each piece solo or with a rhythm section. There are many styles, including swing beats, straight 8ths, Bossa Nova, and many more. Playing different styles makes you well-rounded and expands your musicianship.

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    What Is The Best Book To Teach Yourself Piano

    A piano method book can most certainly come handy in learning piano playing all by yourself. If you want to teach yourself piano, you should buy the best piano books for beginners. In this comprehensive guide, we reviewed all of the top-rated piano books for you.

    However, if you want our recommendation for a piano learning self-study book, you can always go for Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course, as it is a complete learning package for you.

    Piano Scales Chords & Arpeggios Lessons With Elements Of Basic Music Theory

    Damon Ferrante is an accomplished composer who has performed in many famous concert halls throughout North America. His book Piano Piano Scales, Chords & Arpeggios Lessons with Elements of Basic Music Theory offers valuable lessons about scales, chords, and arpeggios.

    Ferrantes book can be a potent tool. It contains 140 lessons and 30 additional classes via video streaming. If youre learning on your own, this is a resource you want to have. However, you dont necessarily need books to find the necessary information. For instance, there are tons of blogs that go over basic piano techniques. Check out our blog, Quickly Learn Piano Notes and Chords,and get started!

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    Easy Piano Sheet Music For Kids

    Another powerful piano book for kids, Easy Piano Sheet Music for Kids, offers a collection of 40 popular songs to learn from.

    Of course, you must convey information in a digestible way to your audience. Easy Piano Sheet Music for Kids does this perfectly! Each note of every song has clear labels, helping kids learn to read sheet music while having fun.

    Kids rarely know what they want. This book is ideal because it also covers both piano and keyboard playingthis is a must-have!

    These Are The Best Piano Books For Beginners Of All Ages

    5 Famous Classical Music Pieces – Very Easy and Slow Piano tutorial – Beginner

    Published: by Emma ยท This post may contain affiliate links, which can earn me a commission.

    So, you want to learn piano! That’s exciting news. Unfortunately, it can be overwhelming to choose the right piano books when you’re a beginner pianist. Here’s the best books for beginners at every age level.

    Brand new to the world of piano? Make sure you practice these essential finger exercises for beginners and learn these easy classical pieces to sharpen your skills.

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    The Ultimate Pianists Guide By La Touche Musicale

    The Ultimate pianists Guide is the official and free ebook of the company and app La Touche Musicale , released in 2021.The advantage of this ebook is that it covers everything from the beginning: how to choose your piano or keyboard, how to choose your learning method, piano basics such as chords, scales or notes, how to read a score, famous easy piano songs to play, how to use piano pedals, and much more.

    The Piano Book is intended to be generalist in order to reach the maximum number of beginner pianists. It goes beyond the traditional framework of theoretical books to propose a learning path much closer to reality, by addressing topics such as the type of piano to buy or the choice of method.

    The Ultimate Pianists Guide is therefore one of the most general and easily accessible piano books for beginners. Both in terms of price and in terms of teaching , this book will allow you to acquire a solid musical foundation, both theoretical and practical.

    The Complete Idiots Guide To Musical Theory

    You might be embarrassed by being seen in public with this book, but theres no shame in it at all. This book can actually really help you if youre a beginner. If you think you have no talent for music, this book can help prove you wrong.

    This book doesnt just focus on piano, but a wide range of music theory from piano to vocals. A beginner can become overwhelmed by music theory as it can get a little confusing after all. The Complete Idiots Guide will clear up this confusion for you.

    Its one of the best piano lesson books for adults. Books can only go so far though, reading is no substitute for actual hands-on playing. Here are a couple of easy warm-ups that you can do before your lessons each day.

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    Pam Wedgwood: Its Never Too Late To Play Piano

    This book has proved to be very popular with my adult students. The 15 units are clearly organised, with tips and facts throughout each. As well as plenty of pieces you will recognise, Pam has included a lot of her own great compositions which are a lot of fun to play.

    Although you could use this book as a self-taught learner, I would say its better to use alongside a teacher in structured lessons this is because the book goes at a slightly faster pace than the Piano adventures series and you may find it more of a challenge to progress on your own after the first three or four units.

    It comes with a CD with play-along tracks which adds to the experience. As you progress through the book and reach the more challenging pieces, you will find it helpful to listen to the performances of the pieces on the CD. There are some wonderful concert pieces at the end of the book to aim to perform.

    Pams book is a great place to start as an older beginner although it doesnt cover as much theory as the Piano adventures series, it makes up for that in its attention to technique and inspiring pieces. This book will generally last the complete beginner a couple of years.

    Lang Lang Piano Academy

    How to Play Piano for Beginners Kids: A Definitive And Complete Piano ...

    Another fantastic book for kids is The Lang Lang Piano Method: Level 1. The series has five books, each more advanced than the last.

    These books get beginners progressing quickly. With clear illustrations of keyboards and detailed descriptions of which notes to play, understanding what you need to do is easy! However, whats interesting about these books is the illustrationsthey merge comic strips with piano lessons . Lang Lang is a superhero pianist, and you, the student, join him on his adventures.

    Overall this book is very active and, therefore, ideal for people looking to be creative. You can learn about music theory, how to play notes and chords, and how to perform.

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    Beginner Piano Lessons For Kids Book

    If your child cant take piano lessons, you should consider Beginner Piano Lessons for Kids. This book comes with access to online video and audio lessons. That way, your child can still learn as if they had a teacher.

    Its perfect for kids between 5 and 11 years old, and it starts with just the right hand. After the student gets used to that, they can add their left hand. The book combines traditional notation with finger notation to help students learn to read music.


    • It starts with one hand
    • Audio and video lessons
    • Suitable for use without a private teacher


    • It doesnt teach note names
    • Not the best for absolute beginners

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