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Where to get Free Beginner Piano Sheet Music

Leaving more predictable patterns behind makes left hand chords trickier. Good reading skills definitely required!

These pieces stretch pianists’ abilities.

More technique is required, with the use of chord inversions, thicker textures in the melodies, and stretched hand positions.

Additionally, note reading strays far outside the two octaves around Middle C.

Go here to see the “Year Three and After” sheet music!

Ae Fond Kiss, vocal score & piano music – A tender love song, saying farewell.

Black Beauty movie sheet music – a beautiful, energetic piece of music, with a soaring, singable melody. From the movie.

Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair – a very beautiful love song, with a slow start, and an energetic follow-up. Some lyrics.

Brian Boru’s March – an mesmerizing Irish melody that pulls you along in a theme & variation style.

Cat Came Back lyrics and music – easy versions and harder arrangements mix up the descending single-note bass line with triad chords.

Colorado Trail song – this is a cowboy song! It is very short, but very pretty.

De Boself – a simplified arrangement of the original piece by T. Van Oesten brisk and charming.

Emma, a Jane Austen “Emma” movie tribute – This is very lovely, and parents love it.

Esther: For Such a Time as This – both original & EASY PIANO editions

Funeral March by Chopin – A famous and ominous melody.

Gaelic Melody – traditional Celtic music, very lovely

Go here to see the “Year Three and After” sheet music!

Additional Beginner Sheets & Music

Waltzing Matilda with helper notes

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

What Child is This, lettered notes & helper notes

What Do You Do with a Drunken – or GRUMPY – Sailor

What Wondrous Love

White, Orange & Green

Wiegenlied, “Mozart’s Cradle Song”

Go here to see the piano music with letters page, “Note-Naming Worksheets”!

But Sheet Music Is So Expensive

If only there were sources of free kids’ sheet music, beginner piano music! Music, in addition, with suggestions for teachers, and stories and tips.

Well, now there is. My site, and other sites too.

I have a large and ever-expanding collection of beginner piano music, and what I offer here has been tried and found worthy of keeping!

Much of it is just supplemental to the beginner piano music method books I use, but a lot of it is music I consider essential for my students, to lay down a hands-on foundation of understanding music theory.

Add some spice to your students’ music diet without breaking the bankalmost all the beginner piano music you will find here is free and easily printable, with no strings attached.

Furthermore, you don’t have to guess what’s there before you hit the “Download” link – you can look my free sheet music over before downloading it onto your computer!

Kay, US:…wanted to let you know that I love using your early beginner sheet music with the alphanotes.

I have 10 beginners who began piano this fall, and your materials are great, especially the Christmas pieces, to bridge that time of just starting to read a few notes and being able to play more complicated rhythms.

Your site has helped my studio a great deal. Thank you for sharing!!!! Merry Christmas!

The tips are great too. I also live in the middle of nowhere so buying from a shop is not really an option unless I fancy a 120 mile round trip for a piece of sheet music!

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Yes They Need The Basic Foundation And More

Scales? Yes. Exercises? Yes. Note-reading? Of course.

But with beginner piano music, always at least one FUN piece, a piece that gives the child something to look forward to at practice time.

Keep looking until you find a piece they enjoy, and they will likely work on it happily until it is perfect.

So where do you find that perfect piece? It’s so easy to make a wrong choice for a picky student!

And there’s the nagging little voice in the back of your mind reminding you that copying is definitely not legal…

Looking For Music Recital Or Festival Sheet Music

Beginner Piano Music for Kids

The sheet music collection includes 600+ original arrangements of famous composer masterworks, traditional songs, classic pop/rock songs, Bible songs and hymns, Christmas carols, and original works. Rest assured that each arrangement is based on a selection in the public domain, or is an original composition for our catalog. We extend to you the privilege to print our free and premium sheet music arrangements for music recitals and music festivals performances. Be sure to copy this notice and include it with your festival submission.

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What Happens When Students Start To Master Chord Patterns Beautiful Music I Call This Level After Year Two

Free easy piano sheet music for your students who are past level one.

Now students start using moving chords in the left hand, requiring more hand coordination.

Also, the range of notes is greater than in The First Year and After Year One.

Some, like Harp Ballad, are more appropriate in Year 3 or 4, but for older students, such as students who start as beginners in their teen years, they may reach this level very quickly, with a strong understanding of chords.


America the Beautiful

Happy Birthday – several arrangements, from very easy to very full-sounding

Harp Ballad – a beautiful piece that will spur your student to new skills!

Hava Nagilah – well-known Hebrew folk song

House of the Rising Sun – with exciting left hand chords

How Doth the Little Crocodile -a creepy-sounding song with lyrics from Alice in Wonderland

Hungarian Dance – Brahms’ #5, a duet version

In the Hall of the Mountain King – a one-page arrangement of the main theme

In the Mood – the famous Big Band song, still popular!

Irish Washerwoman – this is NEW! Pretty and full of energy.

Irish Wedding – This is the most advanced arrangement of this popular piece that even my beginners play

Kookaburra – A good arrangement for classroom singing.

Lake Pirates – modeled after The Hobbit Soundtrack, Hobbit 3!

Largo, from the New World Symphony – A famous and beautiful theme.

Lavender’s Blue – the “Cinderella song lyrics”!

Louie Louie – a set of chords used as an exercise, that sounds like real music.

Free Piano Sheet Music

We have a large library of original, classical, and other well known piano sheet music that is free to view and play or become a member to download PDFs and make unlimited prints. Browse our catalog to find just the right piano piece!

Sheet music on our site is free to view and play. Paired with a tablet or even a smartphone, you can easily sight read our pieces in the browser while seated at the piano. We also have an option for PDF downloads/prints for every piece on our site.

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So What Makes Jingle Bells Sheet Music So Versatile

  • This easy piano music uses all 5 fingers of the right hand,
  • stays in one “position”,
  • can be improved by the addition of left-hand chords, and, like ,
  • is easy to transpose!

This Christmas song is the perfect tool for working on pentascale positions and the three main chords.

Here it is with chord symbols:

Please scroll down the page for the download links.

Key Elements For Beginners Sheet Music


Sheet music created with beginners in mind should have the following:

  • arrangements which feature large, easy-to-follow notes
  • with each notes name written on the note head
  • a layout that makes it easy for any beginner to follow the music on the page
  • a variety of categories, including childrens songs, rock, pop, themes songs from popular movies and television shows, and of course, classical

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One New Key At A Time

I used to assign kids the entire paper to fill in the first week, but gradually I’ve come to assign just one note name per week, and stipulate that at home, they are to strike every one of THOSE keys up and down the keyboard every day.

“This week, I want you to write in all the D’s, in pencil, and play every D, etc.”, so that we keep returning to the paper piano keyboard layout week after week.

It’s a BIG DEAL when we’ve gotten through all the white keys, and turn our attention to those mysterious black keys, with the double names…

Here is a student who has placed a little animal on each G# key.

Below are two very different piano keyboards diagrams: the first one has small keys , the second one is larger, with fewer keys.

Both print out nicely on 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper, with PLENTY of white space left below for you to write on! Scroll down for the free downloadable PDF links…

Resources For Free Piano Sheet Music For Beginners

The beginning of a piano enthusiasts journey is crucial. As you delve into the world of musical instruments theres the potential to get frustrated. Especially if all you can find is sheet music well beyond your current level.

Thats why its important to know the best sources for free piano sheet music for beginners.

Here are some of the recommendations we have for beginners to download and print free sheet music:

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Free Easy Piano Sheet Music

Piano sheet music that’s fun to learn and easy to play. Arranged for early to early intermediate levels.

We’ve listed some of our best easy piano pieces below including well known traditional pieces, hymns, classical pieces, and originals written specifically for early elementary through early intermediate students.

Sheet music on our site is free to view and play. Paired with a tablet or even a smartphone, you can easily sight read our pieces in the browser while seated at the piano. We also have an option for PDF downloads/prints for every piece on our site.

The Rosetta Stone For Musicians

Sheet Music for Piano for Starting Beginners Easily

The piano keyboard is the Rosetta Stone for all musical instruments!

My students get to know the key names this way: the 3 black keys are “Grandma’s house,” and the 2 black keys are “the dog’s house.”

G = Grandma

A = Ants that are hiding in Grandma’s house – or it could be “A” for “Auntie”.

B = Grandma’s BACK door

D = the Dog

E = the Eagle, or the Elephant

F = Grandma’s FRONT Door

For the first few months of their lessons, they must fill in the piano keyboard paper one key-name per week. The first week they write in all the D’s, and the piano players practice a hand exercise to go with it.

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Piano Duets And Ensembles Sheet Music

Playing the piano is more fun with a friend! These duets and ensembles are perfect for beginner to intermediate students.

We’ve listed some of our duets, ensembles, and music with a teacher’s part below.

Sheet music on our site is free to view and play. Paired with a tablet or even a smartphone, you can easily sight read our pieces in the browser while seated at the piano. We also have an option for PDF downloads/prints for every piece on our site.

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    Lots Of Arrangements Solo & Duet

    See below many arrangements of the famous music, now with:

    • An ADVANCED solo arrangement with a “majestic” sound, in 3 keys
    • Two duet versions for teacher plus student, using that majestic arrangement!
    • Three beginner arrangements with the Ode to Joy LYRICS.
    • Several one-hand beginner versions, with and without lettered notes
    • A late elementary arrangement offering a challenging and interesting set of left hand chords for students in their second year!

    Jingle Bells Sheet Musiceasy Piano Music For Beginners

    Beginners Blues Piano 1- easy introduction, Now With Sheet Music!

    Jingle Bells sheet music is one of those need-to-know pieces for beginner piano players.This free sheet has so many things going for it, both for the student, and from the perspective of the teacher!

    Here is Jingle Bells, as I give it to my beginners.

    Please scroll down the page for the free links to the downloadable PDFs.

    Please scroll down the page for the download links.

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    Save Ink By Laminating

    If you choose to print out this particular piano learning guide for your students , I suggest laminating it, or using wide tape to cover the important parts of the page! INK IS SO EXPENSIVE, and we music teachers seem to need a lot of it.

    You might also find it useful to laminate one of the online piano keyboards below, and allow your students to write on the keyboard with an erasable felt pen, to use the keyboard over and over.

    But There’s No Left Hand Part

    I want my students to learn early on how to read chord symbols, so they can play lead sheets.

    Each “C” over the melody line means “play a C chord here”. That will remain the chord of choice, typically sounded on each first beat of a measure, until a different chord symbol, such as “F” or “G”, shows up.

    See below how I actually have my students play Jingle Bells sheet music, with open chords :

    Please scroll down the page for the download links.

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    How Great Thou Art Piano Notes/key

    In the traditional hymnal, How Great Thou Art usually appears in the key of B-flat. This is not a great key for beginning piano students who love this song, which is why I chose to put it in C for the beginner version and G for intermediate.

    Now that said, How Great Thou Art does sound beautiful in the flat keys. Flat keys like Db, for example, have a beautiful mellow tone that compliments this song well. If you are more advanced at the piano, I definitely recommend experimenting with these keys!

    As you learn this song, dont forget to pay attention to dynamics as well! Ive included a few noted on the music, but here are some extra notes:

    • The right hand has the melody, so it should always be louder than the left hand
    • The chorus is the climax of the piece, so swell to get louder, especially in the right hand
    • You can repeat the verse and chorus several times. If you do this, try doing them at different dynamic levels!

    Tuning To The Piano Keys Makes More Sense

    Free Christmas Piano Sheet Music For Beginners Printable

    For guitar players, I have found this to be MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than merely tuning with an electronic device. The UNDERSTANDING is there.

    First the open strings, then the frets…

    Next, we learn all the names of the other keys.

    Then, we use this online piano keyboard sheet as a reference for saying note names as they play scales fret-by-fret from string to string.

    I suggest you print out just one at first to see how you like the size.

    The black keys always require a lot of ink, and so these paper keyboards are precious commodities once they are printed out! I don’t pass out new ones.

    If a student rips the holes so the keyboard sheet doesn’t stay in their 3-ring binder, then I mend the edge with wide tape folded over, and punch new holes!

    A plain paper blank piano keyboard sheet is one of the best all-around tools a music teacher has!

    Here are the links to the PDFs!

    First, the keyboard with names on all white and black keys:

    MusicGardenStudios:This is an absolutely wonderful site!

    As a voice and piano teacher looking for enrichment material for beginners, I have found your collections to be comprehensive and purposeful. It is clear that you are a wonderful musician and educator. Thank you!

    Joy:I bought your Halloween Songs, wrote teacher accompaniment for some, and performed with 17 of my students in costume at an assisted living facility.

    Thank you for sharing these lovely pieces that introduce the minor key in a very simple and interesting way to early elementary students.

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    Give Them More Than Just Scales

    Like him, she was a beginner, and they were comparing notes . Holt was thoroughly enjoying himself with the growing number of real cello pieces he could play, even though he knew his abilities were modest.

    But the poor woman cellist was confined to scales by her teacher, week after week. At the end of each lesson this man would say something like, “I think you’re almost ready for a real piece… but no, we’d better continue with the scales.”

    Yikes! Can you imagine?

    I don’t think too many of us would do that to our students, but the story is a useful reminder that LOVE, a sense of wonder, and excitement are what draw children to music, and we teachers must not forget that.

    Best Easy Piano Sheet Music Final Thoughts

    These days, you can find sheet music for almost any song you can think of. If you are looking for free sheet music, I would try MakingMusicFun or 8notes, as they have a large selection.

    If you are willing to pay for you sheet music, Sheet Music Plus has everything you could possibly need. The OnlinePianist app is a good option if you are also looking for tutorials to help you along.

    Enjoy, and happy playing!

    P.S. Remember though, none of what you’ve learned will matter if you don’t know how to get your music out there and earn from it. Want to learn how to do that? Then get our free 5 Steps To Profitable Youtube Music Career’ ebook emailed directly to you!

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