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Perfect Ear Piano Playing App

Pianist Explains! Best FREE Apps For Learning The Piano

Music is a universal language and no matter which instrument you wish to master, the directions and the theory for that purpose are the same. As its name suggests, Perfect Ear is an excellent app that empowers the skills every human brain requires to learn before mastering any musical instrument. Whether you want to improve your skills, figure out tunes, or detect chord progressions, Perfect Ear is all you need.

The app provides high-quality, rhythm training, unique ear training, and solfege capabilities. It doesnt make any difference if you are a novice or a professional you will certainly find something important that will make you a better musician.

Key Features of Perfect Ear Piano Playing App:

  • Customizable scale, interval, chord, and rhythm training exercises.
  • High capacity to create custom chords, scales, and chord progressions.
  • It has a fully-fledged scale dictionary.
  • Hundreds of good-quality ear training lessons.

Does Flowkey Work On Android

The app is quick and easy to install you can download it directly to your PC or Mac, or to your Android/iOS smartphone or tablet using the Flowkey website. You can start a free trial version before committing to a subscription. Is Flowkey better than simply piano? Flowkey is the overall better option if you are a beginner looking for comprehensive online piano lessons. They have a large selection of songs to choose from and the learning pace is much quicker and more structured than Simply Piano.

Objective: To Create Small Pieces Of Music On The Piano

KB Piano is more a software to compose music with a piano than a teaching tool. You can, as on La Touche Musicale, connect your piano to your computer so that it is recognized by the software. Once this is done, you interact with the virtual piano and can record your composition or interpretation. You can also add sound effects to enrich the piece you create.

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Objective: Learn To Decipher Sheet Music + Play Your Favorite Songs On Piano + Learn The Chords On Piano

Yousician is a website and an app dedicated to piano learning. With a very simple and understandable interface, the learning method is really designed for piano beginners and will allow you to progress step by step while having fun.

You can choose between several display modes according to your tastes and needs. You also have the possibility to learn the different chords on piano in order to improve yourself and to be able to improvise more easily.

The Premium offer starts at 19,99 by month and gives you access to one instrument and unlimited lessons. If you want to unlock all the songs in the library, you have to spend 29.99 by month.

Objective : Learn The Songs You Love + Music Theory With Lessons

26 Best Pictures 100 Free Piano Lessons App : Piano 3D

Flowkey is, like Skoove, a relatively new player in the market. The app emerged in 2012 and offers to learn both your favorite songs on piano but also to learn music theory through an interesting and visual method.

Its also possible to connect your keyboard to your computer for more ease on your learning.

However, like Skoove, its price is quite high . So make sure you have the right budget before you get started!

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Piano Marvel Best Online Piano Lessons For Kids

Enjoy a gamified way of piano learning, offering manageable lesson chunks!

Piano Marvel blends traditional piano lessons with a modern approach.

Its a piano learning software based on video lessons, instant feedback, and various features that make it truly personalized and efficient.

Piano Marvel Features

You can use Piano Marvel on Windows, Mac, or iOS, and if you connect it to your piano/keyboard, it will listen to you play and provide instant feedback.

Besides feedback on your accuracy, Piano Marvel is divided into three sections: Method and Technique, Library, and Sight-Reading.

Method and Technique will introduce you to a bunch of musical concepts and elements and, of course, teach you how to play the piano. However, if you only want to focus on performance pieces, you should head to the Library section.

The Sight-Reading section provides a sight-reading assessment. It will track your progress and compare your score to other users.

Piano Marvel is also suitable for piano teachers since it allows you to create your own curriculum and upload songs. It also offers seminars and conferences.

Content and Benefits

Unlike many virtual piano lessons, Piano Marvel is similar to traditional classes due to its wide content, thoughtful method, and focus on music theory.

Youll be learning through three modes: Prepare, Assess, and Practice Mode. Youll work through the notes, chords, rhythms, and finger placements, all while being aware of potential mistakes.


Piano Chords Scales Companion

Piano Companion is a flexible piano chords and scales dictionary with user libraries and reverse mode with a flexible chord progression builder. If you cant remember the name of a chord or scale, this app helps you to find it by keys.

The Piano Companion app shows chord and scale notes, degrees, fingering for both hands in major and minor scales and you can contribute your own custom fingering too. Additionally, you can listen how a scale or chord sounds in the loop or arpeggiated. You can see the list of compatible chords in the selected scale or list of compatible scales for a selected chord.

Free lessons available: Yes

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Local Music Stores Studios & More

Although it can be more difficult to find, another option for free piano lessons is local music stores. Some music stores like Guitar Center or Steinert & Sons offer free group lessons and workshops for children and adults.

If there isnt a music store in your area, see if a local studio offers free introductory lessons. You can also check with your citys recreation department and local community centers. Some offer free piano classes as a service to the community.

One benefit of these free piano lessons is the ability to ask a teacher questions in person, and have them physically show you what to do. A quick search will tell you if these options are available in your area.

Piano Scales & Chords Free

I Found the Best Piano App for Android & iOS (iPad iPhone)

This app can improvise to backing tracks or metronome, record and save. These can be viewed as a reference or played along to or repeated and scales can be played ascending or descending or both with slow down/speed up the scale.

It has a Scales and Chords Games to test your knowledge and advance through levels and an area to check to progress.

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Can You Really Learn To Play Piano Online

Yes, its possible to learn to play piano online. Online piano lessons have many benefits including affordability and convenience. The best apps for learning piano also use modern learning tools that will help you gain piano skills in a very effective way. However, your persistence and regular practice are just as important.

Note Quest: Learn Piano Fast

Note Quest is one of the best piano apps which helps people of all ages to learn and review or drill all the notes needed to become a competent piano or keyboard player. Through levelled sequences of fun and enjoyable piano practice games, the app helps the user to learn the notes of the keyboard quickly and successfully. This app is highly engaging and simple to use and although the graphics are more suited to a child user it would be extremely useful for anyone who is learning the piano. It could be used as an introduction to the notes of the keyboard, an aid for practice between lessons or for use by a piano teacher as a resource within lessons. It is no wonder many people view Note Quest as the best piano learning app.

Free lessons available: Yes

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Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard

If you are one fed up of the unnecessary functions then the Virtual MIDI Piano keyboard is the sure stop for you. The user interface is quite plain and straightforward and might fail to please you, but the design supports practical piano, hence is away from aesthetical virtualism which pleases a professional musician. It does not provide you with any external sound system.

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is stuffed with a lot of impressive features. With the surplus options, you can quickly learn to play piano within a brief period. The software also allows you to play MIDI notes through your computer keyboard and mouse along with which you can even compel the hardware and software MIDI synthesizers.

Other impressive features of this include phaser depth, app include, expression, and modulation. It enables you to produce a wide variety of sounds using the preset programs such as tango accordion, grand piano. Since the Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard makes use of extremely professional tools and options, this should be the first choice of professionals.

You can also connect some other musical instrument externally through the MIDI port and the notes played on the instrument will be displayed on the monitor. Base Octave and Transpose can also be obtained while playing and other settings and controls are customizable by the user.

Visit: Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard

The 7 Best Piano Learning Apps For Total Newbies

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Today, it is possible to rely entirely on online platforms to learn how to play musical instruments. It is actually one of the easiest ways to learn.

Piano learning has become increasingly popular in this industry. As the field keeps advancing, more and more applications have been created to meet the growing demand. There are a lot of applications now that are compatible with various devices, including mobile phones.

This article shall focus on the top 7 applications to get piano lessons.

Flowkey is a multi-platform piano learning app that helps you learn and add pieces to your repertoire. Flowkey is available as an app for tablets or as an online software for PC. It offers a free one-month trial if you want to try it out before paying for a subscription. The free trial, however, comes with access to the full list of lessons and songs.

The software uses the built-in computer microphone to listen to your playing if you are using an acoustic piano. It is also MIDI-compatible allowing you to use a MIDI keyboard to play along as the software tracks your input and gives you instant feedback. Tracking is more efficient when using a MIDI keyboard than the built-in microphone but both inputs work just well.

The interface is easy to navigate and looks the same on both tablet and PC. It has four sections Browse, Search, My Songs and, Courses. All the section tabs are in the main menu and there are no other confusing menus to look for.

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Best Piano App To Learn 2022

Best Piano App To Learn. If you learn best with the allowance to play at your own speed, this is the piano app for you. Yousician is a nifty piano learning app that helps in sight reading so that musicians can play music just by having the sheet in front of them in real time, note by note.

They can be plugged into a laptop or computer via midi and. When it comes to choosing the best way to learn to play piano, it helps to approach the decision the same way youd look for a teacher.

Objectives: Learn Piano With The Songs You Love

Synthesia is a piano software that allows you to learn the instrument easily. You can connect your keyboard to your computer and play notes and chords interactively.

The software is mainly based on MIDI . As with La Touche Musicale , you can import your own MIDI files to play them on the piano.

If you want more information about this tool, you can read our article dedicated to Synthesia.

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Our Piano Learning App Reviews

Android | iOS

This is the best piano learning app available thanks to its thorough lesson plans, large song library, and courses for all skill levels. Whether youre a beginner or a more advanced piano player, you can use flowkey to improve your skills via high-quality video tutorials taught by professional pianists and interactive lesson plans. The app features step-by-step instructions to help users learn important skills like improv, chords, technique, and how to read music. The app works with your real piano or keyboard, and with over 1,500 songs ranging from beginner to pro-level, flowkey offers a more robust song library than other piano learning apps on our list.

Notable features:

  • Subscription plans: 1 Month Premium: $19.99/month 6 Months Premium: $13.99/month 12 Months Premium: $9.99/month
  • Support available: In-App Chat, Email, FAQ & Help Center
flowkey Pros & Cons

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:


Notable features:


Notable features:

Android | iOS

Notable features:


Notable features:

Learn To Play Piano Online

Flowkey Review – The Best Piano Learning App For Android?

The piano is one of the most versatile instruments you can learn, not least because it gives you a strong footing in musical theory. These sites are a great place to get started learning piano online without breaking the bank, too.

That said, you may end up deciding that the piano isn’t the right instrument for you. In that case, consider the musical skills you can learn online for free instead.

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What Is The Best Free Piano Lesson App

Theres no better way to learn piano than by trying a free piano lessons app! These apps offer learners a hands-on, accessible way to learn piano regardless of where they might be. Some good options include:

  • TakeLessons Live

There are other well-known apps you can tap into, too, such as Flowkey. The downside to some of these is that you start off with free online piano lessons for a brief period of time but then need to pay for them.

Of course, you can always teach yourself how to play piano for free, too. Although this isnt the best way to learn we always recommend getting signed up for piano lessons with an instructor. Its a great way to get started, especially if youre on a budget.

Check out this video to start learning your major scales, the first step for any piano player to take:

What Is The Best App To Learn To Play Piano

There are lots of factors you will need to take into consideration when you are trying to find the best piano learning app for iPad, iPhone, and other devices. However, in general, these are some of the best piano music apps for iPad out there:

You might also consider watching some instructional videos on YouTube to help introduce you to the art of playing piano. Heres a great one thats sure to pique your interest:

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Much Much Better Than Traditional Piano Lessons

Musiah is a very very good piano lessons website. I can say that Musiah is much much better than traditional piano lessons.

Rabia has learned a piano lessons over 3 years with a traditional piano teacher at a music school. After, she tried Musiah , and I asked her ” Which one isbetter?” Her answer was “musiah”

I do agree with her. What I can say is “Absolutely, I’ll recommend Musiah to my friends.”

I did recommend Musiah to one of my friend. She brought her daughter to try Musiah at my place last night. Her daughter had a piano lesson with a traditional piano teacher before too. After shetried Musiah for few hours. She told me that ” I really like Musiah”. Now my friend looking to buy a laptop and Midi controller to join Musiah.

Lek Australia

What You Will Learn

Piano With Songs

Skoove does a nice job of introducing beginners to the piano, starting with middle C. Skoove is really geared towards beginners as the app doesnt just show you the notes and an animated keyboard, it shows you an actual piano player playing along from above.

Useful features

Using video lessons is a great teaching style for visual learners to see when to play the piano notes as they develop their own internal sense of timing.

Beginners will also appreciate the way Skoove provides real-time feedback. With Skoove, you are not just learning in a vacuum, as you would with YouTube or other online piano apps. Skoove listens and reacts in a very personalized way to how youre playing.

This feedback can be crucial to developing a true understanding of how to play the piano.

Fun songs

Skoove pair each piano lesson with a familiar song that isnt only classical music. The early beginner lessons, for example, pairs learning the finger numbers on the right hand with popular songs like Lean on Me by Bill Withers.

To learn note lengths, you jam to Queens We Will Rock You. That modern touch of the best songs on piano from rock n roll, soul, pop music, and film music is nice in a world where every other app wants to start you with Ode to Joy.

Jam along with the band

This simple progression eliminates the surprise of having to suddenly adapt to playing a song at full speed. Something budding online pianists will appreciate.

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How We Test Online Piano Lessons

MidderMusic produces honest and accurate reviews based on personal experience and research. Therefore, the MidderMusic online piano lessons review process is fully editorially independent. We are either supplied with the free subscription by the platforms or we purchase our own subscriptions.

When evaluating a piano platform, we take into account the following factors:

  • Simplicity in setup and use How easy is it to sign up and install the program? Is it user-friendly? Is the content easy to navigate?
  • Quality of content/tutors Are the lessons easy to follow? What is the quality of the video? Are teachers easy to understand? Do they give clear instructions? Do they communicate information in a friendly manner?
  • Range of content What areas or skills is the platform focused on? Does it contain lessons for advanced players? If its only suitable for beginners, does it have enough material and songs/tutorials?
  • Useful features Can you use the program on multiple devices? Is there a possibility to get feedback on your playing? Is the service flexible or customizable? Are there features such as the ability to slow down or loop video?

We approach every platform with these same four categories in mind.

Our testing team includes:

  • Reviewers experienced in testing and owning musical instruments, equipment, and services
  • Professionals who work in the music industry
  • Writers experienced in creating content for music magazines and websites

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