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Learn The Left Hand Notes

John Legend – All Of Me | SLOW EASY Piano Tutorial

Now learning the left hand notes is actually pretty easy. The tricky part is playing the left hand notes in the right timing for the right hand notes. First, we’ll just learn what the notes are.

1. The left hand notes are easier to learn because you just need one finger for each note, rather than two or three at the same time. The order for the left hand is F, C#, G#, D# x2. So you’ll repeat that twice to go along with the right hand notes.

2. Practice just switching notes with the left hand, and get used to where they are because it’ll be easier once you play both hands at the same time.

How To Play All Of Me On Piano

All of Me – John Legend – Easy Piano Tutorial for Beginners – Part 1/2.

Learn how to play your first song on piano: Beginners can learn this song in one hour. You will use only your right hand in the first parts and just a little your left hand at the end.

I started learning piano a few months ago. Before I could play a piano song, I looked for easy songs to play on piano. Most of them are too difficult for beginners, and when they are not, they sound like “kids songs”.

It’s why I share my own tutorials of easy piano songs I practiced. I think it can help beginners because the tutorials are easy but they sound really good on piano.

It is the secret for a successful learning: staying motivated because you can play easy piano songs quickly.

You can find more details and piano tutorials on my website:

You can also read my reviews of piano lessons for beginners like this: A review of piano lessons for beginners

All Of Me Piano Notes

Difficulty level: This song contains just notes from the diatonic scale. The movements are rudimentary, so a beginner pianist should find it easy to learn.

Tips: Listen and learn the song first before you proceed to play it on the piano. This is important because there are no time indicators in this article. This is just a guide for the notes of the song. When you listen to the song a few times, youll get the timing naturally

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Learn How To Play All Of Me On Piano In 4 Minutes

The fact that youve clicked on this post means one of two things. Youre either trying to figure out how you can learn piano fast, OR you think it cant be done. Well guess what, with my approach to piano playing, you really can learn to play your favorite songs simply and quickly! Ill show you everything you need to know, including my example of learning how to play All of Me on piano by John Legend.

A quick disclaimer: This way of learning isnt for people who want to play Beethovens 5th Symphony or become a professional pianist. Im simply offering a clear and uncomplicated way to get you playing songs you love, quickly. Check this. So whether you want to be able to play your own All of Me piano cover or popular song from yesteryear, Ive got you covered. Lets do this!

The Keys You Need To Know If You Want To Learn Piano Fast

All of me

The next thing we need to do is learn the names of the keys. You dont need to memorize all 88 keys, because we have these sections of 12 keys. They just repeat themselves over and over again across the entire keyboard.

So lets focus in on one of these sections and learn the names of the keys. The white key to the left of any two black notes is a C key. Then from there we continue down the alphabet and go the right on our keyboard so we have C, D, E, F, G. Now, the alphabet starts over after G in music, so were going to go ahead to A, and B. Next!

Theres our seven white keys. Lets learn the five black keys. Black keys are named by the white key they are next to, and they also have the word flat and sharp in them. The way this works is that a sharp is a black key just to the right of any white key, and a flat is the black key to the left of any white key.

So for example, right here weve got C sharp, and then this is also called D flat. So every black key does have two names.

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All Of Me Piano Notes Song Description

All of me is surely one of the greatest love songs of all time.

John Legend released this song in 2013. Since then, there have been countless covers by various artists, but the original version is head and shoulders above them all.

Its a love song, which makes it perfect for the piano.

However, since this score is for the song melody, you can play it on other instruments like the saxophone, violin, and others.

History Of John Legends All Of Me Smash Hit+ Bio

Who inspired John Legends All Of Me Song? Johns wife and celebrity and model Chrissy Teigen was the inspiration behind the hit song all of me. I think Mrs. Teigen would inspire any guy she is a beautiful woman and bring in the Talents of her husband John Legends piano skills to the mix and you have the making of one beautiful song.

The smash-hit ALL OF ME was inspired by John Legends undeniable love for his beautiful wife Chrissy Teigen and has been at the top of many billboard charts Worldwide.

All of Me premiered Worldwide June of 2013, and has been admired by piano players Worldwide by fans for John Legends beautiful voice and singing style.

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Putting Notes Together Into Chords

So far, so good. Now we need to look at chords and how you can form them from all those notes we just talked about. The good news is that most chords fall into two categories, and they are easy to learn. Whats the bad news? I cant think of any!

For the first category, we have major chords. Just like I showed you in my video, you form these chords with a 4-3 formula. That means you place your first finger on the note the chord is named after. Then you count upwards first by 4 and then by 3 to find the correct place for your next two fingers.

You can do the exact same thing to play a minor chord the only difference is that you reverse the formula to 3-4. So again, youll place your first finger on the note the chord is named after. Then youll count upwards to find where to put your other fingers, this time counting first by 3 and then by 4.

Are you still with me? Good! You can always watch my video again to see some more examples of how to formulate the major and minor chords. Lets take a look at what else youll need if you want to learn piano fast.

Find All the Chords You Need Just Like I Did for My All of Me Piano Cover

Maybe youve been wondering how youll know which chords to play when youre learning your favorite songs. But the answer is right in front of you! Just like you probably found me through a Google search, you can find chords for almost any song just by searching for the song name followed by chords.

Video Transcript Learn Piano In 4 Minutes

How To Play All Of Me by John Legend – SLOW Easy Piano Tutorial

Hey everyone, Jacques Hopkins here. I teach the fastest piano lessons on the internet over at And in this video, Im breaking all the barriers when it comes to learning how to play the piano.

Im going to show you how you can be playing your favorite songs on the piano in just 4 minutes even if youve never touched one before.

If you dont know how to play the piano, just looking at one maybe intimidating and overwhelming. And thats because weve got these white keys and weve got these black keys, and whats the difference between them? Well, Im here to tell you theres no difference between black and white keys.

We literally could have 88 identical-looking purple keys, but then how would you know where you are on the keyboard in a given time? So thats the reason why we have black keys and white keys is so that you know where you are at in a given time.

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The Chords And How To Find Them

Now weve learned the names of every key on the entire piano. The next thing we need to do is learn how to play some chords. Chords are just multiple notes played at the same time. Theyre the foundation for the songs we want to play on the piano.

The majority of chords fall into one of two categories. Weve got major chords and minor chords, and you dont need to memorize all of them. You just need to know the simple formulas, and once you know the formulas you instantly know how to play all the chords.

So for example, the formula for major chords is simply 4-3. What does that look like? Lets say we want to play a D major chord. Well start at D, go up the very next 4 notes , and then the very next 3 notes . Thats a D major chord. Lets say we want to play a D minor chord. The formula for minor chords is reverse: its 3-4. So well start at D and go up three and then 1, 2, 3,4 and theres D minor.

Accessing Chords For My All Of Me Piano Cover And More

How do you know what chords make up the songs you want to play? For that we just turn over to Google. And in this case I want to play All of Me by John Legend. So Ill jump on Google and Ill type in all of me chords. The first result is almost always a good one.

In this case it looks like the beginning of this song is A minor, C major, G major, and D major. So hopefully you can hear that this sounds like All of Me by John Legend.

There are more techniques that you can add in there to make the song sound better and better over time and with practice. Eventually, the chorus can sound something like this. If you want to continue down this path of learning piano quickly and easily, Ive got a free workbook waiting for you! Just click on the image of the workbook in this video, or click the link in the description below.

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Creator of Piano In 21 Days

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Learning piano doesnt have to take years. You dont have to labor over boring practice and tedious drills. You dont have to only play songs from hundreds of years ago. Learning piano can be faster, more fun, and easier than you thought. Let me show you how.

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Free Resources To Help You Learn Piano Fast

Starting out with my approach to learning piano fast is free! Thats because I offer five full lessons in a workbook that you can download and begin anytime. Ill even send you several videos and audio exercises to walk you through those first few days step by step.

So what are you waiting for? Its time to get started and I think youll be surprised at how much you can accomplish with these free resources and a little practice. Get your copy of my 5-day workbook now, and leave me a comment to tell me how it goes!


Learn The Right Hand Notes Continued

All Of Me Partitura Piano Facil

4. Now we learn the next half of the right hand notes. After you play A# and D# 3x, you move down to G# C and F together 3x, then to C# F and G# together 3x, then C D# G# together 3x, then lastly D# G A# 3x together.

Note: Again, each set of notes you repeat three times. For example you play G# C and F three times, then C# F G# three times etc.

5. Practice just these four sets of notes together until you’ve gotten the hang out of it.

6. Now, try putting all the right hand notes you learned together by combining each half you learned. So it should be C and F 3x, C# and F 3x, C and D# 3x, D# and A# 3x, C F and G# 3x, C# F and G# 3x, C D# and G# 3x, and finally D# G and A# 3x.

7. Keep practicing until you get the hang out it all in order, and together.

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My Example All Of Me Piano Cover

As you saw, in my video I played through my All of Me piano cover. John Legends ballad was a nice, easy exercise for me to demonstrate to you how I start simply and then add in more complexity after practice.

Just like I did in my video, you should start learning how to play All of Me on the piano by just finding each chord as they appear in the song and getting comfortable playing them with a basic rhythm. Once that is coming more easily to you, you can begin to add in more advanced techniques. Dont worry! Its not as hard as it sounds.

I go over a lot of great tips and techniques in my full 21-day course, all so that you can easily start implementing inversions, improvisation and more. Eventually, youll be playing your favorite songs smoothly and with enjoyment just like I did in my All of Me piano cover.

Learn The Right Hand Notes

You will first start with learning the right hand notes. I am not a piano expert so I don’t know chords, I just know the notes. It would be easier if you already knew which notes were which on the piano, I have pieces of tape with the notes on mine so it’s easier to play.

1. First, start by learning the order of the notes. I’m starting with explaining the first half because it’ll be easier to learn it in parts.Each chord you could say is repeated 3 times before you move on to the next note. It starts with C and F together 3x, then moves to C# and F together 3x, then C and D# together 3x, and then finally A# and D# 3x.

Note: If you already have the notes on your piano and you’re wondering where the sharps are located, it’s just the black key above whatever note of white key you want. So for example, if you want A#, just look for the A on the white keys and it will be the black key just slightly right and above it.

2. So now start by locating each note and practicing these four for now. So just keep playing each one 3 times until you’ve gotten the hang out of it.

3. Once you’ve gotten those down, you can learn the next half of the right hand notes.

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All Of Me Piano Sheet Music Tips On How To Play John Legends All Of Me On The Piano For Beginners

Difficulty level for the song all of me to play on the piano if you are a beginner: The good news is the all of me piano sheet music and song can be learned to play on a piano in as little as a few hours.

Not only is the song all of me beautiful but it is also very easy to learn and play for beginners.

Tips For Beginners When Playing John Legends All Of Me: When learning to play all of me piano sheet music or just learning by video tutorials here are a few tips for you beginner piano players out there who like playing this song as much as I do.

When playing all of me on the piano be sure to use the sustain pedal for this song.

You will learn through trial and error and experience when playing John Legends song all of me that you will sound better when you release and depress the pedal when you are starting a new series of piano notes when playing the song.

You want to have inner peace and relaxion to perform your absolute best with anything in life.

Play Both Hands Together

How To Play: John Legend – All Of Me | Piano Tutorial Lesson Sheets

Now is time to put both hands together. It’s tricky at first to do both at the same time and in the right timing, but just keep practicing and you’ll get it.

1. When you play C and F, you’ll play the F on the left hand. You’ll only play the F once and leave your finger on the note as you play the right hand the other two times.

2. Then you’ll switch the left hand to C# for the C# and F and repeat what you just did before with the last note.

3. You’ll then switch your left hand to the G# for C and D# for the right hand.

4. The left hand then goes to D# for A# and D#.

5, Then these left hand notes repeat in the same order for the next half.

6. So, C F G# goes with F on the left hand.

7. C# F G# goes with C# on the left hand.

8. C D# G# goes with G# on the left hand.

9. Then D G# A# goes with D# on the left hand.

10. Keep practicing all those together and you’ll get it!

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