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As The World Caves In Piano Tutorial

Matt Maltese,Sarah Cothran – As the World Caves In | EASY Piano Tutorial

Are you looking for an As The World Caves In piano tutorial?

If youre one of the 57 million who viewed the viral Sarah Cothran cover or a die-hard Matt Maltese fan, then youre in for a treat.

In this piano lesson, youll learn how to play As The World Caves In and learn a bunch of cool piano hacks.

You can use these techniques to learn other songs as well.

Lets get started.

About The Key Of B Major

As the World Caves In is written in the key of B Major. According to the Theorytab database, it is the 8th most popular key among Major keys and the 13rd most popular among all keys. Major keys, along with minor keys, are a common choice for popular songs. The three most important chords, built off the 1st, 4th and 5th scale degrees are all major chords .See the B Major Cheat Sheet for popular chords, chord progressions, downloadable midi files and more!

What Is The Key Of As The World Caves In

It can be read in the key of B* Major, as the World Caves In.

The song has quickly gained popularity thanks to its clever and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, which have been widely shared on TikTok. Maltese claims that he wrote the song to mock the idea of a possible romance between the two leaders. The song is a clever satire on potential romance between then-UK Prime Minister Theresa May and then-US President Donald Trump, which has quickly gained popularity on TikTok due to its clever and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. In response to a question about a possible romance between the two leaders, Matt Maltese stated that he wrote the song to poke fun at the idea.

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How To Add A John Lennon Flavor To As The World Caves In

Whenever Matt Maltese plays the verses, he takes in an idea similar to John Lennons Imagine.

This is a little chromatic line that looks like this:

This chromatic line works as a response to lines sang.

Like Matt Maltese, you use it after singing a line of the song.

Its important to use it as kind of a walkup to the tonic chord i.e. the I chord of the song.

Now lets look at the prechorus where youre going to learn how to play a minor line cliche.

Why You Need To Learn Chord Progressions For This Song

Matt Maltese

The reason for that is simple: If you already know how to play chord progressions, then it becomes even easier for you to learn this song.

You see, the key to going through any piano lesson fast is understanding and playing common patterns.

Almost every song ever put out into the world follows common patterns.

If you understand these patterns , youll be able to figure out hundreds of other songs easy.

As The World Caves In is in 4/4 time, and so for our chart youll have 4 beats for every bar.

The chord progression for As The World Caves In is as follows:

VERSE: I | IV | I | IV6 | I | IV | I | IV6 |

PRECHORUS: ii | III7 | vi bvi+ | I/5th #iv7b5 | IV | iv

CHORUS: I | III7 | IV | iv | I | III7 | IV | iv

Now you might wonder, what are all these roman numerals written above?

Write chords using roman numeral analysis helps us determine chord function. This way, we can easily transpose the song to different keys.

In the key that Matt Maltese plays it in , here are the chords:

VERSE: Bb | Eb | Bb | Eb6 | Bb | Eb | Bb | Eb6

PRECHORUS: Cm | D7 | Gm F#+ | Bb/F Em7b5 | Ebmaj7 | Ebm Ebm6 |

CHORUS: Bb | D7 | Eb | Ebm Ebm6 | Bb | D7 | Eb | Ebm Ebm6 |

Now that you have all of the chords, lets dig deeper.

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How This As The World Caves In Piano Tutorial Ends

In the final moments of the song, Matt Maltese ends the song elegantly in a manner similar to this:

To play the ending, here are the steps:

  • Play arpeggio sequence starting from the minor line cliche used in the song:
  • At the Em7b5 chord, play the walkup line leading to the Ebmaj7 chord.
  • Start strong on the arpeggios and gradually soften the dynamics as you approach the end of the song.
  • The As The World Caves In Piano Tutorial On Minor Line Cliches

    Matt Maltese creates tension in the song by using a minor line cliche in the prechorus that looks like this:

    The minor line cliche actually starts at the Gm chord above.

    A fast way to get started learning how to play minor line cliches is as follows:

  • Start with a 1st-inversion minor chord using the right hand, play the root as the bass with the left hand .
  • Move the bass a half step down . Play a maj7 chord a major 3rd up the bass .
  • Play the bass another half step down . play a 2nd inversion minor chord a major 6th above with the right hand.
  • Go a half step down on the bass, play the same minor chord in root position .
  • Move the bass another half step down , keep the minor chord.
  • Go down another half step on the bass, play the corresponding 1st-inversion dominant 7th chord with the right hand. This resolves back into the tonic chord. Matt Maltese replace this with an Ebm chord instead.
  • Learn how how to play minor line cliches in all 12 keys to master the technique.

    Now lets take a look at how to play an ending for As The World Caves In.

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    How To Use A Simple Yet Effective Comping Pattern

    To start digging deep into this As The World Caves I Piano, you can use a simple comping pattern.

    For the right hand, just play the chords in quarter notes.

    Use a dotted quarter eighth note rhythm for the bass. You can use single notes or octaves at the lower register:

    Lets start with the chords of the verse:

    Once youve gotten a hang of this comping pattern, lets spice it up a bit more.

    The First Thing You Need In This As The World Caves In Piano Tutorial

    As the World Caves In – Matt Maltese – PIANO TUTORIAL (accompaniment with chords)

    At its most basic, you need to learn how to play 3 kinds of chords, major, minor, minor 7b5, and dominant chords.

    Learn how to play these three kinds of chords, and youre pretty much on your way to learning the entire song.

    If you need more details how to play these kinds of chords, here is a great place to learn chord theory.

    Now lets move on to the second step.

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    As The World Caves In Key

    As the world caves in key, the future seems increasingly uncertain. The present feels like its on the brink of collapse, and the past feels like its being erased. In this dark and frightening time, its more important than ever to hold onto hope. Hope that things will get better, hope that we can make a difference, and hope that we can find a way to rebuild whats been lost.

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